Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1163 - Don't Look Over!

Chapter 1163 - Don't Look Over!

Chapter 1163 Don’t Look Over!

The other tigers saw so many of their pals getting killed, and their eyes went red.


A few peak cosmic cloud state tigers roared furiously and attacked even more voraciously. Even those who were suppressing them felt a huge pressure.

The tigers also attacked other teams with greater force.


Everyone felt very wronged.

They didn’t kill those tigers!

Go find those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds if they want revenge!

But clearly, the tigers thought that they were on the same team.

Lu Ze blinked. “What happened to these tigers?”

Lu Li shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Lu Ze looked at those who were saved and smiled. “Okay, hand over half of your treasures.”

The faces of those who were saved stiffened for a moment before smiling. “Hahaha, of course. Master, we’ll give them to you now.”

“Here is half of our treasure.”

“This is ours, please check, master.”

Although they weren’t very willing, Qiuyue Hesha’s power shocked them.

They didn’t dare to run away.

Lu Ze collected the storage rings happily. There were 105 storage rings in total. Lu Ze scanned the things inside and smiled.

Although quite some of them werecosmic system state treasures, they were still very precious to the Human Race. This was a huge gain!

Lu Ze put everything away and looked at those whom he saved but didn’t dare to leave. He waved his hand.

“Okay, you guys can leave. Be careful on the way!”

Customers were everything. Lu Ze felt it was better to treat them nicer. Those people quickly thanked Lu Ze and left without turning back.

Lu Ze sighed.

These people were quite polite. Hope they will be luckier next time.

Lu Ze looked at the other teams.

Although the tigers attacked more ferociously, those remaining teams weren’t for show. They soon stopped the onslaught.

Lu Ze scanned across the battlefield. There were five teams, excluding the peak cosmic cloud state teams that remained.


They were also composed of cosmic cloud states. The strongest was even a level-8 cosmic cloud state.

They were fighting on par with the tigers. Some tigers were smacked flying from time to time. Their G.o.d arts and divine arts painted the sky vibrantly. Lu Ze and the girls didn’t have anything to do, so they enjoyed the show.

Lu Ze saw one level-8 cosmic cloud state waving his sword, and a thousand sword shadows fused into his sword. The sword was so powerful that not even a level-8 cosmic cloud state tiger dared to take it head-on.

However, this being didn’t seem to have the best mastery of this divine art and couldn’t kill tigers of his level.

Lu Ze couldn’t help but complain. “This Sword Divine Art is quite powerful, but this guy only has familiar mastery. He’s so stupid. This divine art is clearly a star state as well. He can’t even learn such a divine art. Does he just play around all day?”

Lin Ling frowned slightly and said, “Perhaps, he just got this divine art? Or he has no stronger means so he can only use this divine art?”

As a cosmic cloud state, he didn’t even have a cosmic system state divine art.

The being holding the sword heard this and was shaking with anger.

Star state divine art was already very hard to learn!

He had spent nearly 10,000 years on this divine art.

Nangong Jing nodded. “Indeed, a star state divine art is so simple. He’s a cosmic cloud state and yet, he only achieved familiar mastery. Look, the divine art almost caused a backlash. Haha…”

The man with a sword was petrified.


He almost spat blood upon hearing this, and the tiger he faced caught this opportunity and counter-attacked.

Lu Ze and the girls shook their heads. How could such a person reach the cosmic cloud state?

Nangong Jing pointed at another team. They were five-meter tall beings with dark red muscles and bone armor. “Look at that tall guy’s fist art, he’s so stupid! Cosmic system state divine art and he has only reached beginner mastery?!”

His opponent was also a level-8 cosmic cloud state tiger, but the tiger was being oppressed by him.

Lu Ze frowned. “His mastery of this Fist Divine Art is too little. He’s not using his Body G.o.d Art well.”

He could tell that this guy went in the wrong way. Alice on the side curled her lips and muttered, “Probably, even my Fist Divine Art is better than his…”

At least, she reached perfect mastery for Earth Shocking Blow.

The giant almost spat blood. His prided Spirit Turning Fist was considered worthless by those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds?

He was slightly distracted and almost caught by the tiger.

Their fists clashed, and the being fell back.

The tiger pounced forward.

It’s all those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ fault!!

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

They shook their heads.

Wherever Lu Ze and the girls looked, those cultivators there felt worried.