Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1178 - Eat Some Pill?!

Chapter 1178 - Eat Some Pill?!

Chapter 1178 Eat Some Pill?!

After some silence, Louisa didn’t object.

She nodded. “In that case, I’ll take it.”

Lily also said, “Thank you so much. We’ll definitely split half of whatever Louisa finds for you.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Louisa flew off and went into a palace.

Lu Ze looked at the other teams. They were missing quite a few people too. Clearly, those weaker team members split off to find treasure.

This included the Advanced Demon Race’s side.

After Lu Ze and the girls left, Lucia and Burberry looked at the palace where Louisa entered, their eyes flashed with cold light.

One female advanced demon said, “Lord Burberry, how about we go in and kill that elf first?”

Burberry said, “Quinton and the others just went down. There should be no problem dealing with a level-6 cosmic cloud state elf. There won’t be any problem. We just need to keep our eyes on the Elf Princess.” She was the most important. Even if all the others got away, the Elf Princess had to die!

Everyone nodded and kept flying towards the statue.

As they went deeper, the battle intent was growing stronger. Lu Ze and the girls could even hear roars suddenly sounding next to them.

These roars carried great mental force pressure and were used directly on the soul. These made their battle intent boil up too.

Nangong Jing’s eyes had turned golden, and she seemed to want to fight at any moment.

When they were a third of the way there, a lot of peak cosmic cloud states could no longer go in and landed to search for treasure.

This was the same for the Advanced Demon Race. The demonic chi around him seemed to be about to crack at any moment.

“Lord Burberry, Lucia, I probably can’t go in anymore.”

Lucia took a deep breath and nodded. “Then, you can go search for treasures here too. The two of us will keep going deeper.” This demon flew off.

Burberry on the side looked at the elf from the Advanced Demon Race who left and said, “I believe there’s only the Elf Princess left on their side… what?!”

He looked at the others and saw that all those other races were there?!

Lucia exclaimed. “How is this possible?!”

The battle here was already very terrifying.

The weakest here was only level-8 cosmic cloud state but those beings were level-3 cosmic cloud state at strongest. One of them was a kid too! None of them showed any clear sign of weakness.

How did they do it?

The other races also noticed this.

Their cultivation level was so low, but their chi was frighteningly strong.

More importantly, they seemed so casual under such powerful pressure?!

Lily twitched the corners of her mouth. Her eyes flashed with a slight vigilance, and she said, “It seems you guys have caught others’ attention.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “It’s fine, we’ll just continue.”

Nangong Jing’s eyes flashed with war intent and grinned. “I wonder if they would attack us?”

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Lily was a little worried at first, but after looking at Lu Ze, she calmed down a lot and said, “They probably won’t. There are so many resources here. They won’t start a conflict with us yet.”

Indeed, everyone kept flying forward.

However, their speed was also slowing down.

Upon reaching halfway, Lily flashed with green light. Clearly, she couldn’t hold on anymore. She frowned. “I can only get here.”

She looked at Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Their chi fluctuated, but they still seemed fine. Lin Ling looked pale-faced, but she could still hold on. Lu Ze looked like he was completely fine.

Only Lu Li and Alice seemed to be struggling a lot.

These monsters…

She was the cosmic realm state okay?!

Lu Ze and the girls stopped.

Lu Ze glanced at Lu Li and Alice, who were a bit pale, and said, “Li, Alice, how about you stay with Lily here?”

Lu Li and Alice nodded.

Alice smiled and said, “Be careful, Senior.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Nangong Jing clenched her fist and said, “Don’t worry, you know how strong we are.”

Qiuyue Hesha pinched Alice’s face. “Be careful and don’t run around. Stay with Lily.”

Alice nodded.

Even Ying Ying waved her little hands to them.

Ying Ying seemed very interested in this place.

Lily smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I will take care of Alice and Lu Li. Then, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling continued off.

The rest of the beings who saw them were very confused.

“What’s going on with those people?!” “They’re clearly so weak, but they could withstand such a powerful battle will?”

Lucia and Burberry were looking at Lu Ze and the girls in disbelief.

The demonic chi around Lucia was already very dim.

“What race are they? How come I’ve never heard of them before?”

Burberry said, “I don’t know.”

“From the looks of it, the power behind them is probably close to the cosmic monarch state.”

Lucia nodded with a sullen face. “I can’t continue forward.”

Burberry nodded. “Stay here and watch the Elf Princess. Don’t let her get away.”

Burberry took a breath and kept going.

He was much stronger than Lucia.

After flying a short distance, Burberry’s face went pale.

He glared at Lu Ze and the girls.

“d.a.m.n it!”

He was a level-2 cosmic realm state, but he couldn’t beat those level-3 cosmic cloud state people?!”

He wanted to go up and beat them up.

Did they take some drugs?!

He gritted his teeth and fell.

A lot of people stopped too.

Soon, there were only the beings from the cosmic monarch state remaining.