Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1191 - Cheating

Chapter 1191 - Cheating

Chapter 1191 - Cheating

Lu Ze noticed Makin Thor's chi grow weaker, and his body slowly became more ethereal.

"Predecessor Makin Thor, you are…"

Makin Thor smiled and said, "I've waited a hundred million years. This remnant soul had been sleeping, but it's at the extreme now…"

He looked at the endless white s.p.a.ce in the tower and smiled. "I'm satisfied to be able to see this familiar world again."

He took a deep look at Lu Ze. "Kid, your talent is very great. I hope you can complete the dream that I wasn't able to achieve and become an emperor."

Lu Ze nodded. "Don't worry Predecessor, I will work hard."

Makin Thor nodded as he smiled. His body crumbled and turned into green dots.

Lu Ze's eyes were complicated.

This guy was born as the top pinnacle prodigy but ended up like this. Even his race was annihilated.

Lu Ze shook his head.

At this moment, the robotic voice sounded. "Challenger has completed the final trial and acquired the highest reward."

A large pile of resources appeared before Lu Ze.

There were all sorts of spirit fruit, equipment, and battle intent seeds.

Lu Ze grinned. Makin Thor left him a pile of gifts before he left?

This was great!

Outside the tower, everyone was still staring at the leaders' battle list.

"It rose again, 820th!"

"Terrifying! This is too terrifying! Which race is prodigy from?!"

"With such talent, he can definitely become a cosmic lord, right?!"

Kaneip spoke with a somewhat hoa.r.s.e voice. "This is really unbelievable! That guy is that strong?!"

The atmosphere fell silent, and Winston next to him, "No wonder we lost."

Based on Lu Ze's ranking, his G.o.d art mastery must be at a terrifying level. No wonder they would lose to Lu Ze.

Russel spoke slowly. "Too bad we're on the opposing side now."

Everyone fell silent.

If they couldn't kill such an enemy now, their race would be doomed, unless their race moved to some unknown place.

Cosmic lords were powerful, but they couldn't control everything in the universe.

After a moment of silence, a b.l.o.o.d.y flame flashed Riley's eyes, and his breath fluctuated slightly, showing a restless heart. He slowly said, "No matter how strong that monster is, he's only level-3 cosmic cloud state. If we attack together, we have a 100% chance of keeping him here!"

Hearing this, the other three nodded and Kaneip slowly said, "We just reached the cosmic monarch state. We're also the top prodigies of our own race. Although our cultivation level is suppressed to cosmic cloud state, our combat power isn't something that cosmic cloud states can compare with!"

"That's right."

Riley swept his eyes across the four races and slowly said, "Don't hold back this time. If he gets away, you know the consequences."

The other three nodded.

"It rose again! He's in the top 300!"

Everyone looked at the battle list stiffly.

Lu Ze kept rising until he reached 294th.

Everyone was regretful. If they knew Lu Ze was this talented, they would be able to give up the cosmic lord heritage.

After all, it was definitely worth it to gain the friends.h.i.+p of a super cosmic lord in the future.

"Even those females have reached around 4000!"

Everyone took in a cold breath. "What sort of race are they? They are this terrifying?!"

Everyone looked at Lily and Louisa.

Sensing this, their mouths twitched.

They really wanted to know why these guys were this strong.

Suddenly, a hum sounded above the leaders' battle list.

Soldiers formed there and roared.

Even Riley and then felt pale-faced.

This battle intent was too strong.

"What's going on?!"

Lu Ze's ranking charged straight to the very top.

1st, Lu Ze, unknown, ten stars.

Everyone was speechless.


They opened their mouths but couldn't say anything.

After some silence, they remarked.

"Oh sh*t! What is going on? He's ranked 1st now?? And his combat power is ten stars?!"

"What happened? How did that guy do it?!"

"How can there be ten-star combat power! The original first was only 8 stars. How can he be this much higher?!"

Riley and the four races were very regretful and felt nervous.

Russel couldn't help but say, "What is a ten-star combat power? Would he reach our level?"

Hearing this, the other three races felt their hearts twitch. Afterwards, Riley slowly said, "Impossible! If he's a peak cosmic cloud state, then, we might not be able to do anything to him, but don't forget that he's only a level-3 cosmic cloud state now!"

Everyone breathed easy.

Kaneip slowly said, "No matter what price we pay this time, we have to kill him!"

Ten-star combat power was too scary.

At this moment, when the soldiers were discussing, Lu Ze's information was suddenly wiped away like he never appeared.


"Wait what? What's going on? Why did his name disappear?"

"Yeah, wasn't he first?"


After a while, an Abyssal Race said, "Did that Lu Ze cheat?!"