Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1162 - Cosmic Lord Civilization Prodigy?

Chapter 1162 - Cosmic Lord Civilization Prodigy?

Chapter 1162 Cosmic Lord Civilization Prodigy?

Lu Ze looked around at the fruit forest.

Should he go pick all the fruits now?


He looked at the cat people and the other teams.

He didn’t know what trump cards they had.

And Lily wasn’t here now. If he went to pick the fruits, Lily might end up in danger.

Qiuyue Hesha on the side looked at the many racial powers who were fighting in the distance, and asked, “Ze, what should we do?”

The others were all calling for help. If they didn’t help, they would be in danger.

And there were too many tigers, they might not even be able to get away.

d.a.m.n it! It’s all those cowards’ fault!

Lu Ze suddenly had a great idea. He said, “If you want us to save you, that’s fine.”

The others rejoiced, “Friends, thank you! The Pigeon Race will consider you as a VIP!” “Same as the Cell Race!”

Compared to their lives, saying some nice words was nothing.

Lu Ze grinned. The guys didn’t even mention giving anything to them.

Lu Ze grinned. “If you want us to save you, hand over half of your treasure.”

Since they couldn’t go get the Green Hill Fruits, they had to get something elsewhere.

When everyone heard this, those compliments disappeared.

Everyone cursed in their hearts.

However, the tigers’ attacks were still heavy. As more and more people got injured, their pressure was getting heavier.

Some beings were considering leaving with their trump cards.

However, after they left, their race members wouldn’t be able to leave.

The four peak cosmic cloud state squads looked at Lu Ze and the girls with envy.

They hadn’t cleared quite some tigers yet and would be missing out on this.

At this moment, one dark silver level-3 cosmic cloud state called, “Friend, we’re willing to give half our treasure for our lives!”

He was facing two level-3 cosmic cloud state tigers and was bloodied.

If he was alone, he was confident in running away, but next to him was twenty or his race. Their weakest was only a cosmic cloud state!

They wouldn’t even be able to run away in such a situation.

These fellow race members were all the young prodigies of the Silicon Silver Race. If they died here, his race would suffer a heavy blow.

He regretted coming to this.

Lu Ze grinned. “Done deal.”

He looked at Qiuyue Hesha. “Hesha, you go.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded and pink light flashed in her eyes. Nearly 100 tigers froze in the air. All their chi became chaotic and their life force disappeared.

Everyone gasped at Qiuyue Hesha. Level-3 Cosmic cloud state?!

Was she really a level-3 cosmic cloud state?!

How did she do it?

Qiuyue Hesha waved her hand and all the bodies flew towards them. Alice collected them all.

The others were dazed and looked at the tigers.

Were they some sort of treasure? Lu Ze came to the silicon silver being and asked, “Are you alright?”

The being quickly replied, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Lu Ze nodded. “In that case, make your payment. Half of everyone’s loot. Don’t think about playing tricks. If I find out, you will all die.”

The Silicon Silver Race’s smile froze.

I knew this person wasn’t that kind-hearted!

However, he still smiled. “No, don’t worry sir, we don’t dare to do that.”

He took out six storage rings and handed them to Lu Ze. “This is half of our income.”

Lu Ze scanned with his mental force. This was a lot of treasure! Green Hill Fruit, Mist Herb, Star Soil, Blue Star Herb, and so forth.

Cosmic cloud state stuff only fitted a third of a storage ring. The other five contained cosmic system state things.

It wasn’t useful to them, but it would benefit his race.

Lu Ze was excited, but he showed a calm face.

Someone from the Silicon Silver Race asked, “Friend, this is half of our income, can we go?”

Lu Ze swept his mental force across them and waved his hand. “Okay, you guys can go.”

The Silicon Silver Race breathed easily and quickly left.

Seeing that they really left safely, the other races rejoiced.

They were scared that Lu Ze would try to kill them and take all the treasure.

It seems this prodigy was credible now!

They were saved!

“Lord! Please save us! We’re willing to pay with half of our loot!”

“Us as well! Please save us! We’re willing to pay!”

“Us as well!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Hesha.”


The tigers surrounding all the teams that asked for help died.

More than a thousand tigers died, and this included two level-7 cosmic cloud state tigers.

They gasped. Lu Ze and the girls were fighting in the mist before, so they couldn’t see what was going on, but now that they saw it, they were dumbfounded.

What race was this?!

Why were they so terrifying?! Level-3 cosmic cloud state could easily kill this many beasts?!

Was this some prodigy from a cosmic lord civilization?!

Lu Ze and the girls were together and clearly of the same race.

They would definitely be prodigies too.

Why were so many cosmic lord prodigies here???