Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1211 - Responsible No Matter What

Chapter 1211 - Responsible No Matter What

Chapter 1211: Responsible No Matter What

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Eric was a little hesitant.

Nangong Jing revealed a strong power, but the Gus Race was also very strong and numerous.

He said, “Predecessor, although it’s not good for me to say this, I think we should bring back the star crystals we worked so hard to get first. It will definitely be useful for Alice! This is the hard work of Red Flame Saint, Nangong Lin, and all the other people.”

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned. Lu Ze said, “Show me that star crystal!”

Eric was hesitant.

These people seemed very strong. What if they wanted to rob it?

He didn’t dare to gamble!

Lu Ze and the girls felt quite complicated upon seeing how careful Eric was.

The Human Race was really too weak before.

This star crystal was probably just a cosmic cloud state spirit item. It was worthless to them.

But to the others, it was something worth sacrificing their lives for!

It must be the key to awakening Alice’s G.o.d art?

After the atmosphere fell silent, Lu Ze said, “Don’t worry, they’re all our own people. Just take it out.”

Nangong Jing looked at Eric and nodded. “Take it out.”

Eric sighed and carefully took out a fist-sized crystal.

It was half transparent and black. However, the darkness was flickering with white light. There were strands of spirit force seeping out.

By the looks of this, there was a lot of energy contained in this crystal.

It was much stronger than the Green Hill Fruit.

Eric said, “This is a star crystal.”

Zheng Shuiyue and the others were dazed.

“Such a dense spirit force!”

This crystal contained a spirit force that was approaching the cosmic realm state. It was beneficial even to her.

No wonder this human was so careful.

Lu Ze and the girls were calm.

Lu Ze took out a human-sized red jade-like fruit.

Immediately, spirit force seeped out and covered the star crystal’s spirit force.

The star crystal wasn’t less than the spirit fruit, but the difference in quant.i.ty was too big.

Eric and the others were dumbfounded.

They had such rare spirit fruit?

Lu Ze raised a brow. He didn’t know how he got this red jade fruit.

He took too many storage rings before. He had a large pile of this type of stuff.

He said, “This is probably better than the star crystal?”

Eric was awakened from his shock. His face was more desperate now. “Predecessor, you have such treasure, then you can’t go even more. Take this back. If Alice can use it…”

Lily, Luisa, and Sabrina were speechless.

Lu Ze and the girls felt even more complicated. In Eric’s impression, the Human Race was way too weak. Only by being this careful could they ensure the safety of the Human Race.


Eric didn’t know what the Human Race was like now.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, “Since I have such a spirit item, why wouldn’t Alice awaken her G.o.d art? Alice is right here.”

Eric was shocked and looked up. “What??? Alice is here?!”

Alice’s chi surged.

A huge wave erupted as blue flames lit up around Alice. It boiled the seawater below them.

Seeing the source flame on Alice’s body, Eric’s body trembled. After some silence, his eyes went red as tears flowed down.

“Haha… hahaha… the source flame, it’s awakened indeed! I really didn’t expect it. What we weren’t able to do was already done.”

Although he had only seen Alice when she was an infant, there was no denying that was the source flame. He was almost instantly certain that this child was Alice.

Eric felt like his wish had been completed.

Sabrina was dazed. “Source flame? It’s such a powerful G.o.d art?”

With this G.o.d art, it was highly likely that Alice would become a cosmic lord. At worst, she would be a cosmic monarch state.

If she didn’t know Lu Ze’s and Nangong Jing’s power before, she would be very shocked.

But now, she is rather calm.

Looking at this old man, he probably thought the source flame girl was the most talented one.

Sabrina was speechless, but she was more curious about the Human Race now.

And when Lu Ze saw that Eric recognized Alice, he said, “See, Alice isn’t weak now, and her G.o.d art has awakened. You don’t need to worry. Let’s hurry up and go to the mine.”


Eric hesitated.

Alice and Nangong Jing seemed strong, but they were still weaker than the powers at the mine.

Alice is so strong and talented. She should forebear and cultivate, and get revenge when she becomes exceptionally strong.

Nangong Jing’s eyes went red. “Old thing! I didn’t force you purely because you’re an elder. Hurry up and lead the way. Otherwise, I’m going to kill you!”

Even Lu Ze was almost unable to hold back.

If it wasn’t for the Saint’s and Nangong Lin’s lives, he would be raging too.

He opened up the little barrier in front of Eric and allowed him to feel Nangong Jing’s terrifying power.

He shuddered and nodded. “Okay… I’ll take you guys now, but…”

“Try speaking one more word again!!”

Nangong Jing clenched her fists.

Eric took a deep breath.