Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1206 - You Still Have Pals?!

Chapter 1206 - You Still Have Pals?!

Chapter 1206 - You Still Have Pals?!

Upon witnessing this, the two opponents were taken aback. They roared.


Following the remark, they charged at Sabrina.

At this moment, a silver light flashed, and Lu Ze, together with the girls, appeared in the sky.

All of the three beings were stunned by the sudden interruption.

The three split off and looked at Lu Ze and the girls vigilantly. They couldn't even figure out how these beings went over!

But upon seeing Lu Ze and the girls, they felt greatly surprised.

The middle-aged man inside the round s.h.i.+eld was shocked. "Oh s.h.i.+t? Human Race? Why would there be humans here?!"

In their impression, the Human Race shouldn't be capable of producing powerful prodigies. Their four saints merely had a cosmic system state cultivation level!

Those saints should be guarding the Human Race. They wouldn't have the time to visit the Xavier Ancient Ruins. In conclusion, these newly-arrived humans should only be star states, right?

But what was wrong with these few people?

How could they stroll along a peak cosmic cloud state battlefield without being worried?!

However, those two who scared them also moved away...

This wasn't something a star state could do!

Even a cosmic system state would be torn to pieces here, right?

Were they… cosmic cloud states then?

How was this possible?!

They could see the confusion from each other's eyes.

The blue-haired woman asked, "Are they really humans?"

Everyone had the same question.

"Our race couldn't have nurtured this level of being, right? Cosmic cloud state… how is that possible?!"

"Yeah, we just haven't been back for a few decades. Even the very top civilization couldn't produce a cosmic cloud state in just a span of a few decades, could they?"

They didn't really believe that these few people were from the Human Race.

Even if the Human Race had cosmic cloud states, they wouldn't need to enter the Xavier Ancient Ruins this early?!

The star states and cosmic system states in the Xavier Ancient Ruins were mostly from weak civilizations!

At this moment, the blue-haired woman gazed at Lu Ze and the girls. She asked shakily, "Look, are those two from the Elf Race?!"

Both the middle-aged man and the gray-haired woman looked over.

When they saw Lily and Louisa, they were greatly taken aback.

"It really is the Elf Race!!"

Their Human Race had connections to the Elf Cosmic Realm.

The middle-aged man questioned, "Are they really from the Human Race?"

Within the area of the battlefield, the atmosphere grew silent since the entrance of Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze realized that he teleported the entire team too close. The intense battle had stopped due to their unexpected appearance.

Lu Ze laughed. "Um, can you guys continue? Don't mind us, we are just pa.s.sing by."

The black peak cosmic cloud state said coldly, "You have friends!? Where is that insect?!"

Lu Ze and the girls: "???"

Lu Ze remarked, "Friends? What friends?"

"How dare you pretend to be innocent?!"

They wanted to attack, but when they saw Lily on the side, they hesitated.

d.a.m.n it!

There was another peak cosmic cloud state!

Sabrina was already tough enough to deal with. If another one came, the two of them wouldn't have it easy. They should have found a few more helpers!

Sabrina frowned and looked at Lu Ze and the girls. She didn't expect to encounter her disciple's fellow race here.


Didn't her disciple say their race only had a few cosmic system states?

The strongest among them were the four elders who were merely cosmic system states.

These few people…

They were cosmic cloud states?!

Three of them were level-6 cosmic cloud states!

This should be impossible?!

She looked at Lily.

This person's chi…

Wasn't she a peak cosmic cloud state?

She was probably a cosmic realm state too.

This being seemed really close to these humans though...

Sabrina wondered whether she should ask their ident.i.ties.

At this moment, a short-haired woman at the back of the male human looked in the direction behind her with shock.

Sabrina's eyes narrowed in surprise.

No way!

Did she find their location?

That s.h.i.+eld could conceal chi. Even those two peak cosmic cloud states hadn't even discovered their location.

How can a mere level-5 cosmic cloud state find it?

Suddenly, Lin Ling mumbled something.

Lu Ze and the rest of his team asked, "What's wrong, Lin Ling?"

Lin Ling looked at a certain empty region in the sea. "There is something there. I can't see through it."

With Lin Ling's current cultivation level, ordinary cosmic realm state items might not be able to block her vision. At the very least, up until now, nothing but the Tower of War could impede her vision.

Lu Ze was immediately interested. "Does it seem to be a treasure?"

Lu Ze reached out his right hand. He was on the verge of grasping the seemingly empty spot.

Sabrina was worried. She quickly called out, "Wait!"

Her disciple was inside!

Lu Ze looked at Sabrina and stopped.

To be honest, Sabrina appealed to the Human Race's aesthetic standard. They trusted Sabrina more compared to those two aliens.

Of course, these two alien races looked at them with murderous intent.

"You there…"

Lu Ze looked at Sabrina and said, "… What's wrong, girl?"

Sabrina opened her mouth and didn't know how to answer.

The two peak cosmic cloud states noticed Lin Ling's reaction and exclaimed, "It's there!"

The dragon-headed male formed a giant spirit hand and grabbed at the region of the sea that Lu Ze was facing.

The humans in the s.h.i.+eld looked at the giant hand in terror.

The middle-aged man uttered, "Oh no! They discovered us!"

"What do we do? We still haven't brought back the news regarding the Ruby Flame Saint!"

At this moment, Sabrina burst out. "How dare you?!"

Lu Ze frowned. Lin Ling found it first, and he clearly made the first move.

How come this b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to fight him?

Lu Ze grew unhappy.

He swung his hand and hit the incoming giant hand with his own white spirit force hand.

The two spirit force hands collapsed.

Everyone was taken aback.