Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1123 - Power Of The God Art Domain

Chapter 1123 - Power Of The God Art Domain

Chapter 1123: Power Of The G.o.d Art Domain


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Feeling the condensed breath of the giant, ruby scorpion, Lu Ze released a sigh of relief. “I’ll let you guys see what I’ve gotten previously.”

The girls looked excitedly at him.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and all sorts of light flashed in his eyes.

Immediately, a G.o.d art power started to surge in his body.

Flames, wind, light, lightning, and so forth…

The girls looked at Lu Ze in shock.

Such powerful chi!

Even they were trembling at this sudden chi.

Without a warning, the spirit light on Lu Ze flashed like crazy.


In the dao enlightenment room, Lu Ze and the girls suddenly woke up. Their eyes were full of pain and confusion.

Lu Ze didn’t feel good.

Oh s.h.i.+t?

Did he self-destruct just then?

He only felt that he used all sorts of domains, and then, he couldn’t control it anymore. Hence, his body exploded.

His back sweated cold.

Good thing, he didn’t try this outside. Otherwise, would he be dead?!

The girls looked at Lu Ze speechlessly.

Lin Ling couldn’t help but say, “… Ze, you wanted to show us self-destruction?”

Lu Ze laughed it off. “That was a mistake. I’ll do it again when I’m ready.”

What a pity. He still wanted to see if he could kill that red scorpion.

Alice looked at Lu Ze timidly. “Senior, will it really be fine next time?”

Lu Ze twitched the corners of his mouth and said solemnly, “Of course! Trust me!”

The girls nodded. They trusted Lu Ze naturally.

Soon, the pain was gone, and they split up the loot before going back to their own rooms to cultivate.

Lu Ze sat in the dao enlightenment room and used a fire G.o.d art orb from the fire wolf.

It was quite good, and some fire G.o.d art knowledge he hadn’t learned before appeared.

Because he used the source spirit fruit, his learning capability had greatly improved permanently. Therefore, he just used one hour to completely learn the fire G.o.d art orb.

Then, Lu Ze started learning other G.o.d art orbs.

A day later in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the girls looked at a golden eagle.

This was a level-5 cosmic cloud state golden eagle.

However, it was weaker than that ruby scorpion.

However, this was still a huge pressure for Lu Ze and the girls.

The girls were hesitant.

Nangong Jing quietly opened his mouth and said, “Ze, how about we just run? We don’t have to fight it.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “I agree.”

They were truly scared of Lu Ze’s self-destruction.

Lu Ze was unhappy.

Why didn’t they trust him?!

Okay, he wasn’t really confident in himself…

But since he learned it, it would be a huge loss if he didn’t use it.

It was just self-destruction. So what.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and said, “I’ll try again!”

He would use one G.o.d art this time…

The girls looked silently at them.

The golden eagle glared at the group with its golden sharp eyes. Its claws flashed with lightning.


Violent spirit force shot out of its body like strands of golden sparks ravaged.

The eagle shot towards the group like a lightning bolt.

Lu Ze tensed up. Golden lightning flashed in his eyes.


Lightning spread out in all directions.

In a short instant, the golden lightning sea spread over 100 kilometers. The lightning bolt charging at them turned into a spark and fused into the lightning sea.

The girls were dumbfounded.

This was their first time seeing this.

It could devour another G.o.d art?!

The lightning sea was this terrifying?

The eagle saw that its lightning bolt clone was devoured, and it was stunned.


It wanted to attack.

However, Lu Ze’s face was rapidly going pale.

His spirit force was being used up at a terrifying rate!

Even though his recovery speed was extremely terrifying, he still couldn’t replenish enough spirit force.

In five seconds at most, his spirit force would be used up.

Only now did he realize why he exploded yesterday.

Even if he didn’t explode, he would be sucked dry.

He only had five seconds. If he didn’t kill the eagle, they would be the ones dying.

Lu Ze instantly appeared before the eagle.

The domain was applied. All the lightning power on the eagle’s body betrayed it and fused into Lu Ze’s domain.

Before it could react, Lu Ze appeared at its neck and punched it down with lightning.


The eagle hurried to dodge.


The dense-like alloy feathers were blasted to dust by the shockwave. A hideous wound appeared on its neck.

The golden eagle flew away in terror.

This was a super boss?!

Lu Ze chased up again. Lightning appeared on his feet.


Lu Ze stomped on the eagle’s back.


The eagle’s wings twitched and then cracks appeared.

In an instant, its life force was gone.

Lu Ze’s domain was also gone.

Lu Ze panted violently, and his face was very pale. His forehead was covered in sweat.

His spirit force was almost completely used up.

This was too scary.


Lu Ze rejoiced. He could kill a level-5 cosmic cloud state so easily!

This combat power was pretty much level-8 cosmic cloud state outside.

He only broke through to level-2 cosmic cloud state now.

He estimated that if he used his domain, he could fight a level-6 cosmic cloud state beast. Of course, it would only be five seconds.

Feeling the spirit force recuperated in his body, Lu Ze sighed.

If only he could use it indefinitely.

At this moment, the girls came over.

Qiuyue Hesha hugged his neck. “Little Brother Lu Ze, what is that? It’s so strong!”