Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1165 - Did We Go To The Wrong Scene?

Chapter 1165 - Did We Go To The Wrong Scene?

Chapter 1165 Did We Go To The Wrong Scene?

Suddenly, the gray giant also punched heavily.


The gray fist force tore through s.p.a.ce and arrived next to Willis.

Willis didn’t expect the gray giant to attack also.


He roared furiously as he surged with black chi. He twisted and dodged that terrifying fist force.

It pa.s.sed before him. The sharp shockwave struck his body, and he almost spat blood.

Before he could breathe, a purple light struck him silently. ‘Rumble!!!

Willis formed a black s.h.i.+eld right before the attack reached him.

However, the s.h.i.+eld was crushed instantly, and the violent force struck Willis.

The combat armor around him cracked as he fell back, spraying blood everywhere. Soon, Si Lie appeared behind him again and slashed at him.


The cracked armor couldn’t stop Si Lie at all. Si Lie’s sharp claws penetrated Willis’ back thoroughly.


A cold voice sounded from Si Lie as the sharp chi surged and tore apart Willis’ body.

Willis gasped. His eyes were full of disbelief as he spat blood and organs out.

Then, his eyes faded, and his life force dissipated.

Si Lie waved, and Willis’ body fell.

The atmosphere became silent.

Lu Ze and the girls were confused.

Oh s.h.i.+t?

Did they go to the wrong scene?

Shouldn’t they be the ones fighting the Blue Yan Race?


Why did the bosses of the other teams suddenly kill Willis?

They were dumbfounded and so were the other members of Blue Yan Race.

Their guild leader… just died like that?


The peak cosmic cloud state from the Blue Yan Race roared with red eyes. “What do you mean? Why did you ambush our guild leader!”

Si Lie flung the blood off his hands and turned around.

He smiled. “Your Blue Yan Race was no match for those friends anyways. In that case, wouldn’t it be faster if we dealt with it? Why waste time?”

The Blue Yan team’s eyes were full of grief and anger.

Indeed… they were no match.

However, they could talk with peace!

The difference wasn’t that huge!

Their guild leader was stronger than the woman!

Why kill their guild leader?!

Suddenly, their eyes flashed with realization.

The fewer people there were, the more shares of the fruits everyone got.

It was just to kick their race out, so they couldn’t get a share of the resources.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

Then, the gray giant said, “Okay, time to send you guys off.”

His giant hands grabbed at someone from the Blue Yan Race. Spirit force formed two giant gray hands.


The Blue Yan Race roared in terror as the giant hands closed and wiped out their screams.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the girls felt very strange. They didn’t believe these three teams killed the Blue Yan people just for them. These teams would also get more benefits if fewer people share one-tenth of the fruits.

As for why it was the Blue Yan Race and not them, it was probably because they showed stronger power, and Si Lie and the others didn’t know their backgrounds.

These people might be thinking they were from cosmic lords or cosmic monarch state civilizations.

Si Lie smiled at Lu Ze and the girls as if he had done nothing. “It’s such an honor to encounter prodigies like you guys here. Those beings from the Blue Yan Race are really naive. I believe with your status, it would be too easy to handle them. Did we act too rashly?”

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless. This guy smiled so nicely, but he attacked so decisively. They were vigilant.

Lu Ze smiled. “Easy, we would pay some price to handle them. Now that you guys intervened, it would save us some trouble. We would need to thank you.”

If Lu Ze used a crystal, these guys would be easily dead.

Since the Blue Yan Race already provoked them, Lu Ze didn’t intend to let them live.

Si Lie and the others narrowed their eyes.


They just needed to pay a little price to get rid of the Blue Yan Race. These guys came from a big background.

Although they seemed to have killed Willis easily, it was before Willis could react.

Otherwise, even if the three of them ganged up on Willis, they might not be able to stop him from getting away.

The grey giant smiled. “Let’s not talk about this. Now that the tigers are sent off, this Green Hill Fruit Forest is ours. Let’s share it.”

They all looked at Lu Ze and the girls before falling silent.

After being silent, Si Lie smiled and said, “The Blue Yan Race had a share, but now…”

“Half of theirs can be given to you friends. Us three teams will split the remaining half, how is it?”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. They didn’t even put in any effort and could get half the share, they were embarra.s.sed.

As Lu Ze thought in his heart, he reluctantly opened his mouth and said, “In that case, we won’t be too polite.”

Si Lie and the others breathed easy. They were scared Lu Ze would get too greedy.

They didn’t want to fight Lu Ze and the girls.

The four teams picked all the fruits and split things up based on before. Lu Ze and the girls got nearly 100,000 Green Hill Fruits.

This was a cosmic cloud state spirit fruit and could increase spirit force quality! This was a huge gain.

The treasures they got from the other team couldn’t even make up one tenth of this.

After this, everyone in the team was very satisfied.

Si Lie smiled at Lu Ze and the girls and said, “Since we’ve split things up, we’ll be leaving now. See you again.”

The gray giant also smiled and said, “We’re going back to Blood Rock City.” Purple smoke beings said, “Us too.”

They didn’t feel safe keeping this much treasure on them.

What if some boss robs them! Lu Ze nodded. “In that case, goodbye.” After they left, Lu Ze asked Lily, “Where’s the Blood Rock City?”