Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1133 - Arrival Of The Elf Race

Chapter 1133 - Arrival Of The Elf Race

Chapter 1133: Arrival Of The Elf Race

The next morning at Planet Shenwu, Xu Bingbai and Liu Zhiyun were waiting for something in the empty underground cave.

At this moment, a silver light flashed and over ten tall figures appeared.

The one at the front seemed a bit old. His chi was still very dominant. It was the Barbarian Race leader.

There were also Man Dali and some other elders, as well as Man Kun, and Man Xiu.

Xu Bingbai greeted them and grinned. “Elder Man Wu, long time no see.”

Man Wu studied Xu Bingbai and sighed. “I didn’t expect you, little kids, to have grown to this level.”

He remembered Xu Bingbai was still very young when he came to seek an alliance with the Barbarian Race. It had only been a thousand years, and they had already reached the cosmic cloud state.

He couldn’t see through their power anymore.

Xu Bingbai grinned. “Haha, we were just lucky.”

Man Wu smiled. “It’s indeed a stroke of huge luck for your race to have Ze. That kid helped us solve the insectoid crisis last time. We didn’t even get to thank him properly. Where is he?”

Xu Bingbai smiled and said, “They’re having breakfast, probably.”


Man Wu laughed it off. “I saw that Ze seemed to enjoy good food, so we brought over some specialties.”

Xu Bingbai smiled. “Then, I’ll thank you, for Ze. He should be very happy.”

Man Wu nodded and looked around. “Are the Winged and Round Race not here, yet?”

Xu Bingbai smiled and said, “They should be here soon.”

At this moment, two more silver lights lit up. The other two races had arrived.

He was a white-haired old man, leading the Winged Race while the Round Race all looked the same pretty much.

They also brought their elders and prodigies.

The allies greeted each other.

Then, the Winged Race leader asked, “Xu, you kid, did those races arrive?”

Xu Bingbai smiled and said, “They will probably arrive in the next few days just like the Elf Race.”

Hearing the words, Man Wu smiled and looked at Xu Bingbai. “Young Xu, thank you for this time.”

The others also looked at Xu Bingbai gratefully.

This huge gathering would be attended even by the Elf Race. There were many peak cosmic cloud state races. They were the only cosmic system state races.

They had no right to attend such gatherings, but the Human Race didn’t forget their past relations.h.i.+p and invited them over. It would be a huge benefit to their development.

Xu Bingbai grinned. “What are you talking about, Elder Man Wu? When the Human Race was weak, we wouldn’t have today if you three races didn’t help. Therefore, of course, we won’t forget about you.”

Man Wu laughed. “Hahaha! I knew I saw right! Becoming allies with the Human Race was the most right decision I have made!”

Xu Bingbai smiled slightly. “Since everyone is here, let’s go out. I’ve arranged residences for you all.”


In the next few days, cosmic cloud state race fleets were coming incessantly.

Many races weren’t invited but came.

After all, the Milky Way wasn’t closed off. They could come whenever they wanted.

After the Elf Race announced forming an alliance with the Human Race, their name has spread across the entire East Region.

As more and more aliens came in, the Milky Way Galaxy became busy. All prosperous systems had visitors.

The citizens were very proud.

Before, there were barely any visitors, but now, there were so many.

Lu Ze and the girls had been cultivating, as usual, these few days. They did greet Man Kun and the rest.

They took them out on trips and meals.

The Barbarian Race had tastes similar to the Human Race while the Winged Race liked more light foods and preferred more spirit fruits.

The Round Race wasn’t used to the Human Race foods.

After going around for the entire afternoon, Man Kun and the rest gave Lu Ze a large pile of spirit foods and materials.

It filled up more than ten storage rings.

Three days later, the Crystal and Golden Spear Race came.

Fred, Yi Lei, Mirium, and Cagel also came. Lu Ze and the girls greeted them again.

Lu Ze brought Man Kun and the rest of the soldiers to introduce as well.

Man Kun’s and the rest of his soldier’s cultivation level was ordinary to Fred’s group, but their talent wasn’t far off.

They were just born in a different environment.

With their status, they wouldn’t judge beings purely on cultivation level. Since they were Lu Ze’s friends, they showed plenty of faces to Lu Ze.

Fred’s group also knew Lu Ze’s hobby and made their races prepare quite some good food.

Lu Ze harvested another round of storage rings.

He felt great.

Five days later, their door was knocked.

Alice opened the door and saw Zuoqiu Xunshuang there. “Auntie Xunshuang, what brought you here? Do you want to come to have breakfast?”

The group hadn’t seen her for a long time.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang looked, rolled her eyes, and said, “Not yet. The Elf Race is here. Come greet them with me.”