Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182: Leaders’ Battle List

Soon, the tower reached the original height of the statue. Then, it surpa.s.sed its height.

When it reached double the height of the green statue, it finally stopped. At the same time, the rattling war domain calmed down.

The green light around the tower dimmed down. Then, that huge tall tower appeared in everyone’s sight.

Everyone was excited to see this tower.

This was the legendary Tower of War?!

But after being excited for just an instant, they started searching around the tower.

They wanted to know which of the four got close to the tower.

Soon, they saw a small figure floating next to the tower.

“It’s him!!”

“He’s the super prodigy who surpa.s.sed those four leaders?!”

“Wait… why is his cultivation level only at level-3 cosmic cloud state?!”

Everyone exclaimed.

“He really is a level-3 cosmic cloud state?!”

“How is this possible?!”


The Advanced Demon Race looked at Lu Ze with confusion too.

Lucia and Burberry saw Lu Ze surpa.s.s them!

They thought Lu Ze could only go a little bit more ahead than them!

However, he instead went on to be the first to touch the statue.

Who could’ve imagined that!

The guy who came with the Elf Race was this scary?!

The four cosmic monarch state team leaders snarled upon seeing Lu Ze.

As soon as the s.h.i.+eld disappeared, they would capture him and force him to hand over the heritage.

Lu Ze felt their murderous gazes, but he was very calm.

At this moment, the green light flashed again.

A huge green stone tablet appeared. It was the same height as the statue and teeming with battle intent.

It fell heavily from the sky and landed before the tower.

Two huge words appeared.

Lu Ze didn’t know them, but he could understand the meaning.

Leaders’ Battle List!

Lu Ze kept looking down.

There was a smaller row of words.

1st: Christopher, Purple Ray Race, eight stars.

This was the head of the leaderboard?

Soon, more rows appeared of names of different prodigies.

In a few minutes, this star-sized tablet was filled with rows of words.

Lu Ze saw there were 10,000 rows.

The last row displayed: 10000th, Keilog, Eternal Song Race, 6.5 stars.

Lu Ze scratched his head.

As a cosmic lord civilization, the Eternal Song Race’s prodigy’s combat power was only 6.5 stars?

Didn’t that mean the one with eight stars of combat power was very absurd?

Lu Ze really wondered what that level of combat power would be.

He felt he should have seven or eight stars.

He learned the domain after all.

As the tablet appeared, the last bit of green light dissipated. The s.h.i.+eld also cracked.

Immediately, that intense battle intent was gone.

Everyone was dazed and then rejoiced.

This meant that they could go to inner palaces and search for more precious treasure.

As for the most precious… everyone looked at Lu Ze.

Was the heritage from the statue truly obtained by this guy?

His cultivation level was only at level-3 cosmic cloud state!

This was great!

This was like a kid holding a gold brick in the hood!

Before they could react, the four strongest flashed in the light. The light shot up into the air and covered the entire war domain.

Everyone immediately remembered something and showed a horrified look.

They only saw Lu Ze but forgot the four beings from cosmic monarch state civilization.

After the battle intent was gone, they had recovered to their prime too.

Now, the war domain was bound.

They were all trapped prey?

The being from the Bloodstone Race sneered. “I know you have very powerful s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art. Now that we have locked s.p.a.ce in four layers, where can you go?!”

The leader’s face from the Abyssal Race was cold. “I say you must die!”

Thunder flashed in the eyes of the leader from the Abstruse Lightning Race, watching Lu Ze. “Hand over the heritage, and perhaps, we may let you live.”

The leader from the One-Armed Race opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he realized everything was already said by the other three. Therefore, he said, “Yeah, that’s right!”

Lu Ze grinned.

He wondered how strong they were.

He didn’t know how much difference there was between their combat power.

But it was fine, he could test it now.

Soon, a few beams shot over at Lu Ze.

It was Nangong Jing and the other girls.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Are you okay?”

Lu Ze smiled. “What can happen to me?”

If they didn’t come over, he would’ve gone up and fought already.

On the side, Nangong Jing looked at the four cosmic monarch state team leaders from a distance. She was a little eager to try. “So when do we start fighting?”

Everyone was thinking.


Lily and Louisa were pale-faced.

They still had to end up fighting cosmic monarch state bosses!

A bit of blood flashed in the eyes of the Bloodstone Race, staring at Lu Ze. “So you didn’t come alone!”

The strongest two females were level-3 cosmic cloud states. The other three were level-2 cosmic cloud states!

Were their combat powers all this strong?!

However, the Abyssal Race looked at Lily and Louisa and frowned.

At this moment, a few beings from the Advanced Demon Race came to him.

Burberry and Lucia bowed. “Lord Heizilite.”

Heizilite looked at Lily and said, “Burberry, are those two your enemies. What race were they?”

After the atmosphere fell silent, Burberry laughed dryly and said, “Yes, they’re our deadly enemy, the Elf Race.”

The four cosmic monarch state races frowned.

Why were the prodigies of cosmic lord civilization with the cosmic realm state civilization?

Was this monster from the cosmic lord civilization?

The being from the Bloodstone Race looked at Burberry. “Do you know which race they are from?”

Burberry shook his head. “Lord, I’ve never seen this race…”

Just when they were doubting about Lu Ze’s origin, Nangong Jing couldn’t hold back. “Hey, are you going to fight or not?!”


The being from the Bloodstone Race snarled. “Whatever, kill! Leave that male alive. Kill the rest!”