Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1209 - Where Is My Father?

Chapter 1209 - Where Is My Father?

Chapter 1209 - Where Is My Father?

Lu Ze laughed it off. "You will know that after you return."

He looked at them and asked, "By the way, who are you guys?"

The blue-haired woman answered, "Predecessor, I'm Zheng Shuiyue, the leader of the Shuiyue Alliance Adventure Squad. These two are Shang Qizhi and Carol."

Lu Ze was surprised to hear the response. "Shuiyue Alliance?"

It was the same type of guild as Liu Zhiyun's Zhihuang guild. They all left the Milky Way early during the galactic era. They were also considered as one of the largest guilds.

Even during the celebration of Lu Ze becoming a monarch, the Shuiyue Alliance sent representatives to congratulate him.

Lu Ze flashed a smile. "So it's you guys."

Zheng Shuiyue asked, "Predecessor, you know about our Shuiyue Alliance?"

Lu Ze nodded in confirmation. "You guys have been searching for resources for the Federation non-stop. You made quite some contributions." He paused before continuing, "Your representative at the Federation even invited me to join."

Lu Ze's words made Zheng Shuiyue and the rest perplexed.


Zheng Shuiyue gradually smiled. "You're really humorous, Predecessor. With your cultivation level, how can our alliance dare to invite you?"

Lu Ze smiled and didn't explain it properly.

Qiuyue Hesha then interjected, "Why are you guys the only ones left in the Shuiyue Alliance?"

Zheng Shuiyue appeared to have hesitated upon hearing the words. Gloom soon fell upon her face.

Zheng Shuiyue explained, "Two years ago, we encountered a cosmic system state beast at the Xavier Ancient Ruins. The rest died except for us three."

The other two burst out in tears. With this reaction, Lu Ze and the girls didn't interrupt.

The atmosphere grew tense.

Lu Ze couldn't help but sigh. It was a pity that those who left the Milky Way were too weak.

Zhihuang Guild was only able to return to the Federation safely mostly because of luck.

At this point, Lu Ze raised the corners of his lips. "Perfect, we managed to collect a lot of stuff lately. We're planning to return to the Federation. You guys can come back with us. We have quite a lot of resources now. It should be enough for you guys."

The other three didn't expect his offer.

Zheng Shuiyue looked at Sabrina and seemed to be hesitant. Her master was a cosmic realm state. If she followed her master, she would have the resources she needed without taking up the resources of the Federation. Even so, she also really wanted to return.

The annihilation of her guild made her feel fatigued. She really wanted to go home and rest.

The best situation was to return to the Federation with her master tagging along. But, she didn't know what the male predecessor would think.

She was quite reluctant, but she looked at Lu Ze and asked, "Predecessor, can my masterā€¦ come back with us?"

Lu Ze replied with a smile and looked at Sabrina, "Predecessor, you're Shuiyue's master. How about coming with us to the Federation?"

To be honest, even if Sabrina didn't agree, Lu Ze would forcefully take her back. After all, she had seen Lu Ze use several G.o.d art domains.

If this news spread out, it might catch the attention of the universe. Things would be complicated if cosmic lord civilizations noticed.

Sabrina's eyes flashed with curiosity. "In that case, I'll go too."

She was deeply curious about the race that could give birth to a prodigy like Lu Ze. His terrifying talent ignited her hopes for revenge.

Lu Ze felt greatly relieved. He didn't really want to fight her.

After a while, Eric woke up. He looked around in confusion and then jumped up from Shang Qizhi's arms with vigilance.

When he looked around, he was dumbfounded.

"Human Raceā€¦?"

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

"So in the end, I couldn't be saved? I didn't expect to end up in another world after death. Is this heaven then? Too bad, I can't take the precious resources back to the Federation."

Everyone was a little speechless.

Eric looked at Zheng Shuiyue. "Shuiyue, you died too? It's my fault for bringing you guys into thisā€¦"

He still remembered when Zheng Shuiyue and the others found him.

Zheng Shuiyue was at a loss for words. She smiled awkwardly. "Senator Eric, you're not dead."

The information shocked Eric. He felt the power return in his body and rejoiced.

"That's amazing! I'm not dead! The heavens treat me well!"

He looked at Zheng Shuiyue and said desperately, "Shuiyue, are we free from the hunt? Quick, we need to return to the Federation. There are hopes for the Human Race to rise! We can at least become a cosmic cloud stateā€¦ No, we maybe even become a cosmic realm state civilization!"

Zheng Shuiyue revealed a strange expression.

Cosmic cloud state?

Cosmic realm state civilization?

They recalled what Lu Ze did. This time, they didn't know what to say.

Wouldn't that mean that the Human Race had already risen now?!

Eric quickly said, "What's with that look? I'm serious!"

A desperate voice cut through from his behind, "Senator Eric, didn't you leave the Federation with my father? Where is he?"

Eric looked around and saw a dark-haired woman looking at him nervously. He asked, "You areā€¦? Who is your father?"

Nangong Jing replied, "I'm Nangong Jing. My father is Nangong Lin!"

Eric's body stiffened, and his expression suddenly changed.

Nangong Jing's heart skipped a beat. She subconsciously released her chi simultaneously, causing a golden spirit light to surge.

"Where is my father?"

Her combat power was almost at the cosmic realm state, so her chi was naturally deeply terrifying for the others.

Senator Eric was merely a star state. If Lu Ze didn't block the pressure for him immediately, he would have probably been crushed to death by Nangong Jing.

Despite this, his face grew pale.

Zheng Shuiyue and the rest were also affected. They didn't expect this girl to be this strong too.


Nangong Jingā€¦?

Nangong Lin's daughter?!

Wasn't she only in her thirties?!

How could she be this strong?!!

Her chi was only slightly weaker than Sabrina's.

How was this possible?!

What was going on with the Human Race right now?!