Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 111 - Tables Have Turned

Chapter 111 - Tables Have Turned

Chapter 111: Tables Have Turned



Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze came back to his senses and suppressed his uncontrollable thoughts.

The future would wait until the future. He needed to cultivate first.

If he didn’t cultivate, he could only dream.

Then, Lu Ze closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

Time flew by rapidly, and ten days had already pa.s.sed.

It was a Sunday morning.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. A crystal color flashed in his eyes as he raised his lips, showing a confident smile.

Hahahahahaha! I’m a prodigy~

Strength G.o.d art, it finally reached three times amplification today!

This was the current limit his body could handle.

He clenched his hands into a fist and dark crystal color flashed. The nearby air vibrated.

Six spirit force strands, triple power amplification. There was also new progress in wind and fire G.o.d art.

These past ten days, Lu Ze’s improvements were tremendous!

Of course, this was due to Merlin’s ‘arduous’ teaching.

Every morning and night, he would be beaten up in all directions!

Just thinking about that pain, Lu Ze’s smile froze.

But every time after he was beaten up, Merlin would point out his inadequacies. The experience of a star state being was very helpful to him.

After all, although there were purple orbs that could help him increase his enlightenment, he was still feeling the road as he went. The teachings of a powerful being made his growth many times faster!


Lu Ze felt his surging power.

He was going to give Uncle a surprise…

After breakfast, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya went to work. Lu Ze urged a confused Lu Li to the training grounds.

She glanced at Lu Ze strangely and said, “Lu Ze, did your brain finally melt down? It’s my first time seeing you so eager to get beaten up.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed as his face went cold. “Superficial! Big chest, no brain, long hair, short vision. You have it all!”

He forced himself not to speak of his improvements. He was going to shock everyone.

The tables have turned today!

Lu Li narrowed her eyes and flicked her long hair. “Really?”

Lu Ze: “…”

For some reason, he felt quite nervous being looked at like this again. Did she do something?

It was a misperception, right?

Lu Ze shook his head. He felt he had been very careful lately. He shouldn’t have fallen into her traps.

Lu Li smiled gently. “Let’s go, Brother.”

Lu Ze glanced at her again. He couldn’t discern anything, so he left with her.

At the training grounds, Merlin and Alice were already waiting there.

Seeing Lu Ze and Lu Li, Alice showed a bright smile and waved her hands, “Good morning! Senior schoolmate, Li!”

Merlin smiled. “Since you’re here, let’s begin.”

He couldn’t wait to stabilize the dimension as he smiled at Lu Ze.

His happiness relied on beating Lu Ze every morning and night these few days.

For some reason, it felt very good to beat this kid up. He could always use the best way to get hit. He seemed very experienced in getting hit.

This made him very happy beating the kid up.

Looking at how Alice admired him so much every day, his hands were even itchier.

Lu Ze saw how Merlin couldn’t wait and sneered on the inside.


He wasn’t the same ‘him’ as yesterday now!

Today, he shall rise!

But he kept a calm face. He couldn’t let Uncle see this. Otherwise, what if this guy cheats?

Inside the dimension, Lu Ze and Merlin stood opposite each other and began the sparring of a new day. Lu Li and Alice stood on the side, gazing at the fight.

Although Lu Ze had been beaten up morning and night for these ten days, his progress was indeed fast. This made the two wonder what progress he would have today.


In mid-air, Lu Ze’s entire body flowed with crystal glow. Green wind circulated as his right leg whipped towards Merlin. The power in the attack was on a different level compared to ten days ago.

Right now, his power was almost abstruse martial state level seven.

Merlin felt Lu Ze’s attack. His eyes flashed as his face showed some more seriousness. Although he could beat this kid up every day, his progress was indeed fast.

His right hand was covered in white flames as his palm weakened Lu Ze’s focused attack.

At the same time, he used Lu Ze’s attack and floated back like a leaf, easily dissipating Lu Ze’s attack.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with cold light. His right leg tapped on the ground as he used wind G.o.d art to full power. He then chased after Merlin.

Fist, palm, elbow. Lu Ze’s entire body turned into a weapon. Each attack shook the air as ripples spread across in all directions. When they touched the white flame, they finally disappeared.

Facing Lu Ze’s fierce attacks, Merlin’s serious look deepened further.

Since he said he would use equal power, Merlin wasn’t going to go back on his words. And, even if he kept that promise, he would have no problem suppressing this kid.

At least for five days, this power was enough.

Merlin shook Lu Ze away with a palm and smiled. “It seems that’s all your progress for today. Now, it’s my turn. Are you ready?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Come at me, Uncle.”

I’ll let this old guy know today—

—What it means to don’t abuse a poor person when he is young.

I’m going to get revenge for all the beating I took these past ten days!

Merlin instantly appeared behind Lu Ze as his white flamed palm pressed towards Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze felt the coldness in the scorching heat of the flame. His eyes focused.

Triple the power!

Mental force surged. Crystal color flashed in his cells. Lu Ze relaxed his body as his strength increased another fold.

At the same time, Lu Ze felt his exertion was increased many times whether it was mental force or stamina. There came slivers of pain all over his body.

There was a price to pay for using this.

The crystal color on his body suddenly flashed and then receded.

The powerful force shook the air.

The fully unleashed Lu Ze shocked Lu Li and Alice as they opened their mouths wide and gazed at him in disbelief.