Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1132 - New Equipment Crystal

Chapter 1132 - New Equipment Crystal

Chapter 1132: New Equipment Crystal


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


A huge sound filled the world. Lu Ze kicked the python that tried to flee.


Its body fell back as its blood gushed while writhing.

Lu Ze grabbed at the python.


The sand formed a huge palm that seized the python like it was a worm.

A terrifying power was unleashed.


The python’s tail struggled vigorously, but soon, it slunk down.

Feeling that the python was dead, Lu Ze put a stop to the Sand G.o.d Art Domain and Sand One Divine Art.

The python’s body dropped heavily to the ground.

Lu Ze’s face was pale. His forehead was drenched in sweat as he panted desperately.

He felt the empty spirit force in his body and sighed.

The energy consumption was too great.

At this moment, a few sounds could be heard and the girls came.

Qiuyue Hesha held Lu Ze. “Little Brother Lu Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “Just used too much energy.”

The girls nodded.

Alice looked at the body. “I didn’t expect us to be so lucky. This was a huge harvest as soon as we came in!”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “If such a powerful beast was at its prime, we would at most be on par with it. After my power is used up, we can’t even run away. We were indeed lucky this time.”

Lu Li smiled and said, “Hurry and pick things up.”

The fire wolf had turned to dust already.

Lu Ze and the girls came to see the drops.

Five red liquid, five purple liquid, one fire G.o.d art orb, and a red crystal.

“This is a summoning crystal?” Lin Ling asked curiously.

The fire wolf was just an ordinary beast, but it still had a summoning crystal?

The girls were all confused.

Lu Ze put away the red crystal, smiled, and said, “We’ll know once we get out.”

They all nodded.

They then went to pick up the drops from the python. It was rather normal.

Red liquid, purple liquid, and G.o.d art orbs…

There was nothing else.

After Lu Ze picked up the things, he smiled and said, “Let’s continue.”

Then, everyone flew off.

They stayed in the Pocket Hunting Dimension for three days and killed many beasts. The strongest was a level-6 cosmic cloud state beast.

However, they were beasts that just reached level-6 cosmic system state, so they were weaker than the first two they fought.

They even fought a level-4 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpion. They got another divine art rune shard after killing it.

They also found a few deserts and emptied a few hives. They were all sand beetle and sand scorpion hives.

The drops of these beasts were no longer useful to them, but they could collect them and give them to the elders for distribution.

The more resources, the better.

They also found an extremely large oasis, but after Lin Ling checked it, they found a super beast that was level-8 to 9 cosmic cloud state.

This beast was too strong, so they avoided it.

At this moment, Lin Ling pointed. “There’s a level-4 cosmic cloud state super beast there!”

“Let’s go!”

Suddenly, violent chi soared from the distance.


“They’re fighting again?”

Lu Ze looked at the fire sea and golden lightning and exclaimed.

He was dumbfounded. These overlords were getting addicted to fighting.

Nangong Jing said, “Let’s avoid it for now.”

They turned and wanted to leave, but suddenly, a silver wolf appeared before them.

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

Silver wolf overlord?!

It was here?!

The wolf looked at the battlefield coldly before noticing the group.

Then, s.p.a.ce around them crumbled.

The group woke up back in the dao enlightenment room.

Who did they mess with?

They just wanted to find a place to hide, and they encountered the silver wolf overlord.

Its combat power was too terrifying.

Just taking a glance at them, s.p.a.ce crumbled, and they were buried.

They weren’t even able to resist.

Nangong Jing breathed in pain and said, “The overlord battles are becoming more and more frequent.”

“Yes, it’s a few days earlier than last time.”

Lin Ling said, “At this rate, would there be overlord battles every day in the Pocket Hunting Dimension?”

Lu Ze was startled. “… That’s unlikely, right?”

If that was the case, they might be killed by the shockwave as soon as they went in.

Lu Ze smiled. “Never mind, there is no point in thinking too much.”

After the pain was gone, they split up the loot.

Lu Ze took out the red crystal.

“Is this a summoning crystal?”

“Senior, open it.” Alice looked at him curiously.

Lu Ze nodded. His mental force surged inside, and the thing inside was revealed.

It was a red breastplate.

“It’s an equipment crystal!”

Nangong Jing was shocked.

After their cultivation level reached the cosmic cloud state, the sand beetle set was much less effective but was still the best armor they had.

Now, there was new equipment.

Lu Li asked, “How is it?”

Lu Ze looked at the information in the crystal and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. “It’s not bad. It’s a cosmic cloud state armor. It can stop a level-5 cosmic cloud state attack. It has quite some amplification effects for spirit force. It’s much better than our sand beetle armor.”

Qiuyue Hesha faintly smiled. “It seems we can upgrade equipment now.”

Lu Li smiled. “Lu Ze put it on and see.”

Lu Ze nodded. A red and yellow light flashed on his chest as a crystal shot out.

It was the sand beetle armor.

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s quite good.”

He took out the other pieces.

“It looks a bit strange..” His entire body was yellow and only the chest was red.