Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1199 - Revived

Chapter 1199 - Revived

Chapter 1199 - Revived

"What? What just happened?"

"Those four directions are the stations of the Blood Stone Race, Single-Armed Race, Abstruse Lightning Race, and Abyssal Race? Why are there such terrifying chis coming from there?"

"A prodigy from the Blood Stone Race died? Who would dare to do this?!"

"Their prodigy should be very strong, right? How could he get killed?"

"Someone powerful seems angry…"

Everyone in the big city was stunned.

"What about the other three races?"

"Is it the same?"

After all, chi surged from all four of these races.

They were four cosmic monarch state civilizations!

They were completely overlords in this region.

Who would dare to attack all four of their prodigies at the same time?

At the top level of the Blood Tower, in a large room, there were blood rocks laid there.

They were about five-meters tall, and there were nearly 100 of them.

A few of them were flas.h.i.+ng with red lights.

At the front of these stones, there were three giants formed of red stones. They almost exactly had the same appearance as Riley.

The middle one spoke coldly, "Who is it?! Who dares to attack the Blood Stone Race?!"

Another being from the Blood Stone Race on the side said, "Riley and the others died. With Riley's power, he should have no trouble in this region. Even if he does find a match, he should be able to escape. How could he die there?"

"Didn't Riley go to that war domain? Did he encounter some accident there?"

"And there seems to be a situation at the Abstruse Lightning Race, Single-Armed Race, and Abyssal Race."

"Did they have prodigies who died there as well?"

The middle being from the Blood Stone Race said, "Hachi, take people there personally and have a look."

One being on the side nodded. "Yes."

After Hachi left, someone said slowly, "By the looks of it, Riley needs about a year to revive. I wonder if his talent will drop?"

"Pity, quite a lot of the race members who went with him didn't have blood source stone marks. They don't even have a chance to revive."

"We must find the culprit!"

The other three races also sent their people to check.

Outside the war domain, Lu Ze sealed the entrance and smiled. "Okay, let's go."

Everyone nodded and Lily asked, "Where do we go now?"

Lu Ze thought about it and said, "The resources here are quite abundant. Let's go find some more resources and go back."

Lily heard the words. After a pause, she said silently, "We killed many from the Blood Stone Race. If we go to Blood Stone City and leave, would we be caught?"

Lu Ze remembered that they had to depart from the Blood Stone City to leave the Xavier Ruins.

Would they have some special ways of knowing what they did?

Lu Ze laughed it off. "Are there other cities nearby?"

Hearing this, Lily rolled her eyes and said, "The nearest city is Night Demon City. It takes us about three months to get there."

Hearing this, Lu Ze smiled and said, "Let's go there then."

They weren't in a rush for time anyways.

They could keep finding resources on the way as well.

The group headed off.

Soon, it was night time. They were rather far away from the war domain entrance.

They came to a dried mountain range. Lu Ze glanced around, smiled and said, "Let's rest here."

He used up all his trump cards in the war domain. He had to get some more.

Otherwise, Lu Ze was very worried.

Ying Ying would have to intervene if they encountered a big boss.

However, Ying Ying was from the Star Spirit Race. Lu Ze didn't want her to intervene unless necessary.

The group let out a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and went inside.

They were very exhausted.

Ying Ying ran into the kitchen and grabbed a drumstick.

She started to watch cartoons.

Nangong Jing gulped some wine, and the liquid dripped onto Lu Ze's clothes.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. "You gotta wash my clothes now!"

Lu Ze laughed to himself. He was dreaming.

Alice moved and came over, leaning on Lu Ze's arm. "I'll go wash it later."

Lu Ze rubbed Alice's head. "Alice is the cutest."

Lin Ling and Lu Li looked over with narrowed eyes.


The corners of Lu Ze's mouth twitched. While vomiting in his heart, he said solemnly, "What are you looking at? Just because you look at me like that, you can't change my mind about you two being as cute as Alice!"

Everyone laughed.

Qiuyue Hesha thought of something and said, "Ze, weren't you going to tell us something before? What was it?"

Lu Li said with some curiosity, "Yeah, why did your number one ranking suddenly disappear?"

Lu Ze explained, "It's this…"

The girls jumped up with excitement.

Lin Ling's voice was a little excited. "Ze, are you serious? You really have a chance to become an emperor?"

Lu Ze nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha jumped up and kissed him. "Little Brother Lu Ze is the best indeed!"

Nangong Jing pushed Qiuyue Hesha away and pounced on Lu Ze.

Ying Ying on the side blinked her eyes.

'What were the sisters doing?'

Alice, Lin Ling, and Lu Li were more shy, so they just hugged Lu Ze.

Alice grinned and said, "In that case, can the Human Race become an Emperor Race?"

That was the strongest race in the universe!

Even Ying Ying looked over when Lu Ze talked about Makin Thor's life.

Even though she wasn't that strong yet.

But after hearing that Makin Thor was killed by some emperor, everyone gasped.