Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1176 - Ancient War Race, Tower of War

Chapter 1176 - Ancient War Race, Tower of War

Chapter 1176 Ancient War Race, Tower of War

The Bloodstone Race grinned. “I’m not certain, but we can’t let go of a hidden ruin in the Xavier Race.”

One Single-Armed Race said, “If it’s really a war domain, there should be a Tower of War, right?”

The Abyssal Race smiled. “If that’s the case, it would be quite a fortune for us.”

Abstruse Lightning Race said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Indeed. With our power, we can activate the Tower of War. Then, I want to see what’s so great about this legendary Tower of War!”

At this moment, a distorted wormhole suddenly formed between the three planet-sized b.a.l.l.s. Blood Stone Race’s leader opened his mouth and said, “The ruin is open!”

Then, he led his men inside. “Hahaha, we’ll be going in first!”

The other three cosmic monarch state races all flew in too.

After they were gone, the rest of the teams breathed heavily.

Someone shouted, “Enter the ruin!”

This was like a stone dropped in a pond. Immediately, everyone rushed towards the wormhole.

Seeing the strong men immersed in the s.p.a.ce wormhole, Lu Ze smiled and said, “Let’s go in too.”

They followed the other teams and entered the wormhole.

Then, they appeared in this other dimension. They immediately felt that there were strings of battle intent surging in this dimension. It made them feel quite not used to it.

At the same time, exclaims sounded.

“What is this dimension?! What’s this intense battle intent?”

“Such a powerful battle intent! Such a powerful suppression!”

Hearing the exclamation of everyone, Lu Ze and the girls raised a brow.

He scanned around. This dimension didn’t seem to be big. He could see the barrier of s.p.a.ce with his eyes. It was less than one light-year.

The entire dimension was laid with green stones at the bottom. There were golden-green palaces erected everywhere. There were also planetary-sized rocks floating in the air. There were also palaces on those rocks.

In the center of the dimension, there was a green statue that was larger than a star.

It was of a giant wearing armor. His face was obscure, but he was holding a spear and roaring

Just by looking at the giant, he felt this sky-shocking battle intent.

Lu Ze quickly looked away.

“Such powerful battle intent!”

Lu Ze didn’t dare to believe that just a statue had such powerful battle intent.

The girls also looked around.

Nangong Jing’s eyes flashed with excitement. “Such powerful battle intent! I want to fight!”

Qiuyue Hesha rolled her eyes.

She said nothing and just looked around in shock.

“What is this battle intent?”

Lily had been here before. “I don’t know, but the battle intent here is very intense. The deeper you go into the center, the more intense it is. Last time, our people weren’t even able to reach a third of the distance, and we couldn’t go any further. If we try to forcibly go further, the battle is enough to crush someone.”

While Lu Ze and the girls were shocked, a burst of excited laughter suddenly sounded from a distance.

A being from the Single Arm Race laughed. “Hahaha! This powerful battle intent! It’s the war domain for sure!”

Another one smiled. “The Xavier Race is indeed an Ancient War Race. This battle intent is indeed terrifying!”

One from the Blood Stone Race said, “Stop talking, opening the Tower of War is more important!”

Hearing this, the four cosmic monarch state races all flew to the statue.

They were clearly affected by the intense battle intent too. They didn’t fly very fast. When they got closer and closer to the statue, they slowed down. Lu Ze asked Lily, “Lily what is the Tower of War?”

Lily shook her head. “I don’t really know either.”

A lot of other races were confused.

Only a small portion of them gasped and breathed heavily.

“This is the legendary war domain?!”

“Hahaha, we made it!”

“As long as we pa.s.s the trial, we can get quite some rewards!”

“What is the war domain?” one race asked.

Those who knew the situation were stunned, but seeing how so many other races were looking at them, they quickly explained. “There are some special regions in the Xavier Ancient Ruin. These regions are filled with battle intent. Some of these regions would have a Tower of War. If you can activate it, you can acquire treasure through the trials in the tower. This region is the war domain.”

“There’s no war domain in the Bloodstone City Region. We only happened to hear this from people in another region. It’s said that the war domain contains a part of the truth as to why the Xavier Race was annihilated.”

Everyone gasped.

They didn’t care at all why the race was annihilated. They cared about the treasure.

“What is the Ancient Battle Race?” someone asked.

Those people who answered questions didn’t know either.

Everyone started heading to the palace or floating planets.

Lu Ze looked at some people who entered the outermost palace and some who went inner.

At this moment, Nangong Jing watched Lu ze and asked, “What do we do, Ze?”

Lu Ze looked at Lily. “Lily, how were the palaces last time you came here?”

Lily answered, “The deeper palaces have better treasures. Last time, there were very few people, so we went in from the outskirts. I feel this time, we should just go straight in.”

Lu Ze and the other girls nodded.

As they headed deeper, they felt stronger pressure.

Lu Ze felt that his body was shackled.

Some teams in front of them couldn’t keep flying anymore and fell.

At the very front were the four cosmic monarch state beings.

They were half the distance from the statue, but they were moving very slowly.