Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1187 - Terrifying Race

Chapter 1187 - Terrifying Race

Chapter 1187 - Terrifying Race


"Why did the leaders' battle list light up again?!"

"Did someone else get on?!"

"How is this possible?!"

Everyone looked there.

"Look at Lu Ze's information!"

Lu Ze's information was going up and went up to 9871th.

Everyone gasped. "That Lu Ze has more power to keep going?!"

If that was the case, this rank might not even be Lu Ze's final rank!

Thinking about this, everyone's skin crawled.

All those who went up there were cosmic lord prodigies!

People asked with a shaky tone, "Which significant being is this Lu Ze?!"

No one could answer this.

The four cosmic monarch state races were also confused.

They had never seen a race like Lu Ze.


He was extremely likely to be from an overlord cosmic lord civilization at an extremely distant gallery region!

Only the most powerful cosmic lord civilization could have such a prodigy.

Thinking about this, those four races felt some pressure.

Their relations had come to the worst already.

If Lu Ze's race found that they killed Lu Ze and wanted Lu Ze, could the Eternal Song Civilization really hold on?

At this moment, the light dimmed down.

"Is that the end?"

"He's only a level-3 cosmic cloud state after all. He has no time to rest."


Ten seconds later, the tablet lit up again.

"It's moving again!"

Lu Ze's ranking shot up by a few hundred again.

This was terrifying!

Soon, the light dimmed down.

Someone said, "This is pretty much the end, right? That Lu Ze should be coming out."

However, that tablet lit up again.

They looked there and found Lu Ze's ranking had reached 8932nd.

How was this person this powerful!

Everyone was stunned.

They stared at Lu Ze's ranking without blinking, wanting to see if it would go up.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce outside the tower distorted, and eight more people appeared. They were all from the four cosmic monarch state civilizations.

They had smiles all over their faces.

When everyone saw it was those beings who came out, their eyes flashed with disappointment, and kept looking at the leaders' battle list.

Those who came out were confused.

Why did even their own race look at them like that?!

When they saw everyone was looking at the battle list, they were dazed for a moment.

Leaders' Battle List?

What were they doing looking there?

They flew to their races.

One being from the Bloodstone Race asked another, "Deng Ba, why are you guys looking at the battle list like that?"

The creature from the Bloodstone Race was named Deng Ba. The other races heard this and came back to their senses.

He turned to look at the Bloodstone Race beside him, and said, "Ba Bei, you're out too? There's someone who entered the battle list!"


Can someone here make it to the battle list?

What sort of universal joke was this?

At this moment, the tablet flashed again.

"Someone really got on?!"

"Who is it?"

"That Lu Ze guy! He's ranked 8821st now. Look!"

It was true!

At this moment, the light flashed even more intensely.

The crowd exclaimed, "I've never seen the leaders' battle list have such a commotion before!"

Deng Ba opened his mouth and said, "Another one got in?!"

10000, Nangong Jing, unknown, 6.5 stars.


"Impossible! A second person entered the battle list?!"

"Another one who hid their race! It must be Lu Ze's pal!"

"She's one of the females!"

Someone thought of a terrifying situation and gasped. "Since one of the females entered the leaders' battle list, would the others…"

If that was the case, would this race be too terrifying?!

There were six of those unknown races!

If all of them entered the battle list…

"This shouldn't be possible?"

At this moment, the board flashed consecutively and four more names appeared on it.

Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, Lu Li, Alice.

All of their races were unknown, and their combat power was 6.5 stars.

Everyone's mouth went dry.

"They really… all entered…"

This was rather terrifying even in cosmic lord civilization.

"Are those guys monsters?!"

Lily and Louisa wanted to cry.

They could all imagine that soon these cosmic lord civilizations would be setting their gazes on the Elf Cosmic Realm.

In a short minute, Lu Ze had reached 4000. The girls were around 8000.

At this moment, four more figures appeared outside the tower.

They were the leaders of the cosmic monarch civilization teams.

Their faces were very excited.

They looked at each other vigilantly and drew some s.p.a.ce.

If they were ambushed, it would be a huge loss.

Then, they saw a green light flas.h.i.+ng incessantly on the side and looked over.

They stared intently at the battle list.