Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1177 - Poor

Chapter 1177 - Poor

Chapter 1177 Poor

At this moment, the four cosmic monarch states roared and spirit force flashed around them.

Powerful chi surged. With this, their speed shot up as they kept flying forward.

More powerful beings also unleashed their powers to resist the battle intent. After using G.o.d art, everyone’s face became much better.

Moments later, fewer teams around Lu Ze and the girls went deeper.

Those teams that stayed varied in power. Some were peak cosmic cloud states, and some were just level-4 cosmic cloud states.

Lu Li’s and Alice’s faces were pale.

Lu Ze asked worriedly, “Li, Alice, can you guys continue?”

Lu Li and Alice nodded.

Then, a dark mist chi surged around Lu Li. It wrapped around her like a gentle veil.

Meanwhile, water-like blue liquid surrounded Alice, emitting this terrifying high temperature.

As her power grew, Alice’s source flame was awakening to a further extent. Her control over it had also greatly improved.

Under the same cultivation level, Alice’s source flame was much stronger than Lu Li’s Darkness G.o.d Art.

Their faces seemed better after using G.o.d art.

Alice grinned and said, “Senior, G.o.d art can effectively defend against the battle intent.”

Lu Ze smiled.He wasn’t surprised.

This battle intent was in essence a type of G.o.d art.

“Then, let’s continue.”

The group kept flying deeper. Soon, Lin Ling and Louisa had to use their G.o.d arts.

After another while, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha also unleashed their G.o.d art.

Even Lu Ze felt the shackles were becoming extremely heavy.

Lily was in a slightly better state than Lu Ze.

They were a third of the way to the statue.

Meanwhile, the four cosmic monarch civilization beings were only a quarter of the distance from the statue. But even though they unleashed their full power, they were still moving slowly.

Only twenty other teams were not too far from Lu Ze.

Some of these teams were stronger than other teams. Their leaders were cosmic realm states.

The Advanced Demon Race was among them.

They had naturally noticed Lu Ze and his girls. A gleam of cold light flashed in Lucia’s eyes. “The Elf Princess? I didn’t expect that she’s here.”

Burberry on the side glanced at Lu Ze and several people on the side. “Who are those beings? Are they with the Elf Race?” Lucia shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen them before. But… this is a good opportunity. Can we behead the Elf Princess now?”

After a moment, Burberry shook his head. “Let’s play it steady. Finding treasure in the ruin is the most important thing. We can ask the Abyssal Race Lords later to attack. Only then would things be infallible!”

Lucia nodded.

To be honest, even though the two of them were cosmic realm states, they weren’t 100% confident in capturing an Elf Princess who just wants to run.

He grinned. “With her talent, she is probably a cosmic realm state. Losing a cosmic realm state super prodigy would be very heartbreaking for the Elf Race.”

Burberry and the rest grinned.

Lu Ze and the girls noticed their killing intent.

He smiled. “Lily, it seems they’re on to you.”

Lily rolled her eyes. She didn’t need him to state the obvious.

However, she didn’t mind their killing intent at all. With Lu Ze and the girls, they might be able to counter-attack instead.

Her only worry now was the Abyssal Race.

If they intervened, she really wasn’t confident at all.

She looked at the calm face of Lu Ze and felt a little confident.

She chose to believe them. The being behind Lu Ze was indeed very powerful.

He was at least peak cosmic monarch state or even cosmic lord according to the Elf Queen.

There was no way Lu Ze didn’t have life-saving means.

The group kept flying forward.

Soon, even Lu Ze and Lily couldn’t handle it and used their G.o.d arts.

Lily used Life G.o.d Art while Lu Ze used Body G.o.d Art.

He immediately felt the weakening of the pressure.

The group kept going forward and came to 1/3 of the place.

Lu Li’s and Alice’s mastery of their G.o.d art was rather high and easily resisted the battle intent.

However, Louisa’s Wood G.o.d Art was beginning to become unstable.

She said, “I can’t keep going forward. I’ll search for treasure here. You guys continue forward.”

She felt defeated looking at Lu Li and Alice. She was a level-6 cosmic cloud state!

They were only level-2 cosmic cloud states.

Lily hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ll stay with you.”

Other beings would stay here too. It was too dangerous for Louisa to be alone.

Louisa shook her head. “Princess, you should go deeper.”

There are more precious treasures there that would benefit the entire Elf Race. How can Lily stay for her?

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, don’t worry.”

He took out a level-5 cosmic cloud state super fire wolf summoning crystal.

He gave it to Louisa and smiled. “Hold this. If there’s danger, insert your spirit force in and you can summon a level-5 cosmic cloud state beast. Its combat power …” “Even those who just reached a cosmic realm state and had their power suppressed can’t do anything to you.”

Lily and Louisa were dumbfounded.

A level-5 cosmic cloud state beast can fight someone who just reached cosmic realm state?! What is this…

When they looked at the roaring fire wolf, their skin crawled.

What was this?!

Was this the trump card given to them by the big man behind Lu Ze?

Louisa was hesitant. She definitely wanted it, but this thing was too precious. She might not even be able to afford it even if she sold herself.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Just take it. I have a lot of these. Just split us half the treasure you find here.”

Lily was speechless.

Louisa was speechless too.

They were really poor compared to Lu Ze.