Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: Greed

Soon the light disappeared and three giant beasts appeared.

One was a huge red wolf spinning with fire.

The other one was a huge golden eagle crackling with golden lightning.

The last one was a few hundred meter-long earth serpent with a veil of sand around it.

They were all level-5 cosmic cloud states, but their chi was extremely terrifying.

Everyone gasped.

“How can they be this strong?!”

“These three beasts are just level-5 cosmic cloud states. Why is their chi so shocking?!”

“I even feel that my body is shaking upon sensing that chi.”


The advanced demon side was on high alert.

Burberry looked at Lily. “I didn’t expect you to have such trump cards. I underestimated you.”

Lily and Louisa were stunned.

Although they heard Lu Ze say the summoning crystals were very strong, they were still shocked after seeing this.

Hearing what Burberry said, Lily’s pretty face was cold, and there were extra words.


The three beasts roared and terrifying power poured out.

The fire wolf and golden eagle were charging towards Burberry and Lucia.

Meanwhile, the serpent headed for the demons behind them.

Lily also charged at Burberry and Lucia, while Louisa also charged at the demons behind them.

Lucia and Burberry felt the power of the flames from the fire wolf and the golden eagle, and their faces became serious when they saw Lily rus.h.i.+ng over.

Lucia exclaimed, “d.a.m.n it! Attack together!”

The two leaders charged towards the beasts and Lily.

The two sides clashed together.


Thunderous sounds swept in all directions.

The beings watching the scene were forced back.

“So strong!”

“I didn’t expect that the Advanced Demon Race had reached the 18th level, and the other one is probably even stronger. However, the beasts are on par with them in power?!”

At this moment, pitiful howls sounded in the battlefield between the cosmic cloud state advanced demons and the serpent.

The serpent had sand flowing around it. All the cosmic cloud state demons were bound by the sand.

Those above level-8 cosmic cloud states were still struggling, but those below were crushed by this terrifying power.

Everyone was shocked again.

All these cosmic cloud states couldn’t stop one level-5 cosmic cloud state beast?!

What sort of beast was this!

Someone said, “It’s divine art! Sand Divine Art!”

“It’s no ordinary divine art. It’s probably a cosmic system state or even a cosmic cloud state divine art. This mastery is extremely high too!”

Everyone’s skin crawled.

What sort of beast could learn cosmic cloud state divine art to an extremely high level.

Lucia’s power was on par with the fire wolf, but Burberry was just a little stronger than Lily and the lightning eagle. He was under the attack of both of them and was struggling.

When they heard the howls, their faces changed.


After another clash, Lucia and Burberry retreated.

They looked at their race.

After seeing a few demons being killed, their eyes were filled with fury.


Those were the prodigies of their race!

Their hearts were bleeding, but Lily and the two beasts charged up again.

Burberry and Lucia didn’t have time to go and help them but could only keep defending.

The battle continued.

Lucia and Burberry could barely hold on, while the other demons were falling apart.

Sand One Divine Art was just a cosmic system state divine art, but the mastery was extremely high.

The sand serpent was very strong to those cosmic cloud state demons, and Louisa was helping on the side.

Soon, only a peak cosmic cloud state peak and two level-8 cosmic cloud state demons remained.

But now, the sand serpent had more spare effort to deal with the remaining ones.


Sand spirit light flashed around the serpent, and the demonic chi s.h.i.+eld of the two level-8 cosmic cloud state demons was crushed. They roared but were covered by the sand.

Then, bone-breaking sounds echoed.

The crowd nearby looked at this sand serpent in terror.

“Isn’t the Elf Race a cosmic realm state civilization? How can they use such terrifying beasts?!”

Level-5 cosmic cloud state killing level-8 cosmic cloud state so easily.

Not even the cosmic realm state prodigies had such absurd power, right?!

If raised well, this beast can become a cosmic boss!

But such a beast was being used by the Elf Race?!

Someone asked, “Do you think it would be that strange race who gave it to the Elf Race?!”

“Extremely likely!”

“Indeed, a level-3 cosmic cloud state caught up to four cosmic monarch state civilization beings and reached the statue first. How can he be simple?!”

“Is that guy from a cosmic lord civilization!”

“Possibly! Only a cosmic lord civilization can have such a foundation.”

Meanwhile, the sand serpent killed the last peak cosmic cloud state demon.

Then, the serpent and Louisa turned to Lucia and Burberry.

Those two were furious, but when the serpent looked over, their hearts went cold.

They were barely holding on now.

If the serpent came, would they be over?


The sand serpent flew towards Burberry and Lucia.

At this moment, s.p.a.ce rippled and the figures came out.

They were from the four cosmic monarch state civilizations.

“Hahaha! This is a huge profit!”

“No wonder this is the legendary Tower of War!!”

Everyone was rejoicing.

There were three creatures from the Abyssal Race who came out. Two men and one woman.

“It’s all thanks to those beings from the Advanced Demon Race who shared this news with us. They deserve a reward…”

Then, they started looking for the Advanced Demon Race.

When they saw Burberry and Lucia being attacked, their smiles froze.

“Impossible! Those three beasts are just level-5 cosmic cloud states. How can they have such combat power?!”

Everyone was confused.

Even they weren’t this strong when they were at level-5 cosmic cloud state.

They were cosmic monarch state civilization prodigies!

At this moment, one abstruse being from the Lightning Race looked at Lily and Louisa. “… Those beasts listened to those two elves’ commands!”

Everyone was startled, and then, their eyes flashed with greed.

Those beasts were powerful, but their cultivation level wasn’t high.

If they captured them and took it back to their race to keep, they would grow to become race guardians!