Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1121 - Huge Improvement

Chapter 1121 - Huge Improvement

Chapter 1121: Huge Improvement


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After making up his mind, Lu Ze didn’t hesitate anymore.

The essence spirit fruit appeared in his hand.

Lu Ze bit a portion of it.

He had to admit that it tasted really great. It was very sweet.

This was the best fruit Lu Ze had ever had.

Of course, nothing could compare with Alice’s dishes.

The fruit turned into hues of starlight inside Lu Ze’s body.


Lu Ze felt as though the sound of creation emerged in his mind.

Endless starlight appeared, and the essence of the universe seemed to have opened its doors to him.

Boundless knowledge appeared before Lu Ze, as though waiting for him to study them.

This was beyond exceptional!

Even when he created a phenomenon, Lu Ze could only feel that the door just opened a small crack.

But now, this essence was revealed to him without obstruction!

Lu Ze took a deep breath and started searching for that feeling he encountered before.

All of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art rapidly progressed, and soon, a spirit light formed around him.

Various scenes of his G.o.d art were formed.

They soon expanded.

When it reached a kilometer, the scenes halted and formed a small world.

An extremely abstruse wave spread from this world.

Nangong Jing and the girls opened their eyes.

When they saw that shadow of a small world, they were stunned.

Thereafter, they closed their eyes as they learned from it.

Countless other people were startled by this occurrence.

They were confused.

“Did it come from the Cultivation Building?”

“What happened there?”

“I don’t know. Is someone breaking through?!”

At this moment, that world’s shadow rippled and started to retract into the Cultivation Building.

The wave calmed down too.

This happened in a span of a minute.

In the dao enlightenment room, that G.o.d art scene had condensed around Lu Ze.

Within a one-meter radius, all sorts of G.o.d art materialized and formed all sorts of scenes.

Lu Ze finally understood what the panorama was after crossing that border.

A G.o.d art could turn into a domain.

In the domain, his combat power would be greatly enhanced. He could also use the domain to suppress opponents.

This was too powerful.

Lu Ze was still shocked, but he was still learning about it.

Three days later, the entire dao enlightenment room was filled with all sorts of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art.

There was green gra.s.s growing on the ground.

Small trees appeared.

Flames flew around in the air.

Golden lightning flickered, and the wind howled in every corner.

This looked like a real world without animals.

At this juncture, all the scenes turned into beams of light that fused with Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and grinned excitedly.

After using the fruit for three days, he completely formed his G.o.d Art Domain!

All of his G.o.d arts reached this level too.

Hence, this domain weaved by G.o.d art was exceedingly powerful.

Even he didn’t know how powerful it was.

He got up and walked out of the room.

The others were eating.

They looked at him. “Ze, what have you been learning these few days? There was so much commotion.”

She could only feel the terrifying chi from time to time but couldn’t sense what was going on inside.

Lu Ze grinned. “It is a secret, but I’ll tell you later at night.”

He wanted to test the domain’s power in the Pocket Hunting Dimension first.

Lu Ze said, “By the way, how is Ying Ying these past few days?”

Qiuyue Hesha responded, “Don’t worry, we’ve been feeding her. By the looks of it, she can recover in about a month.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “By then, it would be the finals for the prodigy selection compet.i.tion. After Ying Ying recovers, we would have a hundred prodigies. Then, we can go to the Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Lu Ze nodded. “That’s great.”

After some rest, they pulled Lu Ze up.

“Get up! Ze, you have to show us what you learned. Let’s go to the Pocket Hunting Dimension!”

The girls were very keen.

They sat down in the dao enlightenment room and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Amidst the desert, the group appeared.


A sharp chi shot at them immediately.

Lu Ze and the girls disappeared from the spot.

Sand blades sliced past.

In the distance, a level-3 cosmic cloud state earth anaconda was staring at them.

Lu Ze charged before the anaconda and swung his leg.


The anaconda was forced back due to the terrifying power, causing it to howl.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

In these three days, his body, mental force, and spirit force all underwent a huge change.

The jump in his combat power skyrocketed even if his cultivation level remained the same.

The girls were just planning to attack.

When they saw him kick, they were taken aback.

Lu Ze appeared before the anaconda’s head and punched it.


The anaconda’s body crashed on the ground, leaving a ma.s.sive crater.

Lu Ze grinned.. He was stronger than he had imagined.