Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1198 - How Crazy?!

Chapter 1198 - How Crazy?!

Chapter 1198 - How Crazy?!

Hearing this, Lu Ze frowned.

To be honest, he was not a murderous person. He wouldn't show mercy to his enemies, but he couldn't just kill these irrelevant people.

But if he didn't do anything, it wouldn't be good for their races if news got out.

Lu Ze looked at the four seals and suddenly had an idea.

He smiled. "Do you want to live?"

The other races nodded.

Who would want to die here?

Lu Ze smiled. "Great, hand over the resources you got."

Since he was letting them live, they had to give something in exchange.

They probably collected a lot of good things here and outside. There were so many of them as well.

Altogether, it would match the resources from the four cosmic monarch state races.

The races fought to hand over their resources.

They saw things through clearly. It didn't take Lu Ze much effort to kill them and take their resources.

Handing it over in exchange for their life was a very fortunate thing.

Lu Ze nodded and took everything. Then, he took the girls and the elves away in a flash of silver light.

The other races were dazed.

In the entire war domain, there was no sign of Lu Ze.

They looked into the sky. Wasn't the war domain sealed?

The seal wasn't opened. Where did they go?

At this moment, they realized a serious problem.

The beasts that Lu Ze summoned were still here.

These beasts were still looking at them coldly.


Just those cosmic cloud state Lightning Travel Divine Art and level-7 beasts were far stronger than them!

The war domain fell silent. No one dared to move.

But the beasts stayed there quietly and didn't attack.

Outside the war domain, Lu Ze and the girls appeared.

The girls were surprised.

Lily was slightly taken aback. "We came out just like that? Wasn't the war domain sealed?"

Lu Ze smiled. "That level of the seal has no effect against my s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art."

His s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art reached the domain level. That seal could bind s.p.a.ce, but it was useless to his domain.

He didn't understand why those guys sealed the domain.

Lily's and Louisa's mouths twitched.

'Okay, you're a boss, you're amazing!'

Afterwards, Luli glanced at a huge entrance, smiled, and said, "So, we let that seal stay there and trap them inside?"

Lu Ze smiled. "Those four seals aren't weak, but if they work together, they can come out in a few months. I need to add something."

He glowed with spirit light. Terrifying power expanded.

The surrounding few million light-years of beasts all cowered in their hives, feeling this terrifying power.

The adventurers pa.s.sing by felt this chi and quickly left.

It was a super boss!

Just one strand of this chi made them feel terror. If they got closer, this chi would take their lives!

Lu Ze used his G.o.d art domain, and with peak cosmic cloud state cultivation level, he added layers of domain-powered seals on the entrance to the war domain.

Fire G.o.d Art seal, Earth G.o.d Art seal, Water G.o.d Art seal…

Lu Ze used up all his spirit forces and took out a blue serum.

Immediately, his spirit force recovered rapidly.

This was one of the rewards from the Tower of War.

With this, Lu Ze kept adding seals.

He added seals of all five elements—Wind and Lightning Domain, Light and Darkness Domain, Body Domain, Life Domain, and so forth.

With the added power of all these domains, the entrance was rattling under this force.

Even if there were prodigies who had domain power at the first level of the ruins, they would be super prodigies from cosmic lord civilizations. It was too rare.

Over ten types of domain power were like a miracle.

Moments later, Lu Ze's spirit force was used up again. Only then did he stop. He nodded. "Mhm, I've set up about a hundred layers of a seal."

Lily and Louisa looked at Lu Ze blankly.


They didn't know what to say.

Was this guy still a human?!

Domain was something that was considered very rare to others, but Lu Ze had more than ten of them?!

On top of that, Lu Ze used over a hundred layers of seals to seal the beings inside.

How crazy was this?!

Who could hold on to that?!

Perhaps the adventurers in the entire first layer of Xavier Ancient Ruins might not be able to peel off this seal.

They felt that they might not be able to find this many types of the domain in the entire first layer of the Xavier Ancient Ruins!

Even the girls scratched their heads.

Alice shrank her neck, and couldn't help but say, "Senior, would they be… locked up in there for the rest of their lives?"

Lu Ze said, "How can that be? I've added some means. After ten years, this seal will weaken by itself."

With their current speed, Lu Ze felt that even five years later, they wouldn't need to worry about cosmic lord threats.

But just in case, Lu Ze doubled the time to ten years.

Lu Ze looked at the entrance and fell into thought. "It's still lacking something."

"It's too bright."

There were all sorts of colors here. It was obvious there were treasures inside.

Lu Ze used his newly recovered spirit force and set up ten layers of Chi Concealing G.o.d Art seal.

The entire entrance disappeared. Even with Lu Ze's current senses, he wouldn't be able to sense it.

After that, Lu Ze nodded.

"Job done!"

There was an endless gra.s.sy plain extremely far from the entrance of the war domain.

There was a huge city completely made of bloodstone.

It was about the size of a solar system. There were all sorts of structures inside and all sorts of races.

At this moment, powerful chi surged in the four largest structures, including the tallest blood tower at the center.

"Who?! Who dares to kill my Bloodstone Race prodigy?!"

The adventurers shook in terror upon feeling this chi.