Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1164 - What Are You Doing?!

Chapter 1164 - What Are You Doing?!

Chapter 1164 What Are You Doing?!


A pitiful howl sounded. Then, a green light spun and flew off into the distance.

This green light formed countless wind blades as it pa.s.sed above Lu Ze and shot the blades at them.


Quite some people were hit and heavily injured. Some were even killed.

Lu Ze saw that the giant using the Fist Art was sliced in half.

There were quite some wind blades heading to Lu Ze and the girls, but Lu Ze had Wind G.o.d Art Domain. Even though he didn’t use the domain, he could use the Wind G.o.d Art to change the direction of the wind blades. Therefore, all the wind blades went past them.

All the tigers left the battle and flew towards the green light. At this moment, four beams came to the battlefield. All the peak cosmic cloud states went to help their team defend against the wind blades.

Lily witnessed Lu Ze and the girls stopped it so easily, so she came over slowly.

As for those who didn’t have peak cosmic system states, there was no one to help them stop the wind blades, and they were killed by such blades.

A small portion of them used all sorts of trump cards.

When the barrage was over, only twenty people remained from those five teams. Most of them were covered in injuries.

They didn’t expect the tiger king would still attack while it was fleeing.

Just that attack made them lose 2/3 of the crowd!

It was a heavy loss!

At this moment, the Blue Yan’s leader looked at the five teams and grinned. “Okay, you guys can p.i.s.s off.”

Their faces changed as they glared at the cosmic realm state from the Blue Yan Race. “You….”

One yellow-furred monkey was about to talk, but his pal grabbed him. “Let’s leave here!” Their race wasn’t weaker than the Blue Yan Race, but the beings who came weren’t as strong as them.

They thought they could get something here with the trump cards they had.

However, that tiger king’s wind blade barrage made them use a few.

If they stayed here, they might not be able to get anything and might die instead.

They were sad and furious but chose to stay calm.

All the monkeys flew down and took their allies’ bodies before leaving.

This time, they would report to their elders when they go back to Blood Stone City.

This wasn’t over like that!

The remaining four teams did the same.

Those who could stay here were all cosmic realm state races.

The cosmic realm state from the Blue Yan Race smiled. The weaklings left.

Now… it was time to kill!

He turned to Lu Ze and the girls and snarled, “Now, it’s your time to die!”

Those beings from the Blue Yan Race were worried. Their cosmic realm state didn’t see Lu Ze’s and the girls’ power, but they did.

Just the power Qiuyue Hesha showed scared the level-8 cosmic cloud state, and that might not be her full power.

Plus, there was this Lu Ze whom they had no understanding of.

They didn’t feel victory was on their side.

Their race was arrogant, but they weren’t dumb.

The peak cosmic cloud state quickly spoke telepathically to their cosmic realm state. “Guild leader Willis! There’s a situation!”

Willis replied, “What’s up?”

“Those few people are very powerful!”

Then, he recounted what happened before and said, “Commander Willis, I suspect they are prodigies from cosmic lord civilizations. At the very least, they would be from a peak cosmic monarch state civilization.

Willis was speechless.

He felt these guys were talented before, but he didn’t expect that they were this strong.

He knew he was slightly stronger than that female cosmic realm state but not much. Therefore, the victory could only be decided from below. However, they couldn’t beat them!

They already had conflicts, so they had to kill such prodigies.

Willis didn’t know what to do, and the atmosphere fell silent. The other three team leaders were confused.

This didn’t seem like Willis at all.

Then, their team members told them what had happened.

They were all shocked.

No wonder Willis froze there.

They couldn’t win.

This was awkward. Lu Ze saw Willis freeze there and was also confused.

Did their race make an ugly pose before they fight?

The ones last time didn’t have such a fetish.

After a while, Lu Ze couldn’t bother waiting anymore. He frowned and said, “Hey you? Didn’t you say we were going to die today? Why don’t you hurry up and attack?”

Willis saw how desperate Lu Ze was, and his mouth twitched.

d.a.m.n, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was indeed very strong!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so fearless and even keen!

However, Si Lie suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Willis. His black claws sliced at his back.

Willis wanted to leave the attack range, but he wasn’t faster than Si Lie.


Si Lie’s claws tore through the black armor and reached for Willis’ body. Willis used the s.h.i.+eld to finally leave the attack range.

He appeared a few kilometers away. Blood was spilling out.

He roared. “Si Lie, what are you doing?!” They had no conflicts at all!