Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1131 - Head Towards The Demon Realm

Chapter 1131 - Head Towards The Demon Realm

Chapter 1131: Head Towards The Demon Realm


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After some silence, Elder Nangong looked at Elder Lin. “Old Lin, is what Lin Ling girl said true?”

They were furious to see Elder Lin slowly regress before. However, they had asked Elder Lin countless times what it was, but he never said anything.

They didn’t expect it to be an Advanced Demon Race. No wonder Elder Lin never said it.

With the power of the Human Race at the time, they would have to worry about the Advanced Demon Race casually annihilating them. Getting revenge was pointless.

Therefore, Elder Lin could only bear it alone.

Elder Lin nodded. “Yes, it’s indeed the Advanced Demon Race.”

As he spoke, he looked up. “Last time, when I went out in search of an opportunity to break through, I encountered a cosmic cloud state from the Advanced Demon Race in a secret realm. That Advanced Demon Race had the power to kill me, but he used a strand of Death G.o.d Art and planted the death curse on me. He probably just wanted to play around with me?”

Elder Lin could still remember that demon’s scornful eyes.

If Ying Ying didn’t remove the curse, that demon would have succeeded.

He would be dying slowly in despair.

Lin Ling smiled. “Grandpa, it’s just the Advanced Demon Race, I will avenge you.”

Elder Lin smiled slightly. His whole body surged with a sharp aura, and he said, “Before, our race wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t think about getting revenge, but now, I will get revenge personally.”

His cultivation level was progressing fast. Soon, he would be able to surpa.s.s that cultivator from the Advanced Demon Race. Getting revenge wouldn’t be hard.

Elder Nangong grinned. “It seems we need to consider the Demon Realm in our future development.”

After the Human Race had some time to settle, they could try expanding their territory into the Advanced Demon Race.

Elder Nangong smiled. “The Advanced Demon Race is a cosmic realm state civilization after all. We need to plan carefully.”

The rest nodded.

Everyone just ate a little bit, and then, Elder Nangong started to contact the races of the East Region. This included their long-time allies—Barbarian Race, Winged Race, and Round Race.

They really didn’t provide much help for the Human Race at this stage.

But they were rather close for the past thousand years. Now that the Human Race had ascended, they wouldn’t forget their previous pals.

The other races were overjoyed hearing that they were invited. Their race leaders would be coming personally.

Elder Nangong then contacted the other races that had established a collaboration, as well as those peak cosmic cloud state races.

When they heard the star barrier was gone, they all confirmed they would be coming in these few days.

Lu Ze contacted Anton.

Anton was excited.

He would tell his race to send a representative to this gathering.

Lu Ze and the girls then went back to the dao enlightenment room on Planet Shenwu.

Ying Ying took Lue Xi back to the orphanage.

Lu Ze and the girls entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

As soon as they appeared, a violent power surged not far away.

The sky dimmed.

Lin Ling sighed and said slowly, “It’s two level-6 cosmic cloud state beasts fighting.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go over and stop the fight.”

Soon, they flew over and saw a huge earth python fighting a fire wolf.



Their attacks were extremely ferocious.

Lu Ze and the girls concealed their chi and didn’t get too close.

Both of the beasts weren’t weak.

They were even close to level-7 cosmic cloud state.

Even if Lu Ze used full power and his domain, he would only be on par with one of them.

Now that the two of them were fighting a death battle, of course, it was good for Lu Ze and his group.

They just had to wait for them to be exhausted and then clean up the aftermath.


The battle grew more intense as time went on.

With every clash, blood gushed out.

Soon, both of them were covered in wounds. They became only half as strong as before.

With another clash, both of them fell back.

They roared but no longer had the intention to fight anymore.

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “Let’s go up.”

He instantly appeared next to the fire wolf.

A sea of fire spread from him.

Fire G.o.d Art Domain!

Complex divine art runes flashed in the sea, and Lu Ze’s chi soared once again.

Fire Buff!!


Lu Ze targeted the wound on the wolf’s waist with his punch.

The fire wolf wanted to use Fire G.o.d Art, but it immediately fused with the domain.

Unfortunately, Lu Ze’s fist was already near. It wanted to dodge the attack, but its chi suddenly fluctuated.

He was injured. The girls caused the interference.

Red flames surged in its body, and the smell of cooked meat permeated the air.

The fire wolf fell back, spitting blood and pieces of its organs.

Lu Ze followed and kicked heavily.


The fire wolf’s back was broken. A violent fire went inside its body and wiped its life force away.

Lu Ze then looked at the giant python.

It was still floating in the air in a dazed manner.

What happened?!

Lu Ze’s attacks were too quick. It took him less than a second.

The python wanted to retreat.. However, Lu Ze chased after it with cold eyes.