Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1175 - War Domain

Chapter 1175 - War Domain

Chapter 1175 War Domain

Lu Ze took out the crystals in his mental force dimension and unsealed them.

There were 13 fire wolf equipment crystals, two super fire wolf equipment crystals, six cosmic cloud state level-2 and level-3 super beast summoning crystals, a level-4 ruby scorpion summoning crystal, a level-4 super fire wolf summoning crystal, and a level-6 super eagle summoning crystal.

Seeing this, Lu Ze was stunned.

Who was strong enough to kill a level-6 cosmic cloud state super eagle?!

Even he couldn’t beat it.

The girls were also dumbfounded.

Lu Ze asked, “Who killed it?”

Alice blushed. “I did.”

The girls were in disbelief.

The corners of Lin Ling’s mouth twitched as a look of surprise dawned on her face. “Alice, how did you do it?”

This beast’s power was at the cosmic realm state!

Seeing how surprised and curious a few people were, Alice smiled embarra.s.sedly and said, “When I was searching, I found a heavily injured level-6 cosmic cloud state super golden lightning eagle. It was almost dead when I saw it, so I killed it with no problem.”

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

Lu Ze then began to wonder if Alice had natural luck.

They had been around in the desert for so long. They had never encountered a heavily injured level-6 cosmic cloud state super beast unless it was during the overlord battles. Yet, she found one immediately.

Lin Ling couldn’t accept it. “I clearly survived till the end…”

Alice still won with this overwhelming luck.

Lu Ze shook his head. He counted the other stuff.

He was only missing a leg guard for the super fire wolf set. He also activated a fire s.h.i.+eld ability.

It could stop the attack of a peak cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze grinned. His combat power increased once again. After splitting the stuff off, they began to cultivate.

Lu Ze used the learning boosting items and revised his experiments in the Pocket Hunting Dimension again. He found his mistakes and remembered them, so he could change it up in the Pocket Hunting Dimension tomorrow.

Three hours later, Lu Ze began learning the Lightning Ball Divine Art.

In the next three days, they kept heading to the ruins.

On the second day, Lu Ze’s divine art fusion was becoming more and more successful.

The girls seemed to be addicted to solo hunting, and they split off every time.

It was more dangerous, but it was very beneficial to them.

Lily and Louisa became more heavy-hearted as they neared the ruin. After all, powerful races such as the Abyssal Race even came.

One mistake and they would lose their lives.

Three days later, Lu Ze and the girls flashed in silver and appeared. Lily looked around. “It’s not far ahead.”

Lu Ze and the girls realized this too as they sensed quite a lot of chis nearby.

The weakest was a cosmic cloud state, and there were plenty of peak cosmic cloud states.

No cosmic system states dared to die here.

Lu Ze asked, “Where is that ruin?”

Lily said, “It’s about two light-years away above this huge basin.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze raised his eyebrows. “Then, I won’t use s.p.a.ce transmission. Let’s go over there slowly.” Two light-years were too close for cosmic cloud states.

Everyone nodded.

They concealed their chi and headed towards that valley Lily spoke off.

There was much chi ahead. There were a few hundred teams.

Three of the teams were extremely powerful.

One of them was the Abyssal Race.

The other two teams were on par with them. Three cosmic monarch state civilizations!

Lily frowned in disbelief. “Three cosmic monarch state civilizations came?!”

What could they get then?

Plus, there were a few hundred cosmic cloud states and cosmic realm state civilizations.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Lu Ze said, “Let’s go over carefully.”

Soon, they saw an enormous canyon. Above it was three planet-sized b.a.l.l.s floating. s.p.a.ce was distorted there, and a new world seemed to be about to open.

Teams flew in the air outside the canyon.

There were tens of thousands of miles between each team.

One was from the Abyssal Race with lavender thunder arcs flas.h.i.+ng all over the body. Another had purple skin and was flickering with lightning, a hunchback, and some frail faces. The last team had bucky hands but no legs. Their heads were hideous.

These three races looked at each other with vigilance.

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s stay behind.”

Lu Ze wasn’t scared of these three races. But their superficial power wasn’t strong, it would cause trouble going to the very front.

Then, they waited for the ruin.

All the nearby beasts fled away from all these powerful chi.

At this moment, a tear opened in s.p.a.ce and five four-meter tall figures came out.

They seemed to be golems made of bloodstones.

Their chi was very powerful. The leading golem was nearly five meters tall, and his chi was stronger than even the leaders of the three cosmic monarch state teams.

The leading golem complained, “d.a.m.n, the s.p.a.ce here is really tough. I almost couldn’t come out!”

The three teams at the front showed serious expressions.

“Blood Stone Race?! You guys are here too!”

The bloodstone leader smiled. “Abyssal Race, Abstruse Lightning Race, Single Arm Race. You guys are here too?”

The leading Abyssal Race frowned. “Even you guys are here. It seems this place really is a war domain?”