Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 112 - This Person is So Shameless

Chapter 112 - This Person is So Shameless

Chapter 112: This Person is So Shameless


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze suddenly became much stronger in an instant. Naturally, not only were Lu Li and Alice shocked but so was Merlin.

Merlin’s mouth twitched.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

His face was instantly slapped.

Just before, he felt confident that at least for five days, this degree of power was enough.

He was ready to find an excuse to increase his power on the fourth day, and then, he could keep beating this kid up.

Now, what’s going on???

Did he improve his strength G.o.d art again?

This kid’s power was almost abstruse martial state level eight now, right?

Plus during this time, the kid kept improving his battle technique. Merlin suddenly didn’t feel so confident anymore.

With such a current level of power, Merlin found that he might not be able to suppress Lu Ze.

He might even have some trouble.

Lu Ze felt the attack behind him coming closer. A green light flashed in his eyes. His body turned into the wind as he disappeared from the spot.

The next moment, he appeared on Merlin’s side and punched.


With the sound of the furious roar of a dragon, the green fist force carried this relentless momentum towards Merlin.

White flames circulated around Merlin’s body. His right palm struck out towards the green fist force.


An even more shocking explosion sounded.

Green and white light flashed, filling this not so big dimension.

The shocked away air turned into waves that spread in all directions.

Even Lu Li and Alice, who were being protected by Merlin, could feel this power.

They looked nervously at the center of the battle, wanting to know the situation.

When the green and white light slowly disappeared, Lu Li and Alice gasped in disbelief.

Beneath the head-on collision, Merlin and Lu Ze took a step back each!

Although Merlin just used a power equivalent to that of Lu Ze’s cultivation level, Merlin was still a star state being.

Even at the same level of cultivation power, the technique and knowledge of G.o.d art were almost equivalent to the extreme of that cultivation level.

Yet, Lu Ze could fight evenly with him. This meant that Lu Ze’s power at this level was pretty much full.

Alice’s eyes flashed with admiration as she murmured, “Senior schoolmate, is so strong.”

Meanwhile, Lu Li quickly started recording sneakily. Except this time, the content was different from before.

Lu Ze was quite handsome today.

At this moment, Lu Ze glanced at Merlin and raised his lips, feeling proud of himself.

Just when he planned to speak, he found that Merlin disappeared.

Lu Ze immediately felt things weren’t good. He tensed up, ready to defend with full power.

Just at this moment, he suddenly felt his hand was grabbed. Then, he lost control of his body. He spun up and down in the air.

It was so fast that his thought and eyes couldn’t keep up. Even his stomach rumbled.

Not, not good…

His brain was shaking.

After some time, Lu Ze was finally put down.

He just felt the sky was still spinning. His legs softened as he sat down but even after that, Lu Ze still felt he was spinning. He quickly laid down.

Oh my! This was scary!!

He was so shameless!

He was bullying the noob.

At this moment, he heard a happy voice. “Alice, I’m going to a restaurant. Do you want to come with Dad?”

“Dad you go, I’ll cultivate here with Li and Senior schoolmate.”


Even Lu Ze, whose brain was shaking, could hear the disappointment in Merlin’s tone.

Then, Merlin left the training ground.

At this moment, Alice and Li came over worriedly. “Are you okay?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I want to vomit a little. I feel you two are spinning. I just need a little time to recover.”

Alice said apologetically, “Senior schoolmate, sorry. Father abused you like this. I’ll cook you some good food!”

Immediately, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up and said, “Really?!”

Instantly, Lu Ze felt that everything that happened was worth it.

He wanted to eat Alice’s exquisite cooking.

Seeing how happy Lu Ze was, Alice narrowed her eyes and smiled. “Mhm! Senior schoolmate can eat whatever you want.”

Oh really??

That was great!

He had quite some ingredients left. It was best that he had one of each…

Seeing how excited Lu Ze was and how Alice was smiling, Lu Li felt annoyed.

It was just food.

Did he need to be this excited??

She wanted to cook good food, but she found that her talent really was not high in this area. She tried a few times secretly, but she couldn’t cook edible food.

This made her desperate.


Lu Li calmly saved the clip from today and smiled.


Subsequently, Alice and Lu Li began cultivation while Lu Ze continued to stay dizzy.

Soon, Lu Ze stopped feeling dizzy and got up.

He carefully sensed his situation. His legs were still soft but it wasn’t a huge problem.

Then, he looked at Lu Li and Alice.

With Merlin’s teachings and his energy, their improvements were rapid.

At this moment, Lu Li had completed seven small perfect states, and her darkness G.o.d art improved too.

Alice just needed to awaken the source flame, and her cultivation level would naturally increase. She was a level five martial warrior now.

They worked on cultivation very hard. The tasks Merlin gave them wasn’t easy, but they would clench their teeth and finish it every day.

Seeing the two cultivate, Lu Ze didn’t bother interrupting them.

He left the training grounds, returned to his room and began cultivation.

Spirit force, strength G.o.d art. Both have reached the maximum of his current state, so Lu Ze placed his focus on wind and fire.

He used a wind element crystal ball and began cultivation.

A few hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes and exhaled. He got up with some antic.i.p.ation.

It was dinner time!