Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1129 - Want To Kill Him?!

Chapter 1129 - Want To Kill Him?!

Chapter 1129: Want To Kill Him?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“Okay, let the tournament begin.”

Lu Ze and the others went back to their seats.

Lin Kuang went to the stage and said, “Okay, first match, Liu Yuxi versus Qiu De.”

A black-haired man and a golden-haired man proceeded to the stage.

Lu Ze looked at them. They were both at the peak of the aperture opening state.

The prodigies this time included aperture opening states, mortal evolution states, planetary states, and star states.

As for the cosmic system states, they were the medium-leveled power in the Human Race. They couldn’t just leave the Federation to study somewhere else.

After all, there were a lot of matters to settle in the Human Race.

There were 20 aperture opening states, 30 mortal evolution states, 30 planetary states, and 20 star states.

Mortal evolution state and planetary state prodigies were the most numerous because, during this time, the most talented ones were still at the mortal evolution state and planetary state although the human prodigies progressed very fast.

There weren’t many people in the younger generation who reached the star state.

The ones at star state were much older than Luo Bingqing and the rest. Quite a lot of the planetary state prodigies were older than they were too.

The two prodigies engaged in combat.

Due to Lu Ze’s and the girls’ phenomena, their combat power was quite excellent.

Their cultivation level was at the peak aperture opening state, but their combat power already reached the mortal evolution state.

Liu Yuxi’s Fire G.o.d Art’s mastery and Qiu De’s Body G.o.d Art’s mastery were both quite nice.

The two clashed rapidly on the stage.

It was just the first battle, but it was already very intense.

Aperture opening state battles didn’t last very long. Half a minute later, Qiu De tanked some damage with his Body G.o.d Art, punched Liu Yuxi away, and gained the victory.

However, Qiu De’s flesh was charred. He panted heavily.

Lin Kuang then announced, “Qiu De is the winner!”

Qiu De breathed easy.

This would allow him to get more resources.

Lu Ze waved his hand, and a beam of green light went out. It split into two in the air. Accordingly, they entered the two bodies.

Their injuries were instantly healed.

The two smiled and bowed to Lu Ze. “Thank you, Monarch of the New Dawn!”

Lu Ze nodded. “You two did great. Keep working hard.”

Both of them rejoiced. This was a praise from the Monarch of the New Dawn!

It was a special honor.

“Yes!” The two nodded excitedly.

Lin Kuang announced, “Alright, next two, Lin Xun and Li Yueyao.”

The tournament continued.

They had to admit that the battle between prodigies was quite satisfying. Although the difference in power was huge, it was still exciting.

Every prodigy had their own understanding of G.o.d art, martial arts, and combat techniques. These occasional sparks might even help Lu Ze and the girls.

This tournament was broadcasted throughout the entire Federation. Almost everyone was watching it.

“This is too thrilling and fascinating!”

“I didn’t expect that the cream of the crop among the prodigies in our race is this strong.”

“Yes, Mixia’s sword will is so strong. Each sword seems to be tearing the s.p.a.ce apart. Kuba’s Wind G.o.d Art is very powerful too. I can’t see him at all, he’s too fast!”

Most of the citizens of the Federation were abstruse martial states and below.

“However, although these prodigies are very strong, they are still a far cry from the Monarch of the New Dawn.”

“… No s.h.i.+t? Who is the Monarch of the New Dawn? He’s the pride of the Human Race! It’s not even fair to these prodigies to be compared to him, alright?”


“That’s right, the Monarch of the New Dawn is a cosmic cloud state now. He’s one of the supporting pillars of the Human Race.”

“I remember that a few years back, the Monarch of the New Dawn was still weak, and there was a broadcast. That seemed to be the first time he fought the blade demons, right? At that time, he already had the power to destroy an entire blade demon base. I felt that the Monarch of the New Dawn wasn’t simple back then.”

“Yes, in just a few short years, the Monarch of the New Dawn has brought too much surprise to the Human Race.”

The tournament progressed quickly.

With Lu Ze there, all the prodigies didn’t even need a long time to recover. They would be instantly healed after their match.

Soon, the star state matches commenced.

The star states were mostly prodigies from the Shenwu Army.

Their battles were much more exciting than the other levels. Even Lu Ze and the girls felt more interested.

The audience was immersed in this.

A few hours later, the star state battles ended too.

When the final battle finished, Lu Ze healed the two contestants and said, “The Prodigy Selection Tournament concludes here. You have all done well.”

“Now, I will announce the rankings. Aperture opening state, First Place, Li Yueyao, Second Place, Lin Xun…”

Lu Ze proceeded to announce the other rankings as well.

Lu Ze then remarked, “You can collect the rewards in Planet Jinyao afterward.”

Thereafter, Lu Ze said, “Okay, the tournament is finished.”

He was about to leave.

At this moment, a crisp voice sounded, “Umm… Lord Lu Ze, can you give me an autograph?

A beautiful girl was looking hopefully at him with a blus.h.i.+ng face.

It was Li Yueyao.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

This girl wanted to kill him?!

Just when Lu Ze was about to reject it, Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Little Brother Lu Ze, your fan is asking for an autograph. Just give it.”

Lu Li chimed in, “Yes, go.”

Lu Ze was confused. However, their expression didn’t seem to be fake.

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, then I’ll sign one.”

Li Yueyao’s face blushed.

At this moment, the other female prodigies couldn’t hold it in. “Lord Lu Ze, please give me one too!”