Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1122 - Another Giant Red Scorpion

Chapter 1122 - Another Giant Red Scorpion

Chapter 1122: Another Giant Red Scorpion


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The girls came to Lu Ze.

They looked at him in shock.

Lin Ling said sourly, “What did you do, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d? How did you progress so much?”

Lu Ze saw the curious expressions of several people, and the corners of their mouths turned up. They smiled slightly.

“I’ll tell you later!”

He grinned.

The girls were furious. He was still acting mysteriously.

Lu Ze grinned. “Um, let’s continue.”

The anaconda had turned to dust.

Lu Ze picked up the drops, and the group kept moving.

Cosmic system state beasts were the most numerous in the desert. There were slightly fewer cosmic system state beasts, and they were harder to find.

In just a few hours, they killed a large number of beasts.

Lin Ling pointed in one direction. “There’s a stronger beast over there! It’s a level-4 cosmic cloud.”

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, “Let’s see if I can beat it.”

Lu Ze felt that with his power, he had hopes of beating it.

Even if he couldn’t, he could test how strong his domain is.

In that case, why wouldn’t he go?.

The girls were keen to see if he could beat one too.

They rapidly moved towards the beast.

The beast seemed to have sensed them as well. A powerful chi soared.

Flame pillars erupted that filled the world.

A red voice sounded in the pillar.

It was a huge fire wolf.

This wolf’s chi was stronger than all the previous beasts Lu Ze had encountered.

This wolf was looking at them with murderous intent.

After some silence, Lu Ze said, “I’ll go up. you guys support me from the back.”


The girls nodded.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared next to the fire wolf.

A poison ball appeared on his hand while he grabbed at the wolf with his other hand. Countless sands swept over towards the wolf.


Its hair stood up. It could feel the threat of the little poison ball and the Sand One Divine Art.

Just when it planned to move, the girls used their G.o.d arts on the wolf.

The wolf immediately paused.

However, it was far stronger than the girls, so it broke free in just an instant.

But this instant was enough for Lu Ze. Countless sand came over the fire wolf making it unable to move. At the same time, the dark green light shot to its side.

Sensing this, the fire wolf didn’t feel so good.

Its fur shot up like it fattened up.

Then, the flames around it turned into thick flame walls.

As soon as the flame wall formed, the poison ball smashed onto it.


A terrifying shockwave spread.

The poison ball exploded turning into this dark green mist that surrounded the flame wolf.

The flames around the wolf burned and turned all the poison mist into blue smoke.

Lu Ze punched and his fist force shot into the poison mist.


The fire wall that had already thinned down from the clash with the poison ball cracked.

Immediately, dark green mist seeped into the barrier. Although it was turned to smoke, it still adhered to the wolf fur.

The wolf unleashed its power. Even though Lu Ze was using Sand One G.o.d Art at full power, he wasn’t able to subdue it.

It shook away the sand and dashed out far away.

Two more poison b.a.l.l.s appeared on Lu Ze’s hand, then he waved it out.

From far away, the wolf was trying to force the poison out, but then it saw two more poison b.a.l.l.s.

It fled immediately.

However, the poison mist spread.

The wolf howled again, blocking the poison mist with the flames.

At this moment, the flames weakened.

Lu Ze grinned.

The Poison G.o.d Art was taking effect.

It should’ve taken longer for the poison to come into effect, but after using the source spirit fruit, his mastery of the poison G.o.d art greatly improved. Even just the mist had such a rapid effect.

However, the fire wolf burst into spirit force, and its decreasing chi stabilized.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

At this moment, the wolf’s chi suddenly became slower.

Its chi suddenly dropped by a lot again.

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to it.

Sand surrounded the giant wolf, then Lu Ze kicked towards its waist.

The wolf fell back. Its body was much stronger than that of the level-3 cosmic cloud state beast.

While it was falling back, Lu Ze shot out more poison b.a.l.l.s.



The fire wolf charged out of the poison mist. Its fur was dented and corroded. It was constantly getting weaker.

Lu Ze grinned. This guy wasn’t strong enough. He didn’t even get to use the domain.

Ten seconds later, a fire wolf body dropped from the sky.

Lu Ze happily picked up the drops.

This was quite the harvest.

He should be able to use its red liquid with the golden dew now.

Suddenly, a powerful chi shot up.

A red beam came before them.

Everyone tensed up.

It was a ruby scorpion!

This was a super beast!

It was only a level-4 cosmic cloud state, but its combat power was far stronger than the wolf’s.

Lu Ze was excited. Could he finally show his true power now?