Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1205 - Can Open Shop Again

Chapter 1205 - Can Open Shop Again

Chapter 1205 - Can Open Shop Again

As time flew by, Lu Ze and the girls spent the next two months searching for resources while moving towards the Night Demon City.

The Xavier Ancient Ruins possessed extremely abundant resources.

Lin Ling's Spirit Eye G.o.d Art became valuable in searching for spirit items.

In just two months, Lu Ze and the girls found enough resources to fill a few storage rings to the brim.

The spirit resources they acquired ranged from star state to cosmic cloud state.

Although Lu Ze and the girls didn't have a need for star state spirit items, they would still be useful to the Human Race.

Even if the elders were already cosmic cloud states, the rest of their people weren't. Most of the prodigies and powerful humans were just star states.

Moreover, during this time, they also encountered various races. Those hostile races who noticed the disparity between Lily who was a peak cosmic cloud state and Lu Ze's group wanted to rob the latter.

However, they were clueless as to how powerful Lu Ze and his girls were.

But those who dared to rob them were slain by Lu Ze and the girls. In the end, the resources their opponents had ended up in the pocket of Lu Ze and his companions.

At the same time, the overlords had fought three more times in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

During their second time fighting, the fire overlord was almost killed. The group could barely escape.

When the fire bird overlord was heavily injured, Lu Ze and the girls even tried to finish it off. However, it was still an overlord beast.

The Fire G.o.d Art Domain didn't even give Lu Ze any advantage, so they were slapped to death.

At that time, Lu Ze's cultivation level was already at level-5 cosmic cloud state, and his combat power wasn't bad.

They could even kill some weaker level-8 cosmic cloud state super beasts together.

Lu Ze didn't feel good.

Nevertheless, they earned several things during the other two fights, especially the last one a few days ago.

Lu Ze just broke through to level-6 cosmic cloud state. They could barely defend against those super beasts that reached the peak cosmic cloud state.

On the brighter side, they could easily kill those ones that were already injured.

As for those who were at the pinnacle of the peak cosmic cloud state super beasts, Lu Ze and the girls wouldn't be a match, even if the beast was heavily injured.

Just a few days ago, Lu Ze and his group killed five peak cosmic cloud state super beasts.

Other than the summoning crystals of five super beasts, they also got two peak cosmic cloud state diamond crystals.

Those crystals were Lu Ze's strongest trump card.

They also got more than eight summoning crystals of peak cosmic cloud state super beasts.

In addition, they gathered seventeen summoning crystals of level-8 super beasts. There were over a hundred of those below level-7 cosmic cloud state.

If he summoned all of these crystals, they could probably wipe out the weakest type of cosmic realm state civilizations.

After all, peak cosmic cloud state super beasts could possess a power reaching level-2 cosmic realm state.

Eight of these super beasts were pretty much absurd.

In addition, there were other super beasts!

Lu Ze gave each of the girls one peak cosmic cloud state super beasts summoning crystal. He handed out some low-leveled ones to them as well.

Both Lily and Louisa also received one from Lu Ze to protect themselves.

When they saw it, they ended up dumbfounded.

After all, this was a level-7 cosmic cloud state super beast!

Their power could even reach the cosmic realm state!

They might even be slightly stronger than Lily!

They didn't expect Lu Ze to give them such a valuable treasure.

They were deeply touched!

Lu Ze and the girls were flying above a vast ocean.

There were several aquatic marine life with different shapes. Some of these animals were palm-sized, but some were also planet-sized. Their power managed to reach the peak cosmic cloud state.

However, most of these organisms were not too hostile. They would only slay and keep the bodies of those who would attack them.

At this moment, Lin Ling's eyes flashed.

A distant battle light manifested itself.

Lu Ze raised his brow,

Lu Li asked, "Three peak cosmic cloud states?"

In the entire Xavier Ancient Ruins, peak cosmic cloud states were rare. It was rather fortuitous to encounter one. However, there were three right now.

Lin Ling remarked, "Two peak cosmic cloud states are attacking one peak cosmic cloud state. Is this a hunt?"

Lu Ze grinned. "We can open the shop again!"

Lu Ze would approach them and offer them salvation if they agree to pay with their treasures.

"Let's go over."

One of the three beings looked very similar to the Human Race. She could be considered a breathtaking beauty among humans. However, her hair seemed to be made up of water elements. Even her skin was surging with mist.

One of the other two peak cosmic cloud states was three meters tall and possessed a dinosaur-like head.

The other one had black skin but had no palms. The palm was replaced by two piercing black spikes.

They were clas.h.i.+ng non-stop in the air.

Very far away from the battlefield, there was a blue s.h.i.+eld floating on the ocean. There were four humans watching the battlefield nervously.

One was a star state, middle-aged man. He looked at the heavily injured old man and said, "Boss, is Predecessor Sabrina alright?"

On his side, there was an exceptionally beautiful woman with a worried face. "Master is fine. She's a cosmic realm state!"


A star state, gray-haired woman paused and looked at the battle without saying anything.

They weren't very strong and couldn't see the battle clearly. However, judging from what they know, Sabrina probably couldn't handle her opponents easily.

"What about Senator Eric?"

His life force was getting weaker and weaker by the minute.


Sabrina's face turned pale. She looked at those other two coldly.

The black-thorned being said, "I've long known that Water Spirit Amba.s.sador Sabrina is very talented. You have reached the cosmic realm state at such a young age. Your strength is also highly commendable. I wonder how much I can sell you for?"

The dragon-headed being said, "Sabrina, where is that ant?!"

Sabrina smiled. "You guys think you have won already?"

Strands of blue mist surged from the sea, and all of them went into Sabrina's body.

Her chi rose up immediately again.