Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1186 - Leaving A Name On The War Leaderboard

Chapter 1186 - Leaving A Name On The War Leaderboard

Chapter 1186 - Leaving A Name On The War Leaderboard

A being from the Bloodstone Race spoke first. "My race will take that fire wolf."

His tone was adamant.

The other three races didn't expect the Bloodstone Race to be this dominant.

However, they were the strongest, so there was nothing they could do.

There were only two beasts left. The remaining three races looked at each other.

One of them wouldn't be able to get a beast.

The Abyssal Race said, "The beast's enemy is our subordinate race. Regardless, it has caused some damage to our race. We're going to take that golden lightning eagle.

The other two races sneered.

"What right do you have?!"

They didn't compete with the Bloodstone Race because they were stronger, but what was the Abyssal Race?!

"The golden lightning eagle has Lightning G.o.d Art. It's related to the Abstruse Lightning Race. We will take that beast. After we get back, we will report to our race elders. You won't be at a loss."

"No! That golden eagle is much stronger than that serpent. We must take it!"


The three races kept arguing.

At this moment, a howl sounded.

They looked at the battlefield.

Burberry couldn't hold on after the serpent joined the fight.

In less than a minute, he was struck by a lightning ball.

He was scorched everywhere, and his right arm was gone.

If he didn't use a life-saving trump card, he would've died there already!

Seeing this, the Abyssal Race beings' faces sink.

One of them said, "Capture these three beasts first. We can discuss the distribution later!"

The other three races nodded.


They charged towards Lily and the three beasts.

When Lily and Louisa saw those cosmic monarch state civilization beings come over, their faces flashed with despair.

All of them were stronger than Burberry.

Their cultivation level was suppressed to peak cosmic cloud state but was way stronger than ordinary peak cosmic cloud state.

Were they going to die here?!

At this moment, a green light shot up into the sky on the tablet.



Huge green armored figures in the green light roared.

The terrifying battle will be pressed down making everyone pale-faced.

"What's going on?!"

"Is there some change to the leaders' battle list?"

"Did someone enter it?"

Everyone stared at the leaders' battle list.

Those races were no longer interested in the beasts.

The war domain was bound, and they couldn't get away anyways.

Even the 10,000th on the leaders' battle list was a cosmic lord civilization prodigy. One could imagine how hard it was to get on.

Did one of them get on?!

No way!

At this moment, the light slowly dimmed down.

At the lowest spot, Eternal Song Race Keilog's name dimmed down, and a new line of information appeared.

10000, Lu Ze, unknown, 6.5 stars.

"Lu Ze? Who is Lu Ze?"

"He's not one of the four cosmic monarch state civilizations?"

"And, he hid his race?"

"Who is he?!"


"Why doesn't Lu Ze show his race?"

This was such a good opportunity to make a name for himself and enter the sights of those cosmic lord civilizations.

If the cosmic lord civilization took him in, his entire race would flourish.

Lily and Louisa gasped.

Lu Ze was this terrifying!

That was the leaders' battle list!

Lu Ze replaced that Eternal Song prodigy?

In the tower, Lu Ze's face ached.

He didn't even notice that he needed to leave his information on his leaderboard.

If he really was a cosmic lord civilization prodigy, he wouldn't mind, but the problem was, the Human Race just became a cosmic cloud state civilization.

If a cosmic lord civilization had ill will towards them, there really wasn't anything Lu Ze could do to protect the Human Race.

Not even Ying Ying could!

Luckily, he could hide his race here.

It should be harder to find him.

However, if those cosmic lord civilizations wanted to find him, it wouldn't be too hard, right?

As long as he stalled out for a few years, he would be confident in facing them.

Lu Ze looked at the medium-grade battle intent seed and smiled.

At this moment, the robotic voice sounded.

"Round 65 commencing."

A level-6 cosmic cloud state soldier appeared.

Lu Ze buried him with fireb.a.l.l.s.

These people were all curious about Lu Ze.

At this moment, someone was shocked and seemed to think of something.

"Is it him?"


At this moment, some people remembered there was a figure floating next to the tower.

He was only a level-3 cosmic cloud state, but he surpa.s.sed the four cosmic monarch state civilization prodigies.

"It's him! It must be him!"


At this moment, everyone suddenly turned around and looked at Lily and Louisa.

Those four races looked at them coldly with intense curiosity.

Lily felt she could leave her will behind now.

At this moment, the leader's battle list suddenly lit up again.