Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1197 - Shaking Alien Races

Chapter 1197 - Shaking Alien Races

Chapter 1197 - Shaking Alien Races

Lu Ze dispelled the G.o.d art domains and gasped.

Even with his current cultivation level, using four domains at the same time was very taxing.

Just with that, half of his spirit force was gone.

However, it was very effective and instantly killed four of such level beings.

Lu Ze felt great!

He waved his hand and took their storage rings and equipment.

The equipment was broken, but the material was definitely good. The Human Race was poor. It could still be put into use.

Lu Ze looked at the remaining members of the Four Races.

Seeing their leaders getting killed like that, they were dumbfounded.

When they saw Lu Ze look over, their faces became filled with terror.

Too strong!

This monster was too strong!

They knew how strong their leaders were, but they were wiped out in an instant!

They had no hopes of surviving!

The terror made their combat power drop.

Cries started sounding.

Lu Ze didn't intend to waste time.

Fire spun in his eyes, and a fire wave enveloped all of them.

The Four Races were wrapped by the fire waves and turned to dust.

Then, Lu Ze took away his domain. Only the ten super beasts remained.

Lu Ze waved his hand and took their equipment. He smiled.

This was a good harvest.

They probably acquired a lot of treasures from the tower. They were cosmic realm states themselves and would have quite the collection.

The Human Race was suddenly wealthy now!

The girls flew over.

Nangong Jing looked up and down at Lu Ze. Her eyes were full of curiosity. "Ze, how does being a peak cosmic cloud state feel? If I'm a peak cosmic cloud state, I can beat those guys to death too!"

This was the first time she felt powerless. She felt quite dejected.

Lu Ze flicked her forehead. "In a few months, you would be able to reach the peak cosmic cloud state yourself."

She glared at Lu Ze but also felt that he was right.

At this moment, Lily and Louisa flew over. Seeing the two come over, Lu Ze turned and looked over.

Lily embarra.s.sedly said, "Are you guys okay? We weren't able to help."

Lu Ze smiled. "It's fine. They're cosmic monarch state prodigies after all. Don't take it to heart."

They wouldn't have been able to help anyway.

Lily thought of something and looked at Burberry and Lucia.

"What do we do about them?"

Lu Ze and the girls looked over. The two were trembling on the spot.

Lu Ze's power was too terrifying.

They couldn't even control their terror after seeing how Lu Ze killed Riley and the others.

Lu Ze was stunned, and he blinked. "Why are those two the only ones left from the Advanced Demon Race?"

Lily smiled. "They wanted to attack me and Louisa before, so I used your summoning crystal and killed the others. If those Four Races didn't appear, those two would've been killed too.

Lu Ze smiled. "Then, kill them."

The Human Race would be attacking the Advanced Demon Race soon.

Flames spun in his eyes, and the two suddenly burned with flames.

The flames engulfed them. They were turned to ashes before they could even cry.

Those races not far away from Lucia were sweating.

They looked at Lu Ze in terror, fearing he would light them up too.

Lu Ze frowned.

Those beings saw him enter the leaders' battle list.

If they left and spread the news, it would be trouble.

They might not be able to find the Human Race, but they came with Lily.

The Elf Race can be easily found.

If they found the Elf Race, it would be easy to find the Human Race.

If those cosmic lords found out how weak the Human Race was, who knows what they would do.

Lu Ze looked at the leaders' battle list. He should be ranked very high, right?


"What? Where is my ranking?"

Didn't he have the potential of becoming an emperor?

How come he didn't even have a ranking?

Even the girls were around 800.

Lily and Louisa looked a little strange when they heard Luze's words

Lily said, "Ze, you don't know?"

Lu Ze was dumbfounded.


"Know what?"

Lily's lips twitched, and then, she said, "You were ranked first and your combat power was ten stars. But for some reason, your ranking suddenly disappeared from there."

With this, Lu Ze realized.

It was because of Makin Thor.

This battle list was at the other war domains too.

If other civilizations saw this, it would create a huge ruckus.

Ten-star combat power was definitely emperor talent.

Perhaps that emperor lurking in the dark would attack directly.

This was to protect him.

Lin Ling looked at the other races. "What about them?"

Lily and Louisa knew that if news got out like that, it wouldn't be beneficial to the Human Race and Elf Race.

The other races saw Lu Ze's cold glance, and their hearts went cold.

Was Lu Ze going to kill them?!

At this moment, a green-skinned peak cosmic cloud state from a goblin-like race wailed. "Lord Lu Ze, please don't kill us. We're willing to give all our treasures! Please just let us live!"

"Please forgive us!"