Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183: Battle Will Seed


Just as they were about to attack, the Tower of War suddenly glowed with green light.

Everyone was stunned again and looked at the tiger.

The green light shone brighter and brighter until covering the entire war domain.

Lu Ze was ready to use the level-9 cosmic cloud state super serpent summoning crystal at any time and also use the cultivation level increasing crystal.

At this moment, a robotic voice sounded. “The Tower of War has opened, the trial has been activated. Everyone enters the trial.”

Hearing this, everyone was startled.

Lu Ze felt the surrounding s.p.a.ce fluctuate, and they appeared in this extremely wide s.p.a.ce.

Was this the trial?

Was he the only one?

Was the ranking on the leaderboard related to this?

At this moment, that robotic voice spoke again. “Trial begins.”

A humanoid figure suddenly appeared a few hundred kilometers ahead.

He was two meters tall and covered in green armor. Even his face was covered in armor, and all that could be seen was a pair of green eyes.

He held a long spear and looked very similar to that statue.

Its cultivation level was level-3 cosmic cloud state.

Before Lu Ze could react, the warrior burst into the green light and charged forward.

He instantly appeared before Lu Ze and stabbed his spear towards Lu Ze’s heart.

Lu Ze didn’t even use spirit force and just slapped the spear away and kicked the soldier.


The soldier was kicked out and exploded in the air.

Lu Ze sighed.

This soldier was a little weak. He was the same as an ordinary level-3 cosmic cloud state.

His spear will, G.o.d art and spirit force quality were also very weak.

“First round pa.s.sed, reward, five Green Hill Fruits.”

Five Green Hill Fruits suddenly appeared before Lu Ze.

He just beat an ordinary level-3 cosmic cloud state, and he got five?

Lu Ze happily took them.

“Second round commencing.”

This time, ten of the same soldiers appeared.

Their power was still the same, but the number was tenfold.

They charged towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze kicked them all away.

“Second round pa.s.sed, reward 10 Green Hill Fruits.”

Lu Ze picked them up again.

“Third round commencing.”

There was no time to rest at all.

It was one soldier again. His cultivation level was still level-3 cosmic cloud state, but his spear will was much stronger. His chi was also much stronger.


His spear tore through s.p.a.ce and instantly arrived before Lu Ze.

Lu Ze dodged and kicked this soldier.


The soldier fell back. It was covered in cracks but didn’t disappear.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He appeared before the soldier and kicked.

The second kick destroyed the soldier.

“Third round pa.s.sed, reward the acquired five Blue Star Herbs.”

“Fourth round commencing.”

Ten of the same soldiers appeared.

Lu Ze kicked them all to death and acquired 10 Blue Star Herbs.

Fifth round…

Sixth round…

In every round, the soldier’s cultivation level was level-3 cosmic cloud state, but their combat power increased by quite a bit. Lu Ze beat them all with just Body G.o.d Art.

When he was at the ninth level, the soldier’s cultivation level had risen to level-3 peak cosmic cloud state. The spear was extremely intense.

Lu Ze didn’t use any defenses and let the soldier stab him with the spear.

It even penetrated his skin!

Just his body without Body G.o.d Art and spirit force was already extremely strong in defense.

He was confident in fighting level-4 cosmic cloud state just with his body.

Lu Ze easily crushed the soldier with a few punches and acquired a Spirit Essence Fruit. It could be used to increase cultivation level or recover lost spirit force.

The 10th round was 10 of those 9th round soldiers.

They were no threat to Lu Ze naturally.

Lu Ze killed them all and acquired three Spirit Essence Fruits.

By the 11th round, the soldier had reached level-4 cosmic cloud state.

This time, the soldier also had some battle intent.

The battle intent fused into the spear will.

Even Lu Ze felt a sliver of pain.


The soldier attacked, and before the spear even hit Lu Ze, he experienced some painful sensation.

He frowned and used spirit force.

He dodged the charge and slapped the soldier to death.

12th round…

13th round…

Lu Ze kept killing the soldiers easily.

He would get rewards every round from spirit fruit, spirit items to serums, runes, formations, weapons, and equipment.

As the difficulty increased, the rarity of the rewards also increased.

The 11th to 20th round was a level-4 cosmic cloud state.

The 21st to 30th round was a level-5 cosmic cloud state.

The 31st to 40th round was a level-6 cosmic cloud state.

Every ten rounds, the soldier’s cultivation level would increase by a level, and their sword intent, as well as the battle intent, increased too.

Lu Ze even began to slowly use G.o.d art later on.

At the 51st level, the soldier was level-7 cosmic cloud state, and his spirit force was very intense.

The soldier charged at Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze spun in the wind and disappeared from the spot.

A red fireball appeared on his hand and smashed at the soldier.

The red flames engulfed the soldier.

“51st round pa.s.sed, reward, one primary-grade battle intent seed.”

Lu Ze saw a speck of light appear before him. He grabbed it and saw a crystal ball.

He could feel battle intent coming from it.

Lu Ze was stunned.

This was very similar to the G.o.d art orbs in the Pocket Hunting Dimension!

They all contained G.o.d art knowledge.

However, this seed was much weaker than the G.o.d art orb.

The Xavier Race could pa.s.s down G.o.d art knowledge like this?

Lu Ze was shocked.