Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 116 - Kid, I’m Here

Chapter 116 - Kid, I’m Here

Chapter 116: Kid, I’m Here


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the early morning, the chirping sounds of some unknown birds can be heard from outside the window. A warm ray of sunlight and a light breeze entered the room.

The sun shone softly on Lu Ze’s handsome face, making him frown.

The spirit chi in the void was dragged into his body non-stop, eventually filling his body up. Every cell was filled with the waves of spirit force.

Then, Lu Ze opened his eyes. The green light flashed, and flames burned at the bottom of his eyes.

He slowly exhaled. His breath carried some scorching chi, as though containing some sparks.

He clenched his hands and felt the power circulating in his body. Lu Ze smiled.

He opened his hands. Flames burned on the left hand while the wind circulated on the right hand.

Then, the flames from the left hand turned into a red flowing light and fused with the wind in his right hand.

The fusion process was very natural.

Then, the flame grew bigger with the breeze of the wind. Gradually, it enveloped Lu Ze’s entire hand.

The wind and the fire seemed to be entwined. They relied on each other and empowered each other.

It had been 20 days since he was burned to ash by that horned lion.

Now, Lu Ze had improved in all aspects, whether it was the body, spirit force, mental force, G.o.d art, or technique. He didn’t leave anything behind.

At this moment, his combat power had reached core martial state level two.

That didn’t count his explosive power when he fused wind and fire G.o.d art.

A month ago, Lu Ze’s combat power was only abstruse martial state level two.

A month later, his combat power improved a whole big state!

Although Lu Ze was a spirit body now, this improvement was still a bit absurd.

The flame disintegrated, and the wind dispersed. Lu Ze got up and stretched his back.

He looked at the clear sky and raised his lips. There was some antic.i.p.ation in his eyes.

Today, Nangong Jing was coming to pick him up.

He was about to head to the battlefield!

There definitely was anxiety.

That was the battlefield. There would be bodies everywhere. Lives meant nothing, and if one weren’t strong enough, it would be a place of no return.

But Lu Ze still had some antic.i.p.ation.

According to what Merlin said, he could become a second lieutenant with his current power as long as he had the military merit to back it up.

Of course, being a student, he would only have a position with no authority.

According to Merlin, students usually went to regions that weren’t too intense. Usually, there wouldn’t be planetary states.

Plus, he was just a new uni student, his missions would definitely be rather easy. With his power, it should be pretty easy to stay alive if he stayed cautious.

Lu Ze went to the bathroom, cleaned himself, and proceeded downstairs.

Downstairs, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, and Lu Li were already waiting for him.

The food was ready on the table. Fu Shuya looked at him in a complicated manner. “Good boy, you’ve really made up your mind?”

Fu Shuya and Lu Wen knew that Lu Ze was going to the battlefield, wherein there was always death. Fu Shuya was worried.

But her boy had grown up. He made his own decision, and she decided to respect that.

Lu Ze grinned. “Mhm, don’t worry, Mother. Your son is a man who can come and go as he pleases in the insectoids tide. The small battlefield is nothing.”

Lu Wen sneered, “Although I heard your power is quite strong, don’t get c.o.c.ky. The fastest to die on the battlefield are those ignorant new recruits like you—”

Before Lu Wen even finished, Fu Shuya instantly subjugated him, “My good boy is leaving, can’t you say something nice??”

Lu Wen’s mouth spasmed. He was clearly reminding Lu Ze.

Could he be blamed?

Seeing his dad feeling wronged, Lu Ze felt happy.


His dad always had a thing against him. Now, karma got him.

But, he nodded genuinely towards his dad’s teachings. “I know. I will be careful.”

Seeing Lu Ze nod, Lu Wen breathed easy. Although he didn’t show it, it didn’t mean he wasn’t worried.

Lu Li also looked worriedly at him. “Lu Ze, you must be careful.”

Lu Ze hesitated slowly and looked at Lu Li. He smiled and nodded, “Mhm, don’t worry.”

“Okay, have your breakfast. Your teacher is coming in the morning right? See if you have left anything behind. Pack your things, don’t let your teacher wait.”

Fu Shuya said as everyone began eating.

After breakfast, Fu Shuya started checking Lu Ze’s belongings.

Half an hour later, Fu Shuya nodded happily after ensuring nothing was left behind.

At this moment, Merlin and Alice came in.

Alice came to Lu Ze and smiled. “Senior schoolmate, the battlefield is dangerous. You must be careful.”

With a smile, Lu Ze replied, “Don’t worry.”

Merlin said, “Kid, as long as you don’t get too c.o.c.ky on the battlefield, you’ll be fine with your power.”

Lu Ze nodded and looked seriously at Merlin. “Thank you for your teaching, Uncle.”

Without Merlin’s teaching, he would never progress that fast.

Seeing how serious Lu Ze was, Merlin was stunned.


He didn’t expect that the unreliable Lu Ze still had a serious side to him. Then, he nodded and smiled, “You’re a prodigy of the human race. I should teach you. Plus…”

Merlin didn’t say it, but the rest of them knew, except Lu Wen and Fu Shuya.

The two were too weak. It was no good letting them know.

Merlin looked at Lu Ze. “Don’t weaken the honor of the human race at the battlefield!”

Lu Ze grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll give those aliens an eye-opener.”

Merlin nodded with satisfaction.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s phone rung. Lu Ze took it out and saw it was a message from ‘Iron Fist Judgement’: “Kid, I’m here.”

Lu Ze was surprised and looked around but found no s.h.i.+p landing in the yard. At this moment, a figure jumped down from the sky into the yard.

Seeing this, everyone came to the yard.

It was Nangong Jing.

She had the same exquisite face from the video call. A slightly raised eyebrow, tall figure, long black hair, and brown casuals with an ordinary pair of jeans.

She still looked a little tipsy