Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: Did Some Monster Come Out?!

Lu Ze continued after taking the battle intent seed.

Level-7 cosmic cloud state soldiers were getting stronger, but they were still a far cry from Lu Ze.

Every round he pa.s.sed, he would gain a primary combat intent seed.

Soon, Lu Ze reached the 61st round. The soldier’s cultivation level was level-8 cosmic cloud state now.

But for Lu Ze, it still wasn’t enough.

The soldiers died with a fireball.

Lu Ze acquired a medium-grade battle intent seed.

It was slightly larger than the primary-grade ones and had more battle intent knowledge.

Lu Ze happily took them.

With these battle intent seeds, he could learn battle intent to a rather deep level in an extremely short time. Then, he would be able to learn that Battle Intent Divine Art.

On the 62nd round, there were ten of those soldiers.

Lu Ze attacked first. Tens of fireb.a.l.l.s appeared around them and instantly enveloped all the soldiers.


“The 62nd round pa.s.sed. Award, the medium-grade battle intent seed.”

Lu Ze kept going through the trial.

Meanwhile, figures started appearing outside the tower.

They weren’t injured, but their chi was weak.

However, they were excitedly smiling.

“Hahaha! I reached the eighth level! I got so many rewards!” One being with a white bone on his head laughed.

Another one with a horn sneered. “I reached the 11th level! I got even more rewards! However, the soldier in the 11th round is much stronger than before. Ordinary people can’t pa.s.s it at all.”

The crowd around him looked at him in shock.

This guy must be very strong to reach the 11th round.

They felt this guy’s chi.

Peak cosmic cloud state.

One creature who seemed to be formed from ice said, “It’s only the 11th round. I reached the 14th round!”


Everyone gasped.

Even the horned creature felt very shocked.

The soldier of the 11th round was beyond peak cosmic cloud state and near cosmic realm state.

Every 10 rounds, the soldiers’ power would grow significantly.

At this moment, another figure fell out. It was Louisa.

Her face was pale.

Everyone was startled.

She was the one standing next to the man who reached the statue first.

Louisa quickly flew down to a corner.

At this moment, another figure appeared. It was Lucia.

As soon as he appeared, a few other demons from the Advanced Demon Race flew over.

“Prince, how was it?”

Lucia’s face was slightly ugly. “d.a.m.n it! I didn’t pa.s.s the 18th round!”

If he pa.s.sed it, there would be another reward.

These rewards were precious even to the Advanced Demon Race, and he just missed it like that!

Everyone fell in silence.

This guy reached the 18th level?!

He was a prodigy.

Lucia took a deep breath and smiled. He did earn a lot of things this time though.

He looked around and said, “By the way, did the race who came with the Elf Race come out?”

A few demons looked at Louisa and replied, “One elf came out.”

Lucia looked over and snarled. “The Elf Princess isn’t out?”

Unless it was a special circ.u.mstance, usually those who came out later pa.s.sed more rounds.

If the Elf Princess pa.s.sed more rounds, wouldn’t that mean she was more talented than him?!

His face became more and more ferocious. He looked at Louisa and said, “Kill this Elf Race first and then hunt the Elf Princess later!”

Louisa clutched the summoning crystal tightly. She was alone. This was all she could rely on.

She hoped its power was as strong as what Lu Ze said, or she would die.

At this moment, a few more figures appeared.

Lily and Burberry were amongst them.

Lily saw Burberry and frowned. She quickly retreated.

Burberry did the same.

They were both exhausted and didn’t want to fight at this time.

Louisa flew towards Lily.

Lily saw the Advanced Demon Race gathered together and frowned.

Burberry recovered while smiling. “Elf Princess, the entire war domain is sealed. See where you can run to today!”

Lucia’s eyes flashed with a bit of killing intent. “Today is your death!”


Two crystals appeared in Lily’s hands.

Lu Ze gave her two level-5 cosmic cloud state summoning crystals. They were as strong as her.

After Burberry recovered some power, he grinned. “Attack! Kill them!”

He charged towards Lily.

Lucia did the same.

Lily said coldly, “Louisa, use the crystals Lu Ze gave!”

She inserted her force into the summoning crystal.

Three vibrant lights flashed and appeared before the two.




Three terrifying chi appeared.

Lucia and Burberry and the other creatures immediately stopped their charges.

The demons behind them were stunned.

Everyone here was shocked.

What was going on?!

Did some monster come out?!