Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1189 - Remnant Soul

Chapter 1189 - Remnant Soul

Chapter 1189 - Remnant Soul

The soldier's emotionless face suddenly had some expression.

Lu Ze was stunned.

'Emperor potential?'

Suddenly, a burst of excited laughter sounded. "Hahahaha! 100 million years! I've waited 100 million years! Finally, I've found a being with emperor potential!"

Lu Ze was startled and looked at the soldier.

The soldier was looking back at him.

Lu Ze frowned, and he was vigilant.

Seeing Lu Ze like that, the soldier grinned.

"Kid, don't be nervous. I was just too excited."

Lu Ze asked, "Who are you?"

The soldier was dazed and looked into distant s.p.a.ce.

"Me? I'm the last Xavier Race Leader, Makin Thor."

Lu Ze was in disbelief.

"Isn't the Xavier Race annihilated?"

The soldier's eyes showed intense dissatisfaction and hatred. His chi was revealed, and it was much stronger than before.

After a moment, he stopped his chi and said, "Xavier Race is indeed annihilated. I'm dead too. What's left is just a remnant soul."

"Remnant soul?"

One remnant soul could exist for a hundred million years?

This guy was indeed a cosmic lord boss.

Lu Ze asked vigilantly, "Then, why did you come out now?"

This guy wasn't trying to take over his body, was he?

He would want to possess himself too if he was the soldier.

Makin Thor looked up with his hands behind his back. "I, Makin Thor, was born from the Xavier Race. I was a peak cosmic realm state at birth. I was born in the war domain. On the day of my birth, the entire Ancestral Planet was shrouded in my domain. Battle intent shot through the cosmos! When I was ten, I reached the cosmic monarch state. When I was a hundred years old, I reached the peak cosmic monarch state. After settling for a thousand years, I formed dao runes with my war domain and became a cosmic lord! In the following 368,400,000 years, I've conquered the cosmos without defeat!"

He closed his eyes as though reminiscing his glorious past.

Lu Ze's mouth twitched. He felt this guy was showing off.

But this guy was indeed powerful.

His talent was probably better than Ying Ying's?

Makin Thor continued, "At that time, I was already a peak cosmic lord! Other than the emperor's bloodline, I was invincible in the universe! Even an emperor's bloodline could only fight with me evenly."

Lu Ze roared. "Amazing!"

Makin Thor continued, "At that time, I could do whatever I wanted if no emperors came out!"

"However! I wasn't satisfied. Since there were emperors in the universe, why can't I be one?! I started to seek ways to become an emperor!"

"Emperors are different from cosmic lords. Cosmic lords form dao runes and can borrow the laws of the universe. Meanwhile, emperors could completely control the laws of the universe. They are the masters of laws. If you want to become an emperor, you need to master universal law."

"I've settled and cultivated for countless ages and derived my war dao rune to control the relevant war laws. Finally, I had a clue."

"At that time, I was overjoyed. I felt that the path to becoming an emperor was right ahead of me. What awaited me was endless glory!"

He stopped there.

Lu Ze was quite excited to hear this story.

He quickly asked, "And then what happened?"

"And?" Makin Thor murmured, "And, I died."

Lu Ze: "???"


Makin Thor nodded. "Yes, died."

Lu Ze was speechless.


"How did you die?"

Makin Thor smiled bitterly. "I don't know. I was trying to learn the law of war, and then, I died."

Lu Ze began to ponder.


Makin Thor continued, "But I know that an emperor definitely intervened."

"Yes, I'm not boasting. Although I was just a peak cosmic lord at the time, even the emperor's bloodline couldn't do anything about me. Only an emperor could kill me so easily, or kill me without me even knowing how."

Lu Ze's heart sank.

So, emperors were this strong?

This was terrifying.

Makin Thor further continued, "And… in the endless ages, there have been extreme prodigies who had the potential to reach the emperor. But these people, including their race, have been annihilated without reason. Now, I know why."

"Someone doesn't want other beings in the universe to reach the emperor level. Beings are hunting those who have the potential to become an emperor."

Lu Ze didn't know what to say.

Makin Thor smiled. "Kid, you're only a level-3 cosmic cloud state right now. Your birth wasn't too good, right?"

Lu Ze was shocked. "???"

Makin Thor sighed. "From my hundreds of millions of years roaming the universe, you're the only one to learn a domain in cosmic cloud state. Your learning capability is shocking. Even I can't be compared with you."

Lu Ze said, "I'm not bad, it's alright."

Makin Thor was speechless.


"With your talent, you can probably try for the emperor level. If you obediently stay as a peak cosmic lord, the emperors won't be after you. But if you want to go higher, then…"

He asked, "Makin Thor, do you know which emperor attacked?"

Makin Thor smiled. "No. I don't even know how I died. How can I know who did it?"

Lu Ze continued to ask, "By the way, how many emperors are there in the universe?"