Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1188 - Potential To Be Emperor!

Chapter 1188 - Potential To Be Emperor!

Chapter 1188 - Potential To Be Emperor!


What's going on?

The four of them were dumbfounded.

Even their own race was staring at the battle list.

Only when the four got closer did their race notice them.

"Lord Riley!"

"Brother Kaneip!"

"Lord Russel!"

"Captain Winston!"

The four of them looked at their own race. Then, the bloodstone leader Riley said, "Deng Ba, what are you guys doing? What happened to the battle list?"

Just as Deng Ba was about to speak, screams suddenly sounded from the side.

"It rose! It rose again!"


Riley and the other four races frowned.

Deng Ba and the rest also reacted strangely upon hearing this.

Riley asked, "What is going on?"

Deng Ba hurriedly said, "Lord Riley, those level-3 cosmic cloud states from an unknown race entered the leaders' battle list!"


Riley and the other four races gasped. Their chi fluctuated.

That violent spilling chi made everyone come back to their senses and move away from the four races.

Kaneip, from the Abstruse Lightning Race, said coldly, "Where is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?!"

One of his race members quickly said, "Brother Kaneip, he's ranked 4021st."

The leaders of the four races were in disbelief.

After some silence, Winston from the Single Armed Race said, "He reached around 4000?!"

The four of them looked at each other.

This meant extremely powerful potential!

Since they were dead enemies now, they had to be killed.

Kaneip frowned. "He hid his race? Is there some secret?"

Subsequently, Russel from the Abyssal Race said, "Regardless, we have to kill him. If he gets away, it will be troublesome in the future."

This trouble would be targeted against their entire race.

Ranked 4000 was too scary.

The other three nodded.

Deng Ba said, "Lord Riley, there's one more thing…"

Hearing this, Riley frowned. "What is it?"

Deng Ba swallowed and said, "… Those five females next to Lu Ze, all entered the leaders' battle list."

Riley and the other four races were dumbfounded. "…"

Riley gritted. "Where? Point it out for me."


In the tower, Lu Ze blasted the soldiers with fireb.a.l.l.s for a few seconds before the soldiers disappeared.

"Round 69 pa.s.sed, reward a medium-grade battle intent seed."

Lu Ze felt he used a third of his power. He frowned.

Level 70 should be 10 extremely strong level-8 cosmic cloud states. If he used guerrilla warfare, there would be no pressure.

But time was money. Lu Ze felt it was better to be faster.

However, that would be taxing on spirit force.

"Round 70 commencing."

Lu Ze was speechless. "…"

Couldn't he get some time to recover?

He had no choice but to wear his equipment.

Red flames rose around him, and Lu Ze was covered in red armor.

Lu Ze immediately felt his recovery speed doubled. His spirit force was more active, and his Fire G.o.d Art was buffed quite a bit.

He clutched his pale fist gloves.

It was given to him by star state overlords. He was a cosmic cloud state now. These fist gloves weren't keeping up.

When could he get new weapons?

Ten soldiers had already appeared.

They would be a little tricky for Lu Ze if he didn't wear the equipment, but now…

Lu Ze grinned.

Over a hundred fireb.a.l.l.s appeared around him. Each of them had terrifying power and was stronger than before.

One of these fireb.a.l.l.s unleashed would destroy a few hundred Milky Way galaxies.

Lu Ze pointed and the fireb.a.l.l.s flew out striking the soldiers.


Fire waves erupted in all directions. The soldiers were torn to pieces.

"Round 70 pa.s.sed, awarded one medium-grade battle intent seed."

Lu Ze only used 1/10th of his power. This wasn't bad. He would be able to recover in two seconds.

"Round 71 commencing."

A peak cosmic cloud state soldier appeared.

Lu Ze threw down a hundred fireb.a.l.l.s and blasted it to pieces.

Round 72…

Round 73…

At round 78, the soldiers could even threaten him.

They weren't as strong as the G.o.d art beasts in the Pocket Hunting Dimension but were still formidable.

Lu Ze couldn't even kill them in one go. He spent ten seconds killing ten of them.

Lu Ze had used more than half of his power after that.

"Round 79 commencing."

Lu Ze frowned.

At this rate, how strong would the round 81 soldiers be?

Could his domain kill them?

The soldier charged at him again.


The 300 fireb.a.l.l.s appeared and shot towards the soldier.


The soldier charged with his spear.


After the terrifying clash ended, the soldier was only a little injured.

Lu Ze threw another 300 fireb.a.l.l.s.

After that wave, the soldier's armor was cracked, and had lost an arm.

Lu Ze threw another 50 fireb.a.l.l.s and ended him.

In Round 80, 10 of the same soldiers appeared and gave Lu Ze quite some pressure.

He spent 30 seconds killing them all.

"Round 81 commencing."

A green-armored soldier appeared.

Looking at this soldier, the hair on his body rose.

Powerful enemy!

Cultivation level was about peak cosmic cloud state but wasn't at cosmic realm state yet.

Lu Ze didn't even feel confident he could win.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and used Fire Domain.

But the instant Lu Ze formed the domain, the soldier stiffened. Its chi was completely gone.

A robotic voice sounded.

"Challenger has mastered the domain as a level-3 cosmic cloud state. Has emperor potential!"