Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 114 - Feeling a little confident

Chapter 114 - Feeling a little confident

Chapter 114: Feeling a little confident


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Somewhere on a vast and enormous gra.s.sland, a human and a lion had a standoff. Ferocious tides of force erupted from the two, pressing down dozens of meters of the surrounding gra.s.s.


The red lion roared. Within its mouth, searing red flames gathered, growing into a fireball with the size of a bucket.

The fireball kept spinning. The power inside seemed like a dormant volcano that could erupt at any time.

The lion spat, and the fireball shot at Lu Ze.

The gra.s.s along the way was instantly burned to dust. At the same time, the ground turned black, and the air suddenly rose in temperature. The attack was really fierce.

A green light flashed on Lu Ze’s right hand as a spinning wind appeared. The whirlwind grew bigger and bigger as its power grew stronger.

Everywhere it went, gra.s.s tore apart and earth flipped.


The fireball and wind clashed. Terrifying power shot everywhere as a thunderous explosion came.

Fire waves and wind blades slashed in all directions. The wind around Lu Ze blocked the fire waves and wind blades. His eyes went cold as he bent his knees.


The ground was trampled, cracking as a huge ditch appeared below Lu Ze’s feet. His body used the repulsion force as well as wind G.o.d art to almost instantly appear above the head of the red lion.


Lu Ze’s eyes were hideous. He stepped down with his right leg. The swirling wind spun around it, tearing the air apart.

This was Lu Ze’s full-powered attack.


The hurricane even sliced off some fur from the lion. The lion bared its teeth again, showing its frosty fangs.

The red spirit light around it suddenly burst. It was as if the fire was submitting to it. It burned vigorously before condensing into a flame armor.


Lu Ze kicked on the flame armor. The armor cracked and turned into flames that shot off.

However, the armor blocked Lu Ze’s attack for an instant, and the red lion got away.


The kick landed where the red lion was, and a huge ditch formed.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed, his legs kicked the ground again, chasing after the red lion.

He found that the red lion was extremely strong, but its speed seemed slower than him.

The lion roared furiously as its flames suddenly burned a few meters high and turned the surrounding ten meters of gra.s.s to ash.

Then, it charged at Lu Ze.

The searing flames burned Lu Ze’s crystal body, making it s.h.i.+ne even brighter.

His right fist clenched tight and smashed at the lion.

The lion raised its right claw and formed an even bigger flame claw slapping at Lu Ze.

The claw and fist clashed. Fire waves and whirlwinds swept in all directions again.

The two paused for an instant and disappeared. They reappeared a few hundred meters away. Then, there was another clash.



In a few minutes, Lu Ze clashed tens of times with the lion. The surrounding kilometers of gra.s.s turned to scorched earth covered with ditches.

Some of them smelled like cooked meat. Which unlucky animal was roasted?

After another clash, Lu Ze and the lion stopped with a few hundred meters in between each other. They stared deadly at each other, and the atmosphere was tense.

Lu Ze gulped some saliva as his cold eyes moved.

It smells really good…

He wanted to eat.

Quite some fur was cracked open on the red lion. Blood trickled down, making sizzling sounds on the scorched Earth.

Lu Ze grinned.

Even if he didn’t use fire G.o.d art to interfere with the red lion’s fire G.o.d art, he could still suppress it.

If he kept fighting, he could kill the red lion before his body collapsed from the overuse of strength G.o.d art.

The current him was pretty much the top hunter of this region!

The lion sensed Lu Ze’s ridicule and opened its hideous mouth, making a low roar again. The flames on his body surged, rising nearly ten meters high and twisting the surrounding air.

Lu Ze licked his lips as the wind circulating him sped up into a hurricane.

The two clashed again.




Moments later, there was a wail.

Lu Ze’s right palm turned into a blade. A vibrant green wind blade with a length of 100 meters tore open the lion’s red flames and sliced hard on its body. Its red fur, tough muscles, strong bones, and scorching blood splashed in the air as the lion fell heavily to the ground.

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to the lion that was struggling to stand up. The wind blade sliced, and its huge head fell to the ground. This powerful lion finally lost its life force.

Lu Ze looked at the lion that slowly turned to dust and breathed easy.

Then, he raised his lips and showed a smile.

I, Lu Ze, am mature!

I’m strong! Very invincible!

Not too good… I feel a little confident!

Lu Ze felt very happy. At least currently, the red lion was the strongest animal here except for those pa.s.sing by masters.

Yet, the strongest animal had fallen to his wind blades!

He, Lu Ze, was the big boss of this gra.s.sy plain!

Lu Ze picked up the fire crystal b.a.l.l.s, red orbs, and purple orbs. He was full of ambition.

The question now was: Should he keep hunting huge green wolves or red lions?

Lu Ze was distressed for a while.

At this moment, a few heavy growls sounded. Lu Ze instantly tensed up and looked around nervously.

He saw five red lions looking at him with bad intentions. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

He was too excited before that he didn’t even realize he was surrounded now.

He took a deep breath and calmed down his aching body that had been sore due to the use of tripled power for too long.

Don’t worry. The problem isn’t big.

Lu Ze felt he could still save himself.

At least, he didn’t use his fire G.o.d art.