Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1208 - Still A Youth Who's Not Yet Thirty

Chapter 1208 - Still A Youth Who's Not Yet Thirty

Chapter 1208 - Still A Youth Who’s Not Yet Thirty

The three humans were utterly speechless. At the same time, Sabrina was at a loss for words.

Given the overall reaction, Lu Ze and the girls were dumbfounded.

Oh s.h.i.+t?!

Who gave you the confidence to make you think that you guys resemble humans?!

How could the Human Race produce such a powerful prodigy?!

Immediately, the atmosphere turned silent.

What did they say wrong?

At this point, Nangong Jing saw the old man's face and grew dazed. "Senator Eric?! Why is he injured like that?!"

Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing and inquired, "Jing Jing, do you know this old man?"

Nangong Jing nodded in response. "Mhm, he's someone who went out with my father to search for advanced-level energy for Alice. He is a senator of the Federation."

Lu Ze and the rest of the girls frowned.

Nangong Jing's father wasn't with him now though...

They instantly had an ominous feeling about this.

Upon discovering that Nangong Jing knew Senator Eric, they felt taken aback.

The pale blue-haired woman asked, "Who is your father?"

Nangong Jing responded, "Nangong Lin. Have you seen my father?"

"Nangong Lin?!"

They looked at Nangong Jing in shock. "You're Saint Nangong's granddaughter?"

Nangong Jing nodded. Accordingly, the three smiled and didn't look at them with vigilance anymore. After all, the Human Race was too weak.

Lu Ze and the girls were cosmic cloud states. They possessed a terrifying combat power. With their ability, they really didn't need to play tricks with them to attack the Human Race.

The blue-haired woman smiled bitterly. "We... don't know. We just encountered a heavily-injured Senator Eric a few days ago. My master has some healing abilities but couldn't cure him completely. We were planning to take him out for treatment, but we encountered those two cosmic cloud states on the way here. We were then chased."

Lu Ze looked at that human-looking alien. She was a peak cosmic cloud state but still couldn't cure Senator Eric...

The middle-aged man said nervously, "We need to hurry and leave now. With his injury, we can't afford to wait any longer."

Lu Ze gave them a rea.s.suring smile. "Let me have a look."

He moved next to the middle-aged man, causing the latter to become stunned. Lu Ze scanned his body with his mental force and frowned.

"There's a strand of demonic chi ruining his body."

Sabrina nodded. "This demonic chi is very weak, but its essence contained a cosmic realm state energy. I can only help him suppress it."

Lu Ze showed a grateful smile. "Thank you, Predecessor. If it wasn't for you, he would have died."

This demonic chi was devouring Eric's life force.

The blue-haired girl asked, "Predecessor, can you save Senator Eric?"


He was a youth who hasn't even reached thirty yet...

She was a cosmic system state and probably at least a thousand years old.

Lu Ze simply smiled. "Of course, it's just demonic chi."

The faces of the three humans visibly lit up with hope. Meanwhile, Sabrina looked at Lu Ze with shock.

A bit of demonic chi seemed to have sipped inside the old man's body by accident. However, despite the measly quant.i.ty, the quality was greatly potent. Its source was even a cosmic realm state. Most importantly, the owner of the chi had mastered the demonic chi and almost reached the domain level.

Even Sabrina had to use her full power to suppress it.

During this time, Lu Ze pressed his hand on Eric's chest. He used Darkness G.o.d Art Domain and subjected Eric to it, wiping away the demonic chi inside his body.

Lu Ze was a little surprised. The owner of this demonic chi was on the verge of learning the domain. Nevertheless, the power turned out to be too weak. Otherwise, Lu Ze would have a tough time destroying it.

But now, things progressed smoothly.

A green light soon flashed on his hand. Almost instantly, Eric's wounds healed, and his turbulent chi calmed down.

Given the turn of events, Sabrina and the three humans couldn't grasp reality. Their eyes widened in utter shock.

That quickly?!

Even Sabrina could only stop Eric's wound from deteriorating, but this human cured him at unimaginable speed without breaking a sweat at all?!

Sabrina scanned Eric with her mental force. He was indeed completely healed.

At this juncture, she suddenly thought of something. She looked at Lu Ze with a sliver of shock!

A domain!

Only a dark domain user could wipe this level of demonic chi away so easily!

At the same time… Sabrina recalled how Lu Ze fought those two beings. The sudden disappearance of their G.o.d art made her terrified.

That was domain too!

That was probably Body G.o.d Art Domain and Metal Domain.

Now, he just used the Darkness Domain.

This guy…

A level-6 cosmic cloud state mastered three domains?!

What kind of monster was this?

How come her disciple said that the Human Race was weak?!

Even if her disciple claimed that the Human Race was cosmic lord civilization, she would believe it.

Sabrina spoke telepathically, "Shuiyue, is your Human Race really a cosmic system state civilization?"

Shuiyue didn't know what to say.

Lu Ze smiled. "Senator Eric is too exhausted. He might need a moment to recover."

The three humans were very grateful.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Ze. "Predecessor, how come we've never heard about you in the race. Are you a predecessor who went out to travel as soon as the Human Race entered the galactic era?"

Lu Ze didn't know how to explain things.