Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 113 - Doing Something Significant

Chapter 113 - Doing Something Significant

Chapter 113: Doing Something Significant


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Opening the door, Lu Ze went downstairs.

He immediately smelled an intense aroma that made people drool.

Alice and Lu Li were carrying all sorts of s.h.i.+ny dishes to the dinner table, filling it.

Lu Ze quickly went up sycophantically and said with a smile, “Um, you two have worked hard. I’ll help too.”

Lu Li glanced at Lu Ze speechlessly and said plainly, “It’s all brought to the table already.”

Alice smiled and said, “We were planning to go up to call Senior schoolmate.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed and he smiled awkwardly. He felt like he always did nothing. Was he a bit too lazy?


Thus, his eyes lit up as he took out the bowls and utensils from the kitchen. “I’ll scoop rice for you guys!”

Alice smiled. “Thank you, Senior schoolmate!”

Lu Li glanced at Lu Ze and raised her lips. She nodded gently. “Mhm.”

After they all sat down, Alice kept picking food for Lu Ze.

“Senior schoolmate, this golden crisp is really good! I used a yellow crystal vine.”

“Really! Let me try!”

“Senior schoolmate, Senior schoolmate, this roast rib is really good too!”

“Mhmmmm, it’s really good!”

Lu Ze was extremely touched. Alice was a really gentle and considerate girl. Most importantly, she knew how to cook!

If possible, he really wanted to marry her.

By the way, would he have a chance if he confessed?

Alice seemed to be pretty good to him?

He wondered if it was because he saved her life or she liked him.


Lu Ze’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t think much about it anymore.

On the other side, Lu Li felt annoyed seeing how grateful Lu Ze was.

What right did the two have to be this close??

One was her brother, and one was her best friend. Why did she feel abandoned??

It was all Lu Ze’s fault!

All he does is eat. Is it even that good?!

Lu Li bit hard into the golden crisp, and then, her face froze.

d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n it… it’s really good…

This made her angrier. Why didn’t she have the talent for cooking spirit food??

Why was this guy such a foodie?!

After finis.h.i.+ng a piece of golden crisp, Lu Li glanced at the satisfied Lu Ze and gritted her teeth. She grabbed a piece of the golden crisp and pa.s.sed it over. “Here, Brother, have one.”

Lu Ze looked at it and got dazed. “Huh?”

This person was Lu Li?

What a joke. She would pick food for him?

Looking at how dazed Lu Ze was, Lu Li felt angrier. She showed a gentle smile and said, “Brother, Li’s raised hand is very tired. What’s wrong with a sister picking food for her brother?”

Lu Ze’s heart went cold. He quickly grabbed it and bit into it and smiled. “It’s good. Thank you, Li!”

It doesn’t seem poisonous…

… it’s even a bit sweet?

Meanwhile, Alice’s hand that picked a piece of rib s.h.i.+vered. She looked at Lu Li.

The two glanced at each other and looked away. Their eyes were a bit complicated.

Alice smiled. “Senior schoolmate and Li are really close siblings.”

Then, she placed the meat in Lu Ze’s bowl. “Senior schoolmate, I’m going to eat, you can pick food yourself.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, thank you, Alice.”

Alice hadn’t even eaten and only picked food for him. She’s too nice…

Then, everyone finished the food in silence.

Afterward, Lu Ze took the initiative to wash the dishes.

Some people ask when do men mature?


Some people say it is when men feel that was.h.i.+ng dishes is blissful.

After that, Lu Ze swept the ground. The two were no longer here. They probably went to cultivate or stayed in Lu Li’s room.

Lu Ze went back upstairs to cultivate again.

He was still learning wind G.o.d art.

He used the wind crystal b.a.l.l.s, one after another. Soon, Lu Ze noticed that his wind G.o.d art learnings reached a bottleneck.

Clearly, the wind G.o.d art of the huge green wolf was only at this level.

Because Lu Ze didn’t have the confidence to kill red fire lions these few days, he didn’t use the fire crystal b.a.l.l.s.

His usage of the strength G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, and spirit force had all reached the limit. Now, Lu Ze was ready to improve his spirit force cultivation level and his body.

He had a large number of red orbs from the huge green wolves. These were enough for a few days.

After using the red orb, Lu Ze cultivated the Chi Attraction Chant.


At night, Lu Ze was beaten up again. He went back to his room speechlessly.

That shameless dude knew that the original power wasn’t enough to beat him up. So, he shamelessly used the excuse of giving him more pressure to increase his power.

Thus, Lu Ze was beaten up in all directions again.


Sitting on the bed, Lu Ze closed his eyes.

In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze felt the familiar chi and smiled.

Ever since he became strong, his waist was no longer sore while his legs didn’t hurt anymore in the pocket hunting dimension. He wasn’t even scared of death.

After all, other than some extreme situations, it was really hard for him to die in this region.

Using the wind G.o.d art, Lu Ze found a few rabbit holes and harvested a wave of small red orbs from the cute rabbits.

These were for Lu Li and Alice.

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes focused.

Today, he was going to something significant!

He was going to prove that he was now a mature hunter who could be cold and merciless.


That’s right, he was going to hunt the evil forces of this plain—the red lions.

These lions have smashed him with fireb.a.l.l.s countless times. They were too evil.

Using the wind G.o.d art, Lu Ze started to search for his prey.

Moments later, Lu Ze saw a red lion that was over two meters tall not far away.

It had a strong sleek figure. Its red fur seemed to be burning with flames.

Of course, most importantly, it was alone!

Lu Ze extended his wind G.o.d art and ensured that it had no friends within a two-kilometer radius.

Thus, Lu Ze’s smile grew evil.

Crystal color flashed, green wind circulated, and then, the light receded.

Instantly, Lu Ze opened a triple increase in power.

This was his current strongest power. It was abstruse martial state level eight.

The red lion sensed Lu Ze’s force. Its hair jumped up as it looked vigilantly at Lu Ze.

It barred its teeth and slightly lowered its body, positioning itself in an offensive mode.