Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1207 - We Don't Resemble The Human Race That Much?

Chapter 1207 - We Don't Resemble The Human Race That Much?

Chapter 1207 - We Don’t Resemble The Human Race That Much?

Everyone gasped at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze's cultivation level was only at level-6 cosmic cloud state.

The dragon-headed alien was originally a cosmic realm state but got suppressed to a peak cosmic cloud state. Although he hadn't resorted to using his full power yet, his spirit force giant claw was simply slapped away by the level-6 cosmic cloud state Lu Ze.

This was absurd?!

The three humans inside the s.h.i.+eld looked at each other and became speechless. "These people are definitely not from the Human Race!"

What a joke! They knew the insides and outs of the Human Race by heart. Monsters like those people never existed in their race!

This time, the other two girls nodded.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes, and she looked at Lu Ze with vigilance. These people were much stronger than she imagined.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared before the dragon-headed being. His right hand flowed with spirit flame, from which a terrifying chi surged.

The dragon-headed being was shocked.

Exceptionally strong!

This power couldn't compare with his unsuppressed power, but right now, he was subject to the power restrictions. The power that Lu Ze revealed now wasn't much weaker than his.


Following his battle cry, his muscles bulged. Faint red spirit light glowed.

He had to resist it with full power. If not, the opponent might take advantage of any slight opening.

On the other side, that black-skinned being glowed with black spirit light. He moved to stab Lu Ze with his two piercing spikes.


Two screeches could soon be heard. The black spikes shot out two black beams towards Lu Ze's back.

The power Lu Ze manifested was unbelievably overwhelming. He was forced to help the dragon-headed being.


White spirit light and golden spirit light entwined and formed a domain. They expanded from Lu Ze's body.

The blood chi around the dragon-headed being immediately vanished. More than half of his power was depleted.

Meanwhile, the black spirit light behind Lu Ze disappeared.

The two aliens: "???"

This scene was too eerie.


'Where are my G.o.d art and divine art?'

While they were stunned, Lu Ze's fist didn't stop, and it hit the dragon-headed being's breastplate.


Upon making contact, the breastplate received damage.


The dragon-headed being coughed out blood. His body was instantly struck back.


His body fell into the water and created a huge wave.

The dark-skinned being was taken aback. "What?!"

He knew how strong the dragon-headed being was. Yet, he didn't even manage to block a single punch?!

How was this possible?! He didn't dare to believe it.

Lu Ze put away his domain. He then disappeared from the spot. When he appeared once more, he was already before the dark-skinned being.

The being was shocked and suddenly took a step back.


Sensing his own terror, the black-skinned being roared. He suppressed the terror in his heart. He directed the black spirit light towards Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze grinned. The Sharp Metal G.o.d Art Domain appeared again.

The black-skinned being's Metal G.o.d Art and Divine Art suddenly dissipated.

He felt dumbfounded. This time around, he realized the reason for the disappearance of his attack.

What was this?!

At this moment, he felt a terrifying wave coming from his side. He saw a right leg sweeping at him. That terrifying power scared him. He wanted to block it, but after losing his most powerful G.o.d art, his combat power dropped more than half.


Lu Ze's right leg swept the black-skinned being's waist.


His black-skinned body even manifested some cracks. His body was flung towards the sea and left a huge wave.

Lu Ze put away the domain as he panted. To him, he only used a little bit of his spirit force. He couldn't help but smile.

During this time in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he not only tested fusing divine arts, but he also practiced improving his domain.

Now, he could use the domain whenever he needed and quickly put it away.

That way, his energy consumption could be reduced.

His cultivation level was at level-6 cosmic cloud state. This sort of battle didn't cost him too much energy anymore.

Lu Ze looked at Sabrina. "What did you want to say before?"

Sabrina: "…"

Seeing Lu Ze's smile, her mouth twitched.

What was this monster?!

A level-6 cosmic cloud state could easily beat two peak cosmic cloud states?!

Moreover, these two peak cosmic cloud states weren't even ordinary ones. They were those cosmic realm states who only had their cultivation levels suppressed!

These two beings couldn't even stop one of this guy's attacks?!

What was wrong with this world?

Sabrina didn't know what to say.

The atmosphere fell silent for a while as Sabrina smiled bitterly.

Even she couldn't beat those two beings who teamed up together. She wondered whether she would ever be on par with Lu Ze.

If she didn't speak, she wouldn't even be able to stop him.

She gradually said, "That's my treasure."

She waved at the area in the sea where Lin Ling looked.

A blue light shot over and approached.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and his team's eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. Especially Lu Ze. He was confident in his sensing ability, but in the end, he failed to notice this.

If it wasn't for Lin Ling, they would've probably all been tricked.

Soon, the blue s.h.i.+eld appeared next to Sabrina. A rune spun in her hand and revealed a blue ball s.h.i.+eld.

A vibrant blue light flashed. Following this, a few people appeared in the sky.

After seeing the people, Lu Ze and his girls were shocked.

"Human Race?!" Lu Ze exclaimed.

There were humans in the Xavier Ancient Ruins?!


Lu Ze suddenly thought of Liu Zhiyun.

Didn't they enter Xavier Ancient Ruins too?

However, the danger in this region of the sea was rather great.

Lu Ze looked at the humans intently.

Upon focusing on their state, the white-haired man's armor was cracked, and blood painted his entire body. His chi was extremely feeble.

Lu Ze and the girls frowned.

The people looked back at Lu Ze and Nangong Jing, along with the other girls, as well as Lily and Louisa.

The blue-haired woman asked, "Are you guys, humans?"


Lu Ze pointed at himself.

"Do... we not resemble humans that much?"

Oh s.h.i.+t?!