Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1190 - Xavier Race Treasure

Chapter 1190 - Xavier Race Treasure

Chapter 1190 - Xavier Race Treasure

Makin Thor smiled. "Even if you don't ask, I was planning to tell you."

"There are seven emperors in the universe. Other than the Barren Emperor sealed in the Barren Realm, there's the guardian of the universe born with the stars of the universe who inherits the source power of the universe, the emperor of the Star Spirit Race, Star Emperor."

"The ruler of the Insectoid Race, the source of Death Insectoid Queen."

"The ruler of life, the Divine Queen of the Divine Palace."

"The ruler of truth and order, the creator of civilization, the Machine Emperor of the Machine Empire."

"Lord of creation, the creator of mental force, the Heavenly Emperor of the Heaven Realm."

"The ruler of the elemental domain, Elemental Emperor."

Lu Ze gasped. "The Star Spirit Race has an emperor?"

Ying Ying is from the Star Spirit Race.

Their emperor was Ying Ying's background.

Then, the Star Emperor was their background.

Lu Ze felt great.

Makin Thor rolled his eyes. "The Star Spirit Race is born with the universe. Isn't it very normal that they have an emperor?"

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. That did seem right.

Makin Thor continued, "Although the Star Spirit Race loves peace, no one knows about the emperor-level things. If you know of a Star Spirit Race, this is good. But even if the Star Emperor didn't mind people becoming emperor, he might not help you. You'd better not have too much hope."

Lu Ze was dazed.

This guy seemed to be hinting at something.

Lu Ze remembered that Ying Ying came in.

Did this guy discover Ying Ying?

But he was right.

Lu Ze felt that the most likely culprit was the Insectoid Queen. The Insectoid Race signaled death and destruction.

Perhaps the Insectoid Queen needed these emperor potentials to cultivate something.

Who would know?

Lu Ze asked curiously, "By the way, why would the Barren Emperor be sealed? Who can seal an emperor?"

Makin Thor answered, "The Barren Emperor is the ruler of the Body Law. His body is immortal and indestructible. However, he has no spirit nor soul. He has no intellect. He would just destroy and devour aimlessly. If an emperor was let out to devour and destroy, even the entire universe might not be able to handle it. Therefore, the Star Emperor with the help of the other five emperors sealed the Barren Emperor in the Barren Realm."

Lu Ze didn't expect that there would be such an odd emperor.

While Lu Ze was thinking, Makin Thor said, "However, although the Barren Realm is the sealing grounds of the Barren Emperor, it's a place rich in resources for the entire universe."

Lu Ze glanced at Makin Thor in surprise and asked, "Why?"

Makin Thor explained, "The Barren Emperor may be sealed, but his law source can't be completely sealed off. It's permeating in the Barren Realm. There are all sorts of barren beasts and even Barren Emperor's offspring. After the nourishment of the dense law source, the flesh of those barren beasts is great for the body. Their sh.e.l.ls and bones can be used to forge advanced weapons. Killing the offspring and the beasts will give you a small chance of acquiring a body law shard.

"Even the prodigies from an Emperor Race would go there to seek fortune."

Lu Ze was very interested.

Immediately, he had an important question. "Are those barren beasts' meat tasty?"

Makin Thor didn't quite catch it.


Makin Thor said, "What do you mean? Tasty?"

Lu Ze nodded. "Yeah, are they tasty?"

Lu Ze didn't really care about resources.

As his cultivation level grew, the Pocket Hunting Dimension would probably have cosmic lord beasts and even emperor level.

He could take the resources from the Barren Realm back to the race.

But the meat needed to be tasty!

Makin Thor felt Lu Ze had a mental issue.

He twitched the corners of his mouth, gritted his teeth, and said, "Of course!"

When Lu Ze heard the words, his eyes lit up. "Then, next time we'll go there to… um, cough, cough, we seek for treasures!"

Makin Thor took a deep breath. "What I'm about to say is related to the Barren Realm."

Hearing Makin Thor's words, Lu Ze was stunned. "What is it?"

Makin Thor slowly said, "Before I sought the path of the emperor, I had a premonition that the Xavier Race would be in danger. But I didn't know the source of the danger."

"Therefore, I split the resources of the race into three shares. I placed one in a small world for the race to use. I gave another portion to the prodigies, for them to go to distant s.p.a.ce and hide their ident.i.ties. The last share, I placed it in the Barren Realm. Even emperors can't know what's going on in there completely due to the perfusion of Body Law. If an accident happens, I can rise again. Now that the race is annihilated, the resources in the small world are in the innermost layer. I don't know if other beings have taken it. The share taken by the prodigies would've died along with those prodigies who died."

"The last share at the barren realm is plenty. I can tell you the location of that treasure now that the Xavier Race has been annihilated."

Lu Ze was very excited, but he wasn't blinded by it.

"What requests does the predecessor have?"

Makin Thor smiled. "You're the only one with the hope of reaching emperor after a hundred million years. I hope that if you become an emperor, you can find the culprit and get revenge for the Xavier Race!"

Lu Ze's mouth twitched. "Even you said that there would be emperor hunting emperor potential. I might not necessarily want to become emperor."

Makin Thor smiled. "You will want to."

"When you know there's a path ahead, you won't be able to stop."

Lu Ze was speechless.


He smiled. "In that case, I promise you that if I can become emperor, I will find the culprit and exact your revenge."

Makin Thor laughed. "Hahaha! Great!"

He took a deep look at Lu Ze. "I hope you can succeed. You can get revenge for my race and all those who died before."

Lu Ze twitched his lips. "Maybe I'll get killed."

When Makin Thor heard this, he couldn't help but laugh. "In that case, there are no regrets."

Lu Ze rolled his eyes.

Makin Thor suddenly flashed.. "My time is about to be up."