Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 115 - Causing Extreme Discomfort

Chapter 115 - Causing Extreme Discomfort

Chapter 115: Causing Extreme Discomfort


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Five pillars of flame rose up in the gra.s.sy plains. Lu Ze, who was surrounded in the middle, sweated.

It was really hot!

Red flames burned in the bottom of his eyes. Then, the five flame pillars eased up a little.

But even so, Lu Ze still frowned.

It wasn’t easy trying to interfere with five red lions at the same time.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed as a crystal color shone. A green light flashed, and thrice the power was opened, entering his strongest state in an instant.

Due to frequent use of the strength G.o.d art, the pain in his body was becoming more noticeable.

Every part was painful.

But since he was surrounded by five evils, he couldn’t give up.

He would charge first!

If he couldn’t beat them, then he would run!

Sensing terrifying power coming from Lu Ze’s skinny body, the five lions became cautious.


The flames from the lions turned into fireb.a.l.l.s and shot at Lu Ze.

A green light flashed, and Lu Ze instantly charged into the sky, dodging the fireball strikes.

Ten, terrifying explosion sounded behind him. When Lu Ze turned around, there was nearly a hundred-meter large crater at where he was.

Oh my!

The five fireball jutsu was this terrifying!

Quant.i.ty changes resulted in qualitative changes!

Before Lu Ze finished sighing, five flame claws struck down at him.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. His body sunk, and he instantly appeared on the ground.

Facing these lions, who had extremely powerful long-range attacks, he might as well stay on the ground and run if he couldn’t fly extremely high.

But if he did fly high…

Lu Ze couldn’t resist thinking about the green wolf that was picked up like a bug by the huge golden eagle.


Erm… never mind… staying alive was more important.

If he really encountered the golden eagle, he wouldn’t even be able to run.

The instant Lu Ze landed, red flames flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the flame pillar of the lion nearest to him shook. It became unstable.

It was hard to interfere with five at once but just interfering one was clearly effective.

Lu Ze tapped on the ground as his body turned into the wind, disappearing from the spot. When he appeared again, he was at the left stomach of a red lion.

He clenched his right fist into a punch and just planned to punch out when he felt this scorching heat from his own left.

He glanced and found that the nearest lion to this one had appeared next to him. It slapped at him with a huge flame claw.

Feeling the terrifying power from the claw, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.


This teamwork was over the line.

His attack was clearly surprising, but the lions knew such tactics?

That wasn’t it. He felt that the farther lions were coming over rapidly. In less than an instant, he would be surrounded again.

Lu Ze resolutely gave up attacking.

He wasn’t confident he could beat this lion to submission with one punch, but the claw from the other lion was enough to heavily injure him.

If he was heavily injured, he would be surrounded and toyed.


He was a mature hunter now!

He wouldn’t make such mistakes!

Lu Ze disappeared and once again broke free from their gang.

The only advantage Lu Ze had now was that he was faster than the lions.

As soon as he got away, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as thousands of green wind blades appeared. With the press of his palm, a few hundred struck at the other four lions while the remaining thousand attacked the lion which was furthest away from the rest.

At the same time, the fire burned in Lu Ze’s green light. The flame pillar of the main target became unstable.

Sensing the huge threat, the main lion roared in worry. The other four lions roared and used all their power trying to smash away the wind blades to help their trapped friend.


This was just the setup!

Lu Ze resisted the power vacuum of just using his full power explosively and burst out again.

His muscles were shaking. Blood seeped out from his body. Lu Ze was using every ounce of power he had.


His body followed the thousand wind blades and charged at the focused lion.

Crystal color burst around his body. The green light flashed around Lu Ze’s right hand as he punched. The green fist force struck on the red lion.

There was the sound of bones cracking. The lion wailed as his body was carried in the air, by the huge force forming an arc, and fell heavily tens of meters away.

Lu Ze coughed. His eyes flashed with hideousness as he once again appeared next to the heavily injured lion. Vibrant green wind blade flashed, and the red lion lost its life.

In a short instant, Lu Ze burst his power relentlessly and killed another red lion.

At this moment, the other lions finally broke free from the wind blades. Seeing their pal killed, they roared ferociously and charged at Lu Ze.

Seeing this, Lu Ze felt bitter.

One limit-breaking burst already made him feel depleted.

He quickly picked up all the light orbs and dashed.

Find a rabbit hole first!

As soon as a Lu Ze ran a few hundred meters, a terrifying pressure rushed toward his direction.

Lu Ze’s already heavily injured body spat blood from this pressure.

At this moment, a vibrant red flame landed a few hundred meters in front of Lu Ze.

Then, the flames slowly disappeared and a nearly four-meter tall, huge red lion appeared from the flames.

Its beast eyes contained flames. It had a powerful and st.u.r.dy body, as well as dense flame-like fur. There was a blood jade-like 30 centimeters horn on the top of its head. It looked very ferocious.

Looking at this lion, Lu Ze’s hairs jumped up.

Countless battles have trained his senses, and they told him this lion was extremely strong!

The four ferocious lions, who chased Lu Ze, saw this red horned lion. They immediately ran to the horned lion tamely and rubbed themselves against the lion.

Lu Ze: “???”

He blinked his eyes looking at the tame lions in disbelief.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Were these really the lions that tried to kill him?!

Subsequently, Lu Ze’s complexion changed. He glanced at the horned lion that had a thick mane. He then s.h.i.+fted his eyes to the four small lions that had no mane.

Oh my! Could this be a male lion and female lionesses??


Lu Ze looked at the domineering male lion, and his mouth spasmed.


Cough, it had quite the harem.

This must be the dream of countless men!

Suddenly, a bright red flame instantly ignited from his body.

Then, Lu Ze sunk into darkness.

When he regained his vision, he was in his room again.

Lu Ze was sweating, and his body was convulsing with pain.

This flame was so much stronger than the flames of the female lions. Even with his current body, he died on the spot.

This hatred, he will remember it!

Moments later, Lu Ze recovered slowly. He breathed, sat down, and began his cultivation.