Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 117 - Gifts

Chapter 117 - Gifts

Chapter 117: Gifts


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

When the crowd walked out of the gate, Nangong Jing looked over tipsily.

However, when she saw the golden-haired Merlin, she blinked her eyes in a daze.

Then, Alice smiled and waved her hand, “Sister Jing, long time no see!”

Nangong Jing looked over and saw Alice’s familiar smile and blue hair. She was suddenly excited and immediately woke up from her tipsy state.

She scratched her head with some embarra.s.sment and nodded at Merlin and Alice. “Uncle Merlin, Alice, what are you guys doing here? Long time no see.”

Merlin nodded. “It’s been five years right? I didn’t expect to see you here today. Jing, you haven’t changed at all.”

Alice smiled too. “Did Sister Jing just finish drinking?”

Nangong Jing’s mouth spasmed. Her awkwardness grew deeper.


As a high-level spirit chef, of course, Merlin stored quite some beautiful wine.

Before, she even tried to get Alice to steal some precious wines from Merlin, so she could taste them.

But at that time, Alice was only 11 years old, so she ran to Merlin to directly ask him.

She still remembered how Merlin looked at her after her plan failed.

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya saw that Merlin and Alice seemed to know Nangong Jing and blinked their eyes. With a smile, Lu Wen asked, “Brother Merlin, you guys know each other?”

Merlin nodded. “Our two families are very close.”

The family relations at the top of the human race were usually very close. After all, their main target was for the human race to get stronger and survive better in the universe.

Although there might be some compet.i.tion in resources, everyone helped each other all in all.

When the source flame of Alice backlashed, the powerful beings of several other families helped. Nangong family helped the most.

Then, Nangong Jing glanced at Lu Ze and then looked at Merlin. She pointed her finger at Lu Ze in shock. “Uncle Merlin, this kid is your disciple?”

Merlin spoke, “No, I just taught him for a few days. My disciples are Alice and Lu Li.”

Merlin then pointed at Alice and Lu Li.

It was best that Lu Ze stayed as far away from him as possible.

Lu Ze: “???”

He was beaten up so many times, and now, he was just abandoned like that?

But Merlin still said, “Be careful when you guys go to the battlefield.”

Even prodigies needed to go to the battlefield.

How could one grow to a real powerhouse without experiencing interstellar warfare?

Without experiencing war, how could one understand the harshness of the universe and protect the human race?

The prodigies prepared by the schools aren’t for show. They need to be responsible for the future of the human race.

Therefore, people needed to serve the military after graduating the university.

Most human race prodigies chose to join the military or become adventurers to explore the vast outposts of the milky way galaxy. Some choose to join other departments.

Of course, there are some who choose to join corporations or become the protectorate of a family after military service.

But once the situation became serious for the human race, all of the powerful beings needed to enter the battlefield unconditionally.

If one died during the war, the human race had the best welfare system to look after such a person’s family.

Nangong Jing nodded. “I will look after him.”

On the battlefield, prodigies had no special treatment. Everything was done in terms of military merit.

Even a planetary state would have no commanding authority if he was a new recruit.

Otherwise, one mistake and countless soldiers would die.

They were students, and this was their entrance test, so it was better.

The danger was very low.

With Nangong Jing’s promise, Merlin nodded.

The atmosphere fell silent. Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Lu Li, and Alice looked at Lu Ze with some worry.

Feeling this, Lu Ze scratched his head and smiled. “I’m going. Don’t worry, I will call back.”

With the current technology level, quantum communication was enough to provide coverage in the entire galaxy. Some higher-level civilizations even had the method to communicate throughout the entire universe, but that wasn’t something the human race could understand.


Lu Wen nodded and didn’t speak.

Fu Shuya’s eyes were teary. This was the first time her child was leaving alone, and it was the battlefield. No mother could feel rest a.s.sured.

She nodded and touched Lu Ze’s face, “Good boy, you must stay safe.”

Lu Ze nodded and grinned. “Don’t worry, I promise I’ll come back safe.”

Lu Li flicked her long hair and said, “Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze looked over with confusion. “Hmm?”

Her eyes flashed as she looked away with embarra.s.sment. She then took out a cute doll.

The doll was round like a ball. It was black and white and looked quite cute.

Lu Ze looked at the familiar shape, and his mouth spasmed.

Oh my!

It was a panda!

Lu Ze glanced at Lu Li with a strange look. “This is?”

Lu Li blushed from Lu Ze’s gaze before eventually saying with annoyance, “Apparently, this is the national treasure of a country called China during the Earth era. It can bring good luck. Don’t you think it’s cute?”

This was her most treasured doll. What was his look?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Sensing Lu Li’s annoyance, he quickly nodded. “It’s cute, very cute!”

He just didn’t expect a girl like Lu Li would like dolls.

Lu Li handed the panda doll over and looked up at Lu Ze. “I hope this can bring you good luck.”

Seeing her genuine look, Lu Ze took it and nodded. “I will look after it.”

Lu Li nodded and spoke very softly, “Mhm, have a safe trip brother.”

“Mhm, don’t worry.”

Then, Alice took out a blue storage ring and gave it to Lu Ze. She smiled and said, “Senior schoolmate, this is my gift!”

Lu Ze: “???”

Was she that wealthy??

Giving storage rings?

And, giving a ring felt strange.

It wasn’t just Lu Ze. Everyone else looked strangely at Alice.

Merlin especially, his face changed.

He felt his precious daughter was getting further and further away from him.

Alice smiled. “Senior schoolmate likes good food. It’s my spirit food. You can take it out and eat.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. Feeling touched, he looked at Alice as he took the storage ring. “Thank you, Alice!”

Indeed, Alice was very caring!

Seeing how touched Lu Ze was when he heard spirit food, everyone was speechless.

Even Nangong Jing was speechless.

From the broadcast during the graduation trial, she knew this kid was a foodie. She just didn’t expect it to be this absurd.

Lu Ze smiled. “I’m going then.”

Everything was packed. Lu Ze also gave all the energy b.a.l.l.s of the rabbits and green wolves to Lu Li and Alice. It was enough for quite a while. The next time he came back would be a few months later. He would bring them more light orbs.

Everyone nodded and stopped talking.

Then, Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing who stood there waiting with her hands in her pockets. “Ms. Nangong, let’s go. Where’s the flying s.h.i.+p?”

Nangong Jing smiled. “You can fly, right? Keep up.”

Then, a gleam of golden light flashed across her body, and she flew up.

Lu Ze also flew up with her.

Seeing the two leave, everyone fell silent for a while before going back to their own things.