Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1130 - Elder Lin's Injury

Chapter 1130 - Elder Lin's Injury

Chapter 1130: Elder Lin’s Injury


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After giving all these prodigies autographs, Lu Ze felt very tired.

Derrick looked at Lu Ze with a complaint. “Why do these prodigies always go to Ze for autographs? Why does no one come to me? This doesn’t make sense?!”

Especially those girls, they were so pretty.

Lu Ze smiled. “What else can I do? I’m handsome.”

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

Luo Bingqing smiled faintly. “Ze, when are we heading to the Elf Cosmic Realm?”

Hearing Bingquing words, everyone looked over. Lu Ze thought for a while, smiled, and said, “I’ll ask the elders if they have anything else. If there’s nothing, we’ll leave as soon as possible.”

Everyone nodded.

Daphne stretched and smiled. “Let’s go to the elders first then.”

Everyone nodded.

They went to Planet Jinyao. It was already night.

Elder Nangong and Elder Lin were sitting in the open s.p.a.ce, roasting fish.

Ying Ying and Lue Xi were squatting down and looking keenly at the three-meter-long fish.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared. Nangong Jing sniffed. “Smells good! Elder, did you prepare our share?”

Elder Nangong rolled his eyes. “No, go get your own!”

Nangong Jing mumbled, “Fine, don’t ask me for wine next time!”

She took out her pole and walked to the river.

Elder Lin looked up. “Is the tournament over?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

These two elders didn’t watch at all?

Luo Bingqing smiled faintly. “It’s done.”

Elder Lin nodded. “Well done, get some fish and we’ll eat together.”

Lin Kuang looked at Old Lin, eager to try. “Elders, are there any more matters left in the race? If not, we’ll head to the Elf Race soon.”

He wanted to see how strong the elf prodigies were.

The others were also looking forward to it.

Originally, they would be no match for the Elf Race prodigies, but their current situation was different.

They had the orbs and G.o.d art runes from Lu Ze.

Their trials at the void s.p.a.ce helped them grow stronger and believe in themselves more.

Elder Lin glanced at him, and he said angrily, “What’s the rush? You can’t do big things like that. Look at Lin Ling, isn’t she very calm?”

Lin Kuang: “???”

He turned around and saw Lin Ling casually fis.h.i.+ng by the river.

The two of them couldn’t compare at all.

With her cultivation level and combat power, how could she care about ordinary elf prodigies?

Even the Elf Princess would only be so-so, right?

Lin Kuang’s heart ached.

It was too hard being the big brother when his little sister was so strong. Even his grandpa was annoyed at him.

If only he was a little brother.

At this moment, Elder Nangong looked up and said, “The star barrier is gone. It’s time to invite the East Region’s races to the Federation.”

He looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, can you contact Predecessor Anton?”

Lu Ze nodded. “No problem.”

Accordingly, they could get Uncle Anton to take them to the Elf Divine Realm.

Elder Nangong nodded. “Okay, then go after this gathering.”

“Sure, Elder,” everyone else replied.

“In that case, you can go first. The stuff here isn’t for you!”

Elder Nangong shooed them off.

Everyone looked at Ying Ying and Lue Xi with envy. Thereafter, they came to fish as well.

Elder Nangong’s roasting ability was definitely amazing.

His skills had been refined after cooking for Ying Ying so many times.

Lu Ze and the girls had a filling meal.

They were eating roast fish and drinking golden fruit wine by the fire. The atmosphere was great.

At this moment, Lin Ling thought of something and looked at Elder Lin. “By the way, Grandpa, there was something I always wanted to ask you. I didn’t get the chance. Now, I want to ask you.”

Everyone looked over curiously.

Elder Lin looked at Lin Ling with spoiling love. “What is it, Lin Ling?”

This was his most outstanding descendant!

She grew up under his care too!

Elder Lin was very proud of her.

Lin Ling said, “A few months ago, we took a Crisp Green Blade mission…”

Lu Ze and the girls, who were originally puzzled, shook all their heads, widened their eyes, and ended up dazed. They realized what Lin Ling was going to ask.

That Tell Death Realm thrown by the Advanced Demon Race!

Lin Ling continued, “There was a group of Advanced Demon Race prodigies collaborating with us. Only then did we annihilate the insectoid hive.”

“There was a cosmic cloud state from the Advanced Demon Race who used a trump card. The energy from that was very similar to the energy from your curse…”

Elder Lin’s hand stiffened.

His pale face seemed a little bleak.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the girls realized that Elder Lin’s injuries were probably related to the Advanced Demon Race.

Lin Kuang’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

His face was a bit stubborn, and he said, “Lin Ling, you’re saying that our grandfather’s curse was planted by the Advanced Demon Race?!”

His voice was shaky. His fury was about to spill.

In his impression, Elder Lin was always an amiable old man.

He was cheeky when he was young, and his parents always beat him. It was Elder Lin who protected him.

Plus, Elder Lin was a saint. Although his power no longer existed, he still admired him greatly and wanted to guard the Human Race in his steps.

The atmosphere by the fire became very depressing.