Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1114 - Are You Planning On Going To A Blind Date?

Chapter 1114 - Are You Planning On Going To A Blind Date?

Chapter 1114: Are You Planning On Going To A Blind Date?

Out the star barrier, Alicia and the others woke up from cultivation.

Alicia smiled. The third phenomenon allowed her G.o.d arts to improve quite a bit. Her cultivation level was loosening up too.

She just needs a few hundred years and maybe, she could break through her current cultivation level.

The four elf elders came out of a wormhole. They all had satisfied smiles on their faces.

One female elf said, “Will there be more phenomena?”

The others seemed hopeful.

As for the star barrier, it was fine there as long as there were still more phenomena.

The Human Race was inside. They won’t get away.

Alicia raised a brow. “There was an overlap of phenomena for the last one. The remaining three people probably have broken through.”

The other four showed some disappointment.

They could sense this too with their cultivation level.

Alicia smiled. “Okay, if those prodigies had broken through, the star barrier would probably be soon disappearing. Get ready, don’t let them underestimate the Elf Race.”

The four elders lightened up. They became serious.

This was no longer the small Human Race. There were powerful beings hidden inside.

The elders started organizing their appearance.

The two male elves were brus.h.i.+ng their hair in front of a mirror. Their expression was no easier than the battles with the cosmic realm state insectoids.

Even the queen took out a mirror and slightly organized her image.

Far away, Anton and the other East Region’s beings flew over.

When they saw Alicia and the others fixing their image, they were stunned.

They didn’t understand the Elf Race’s pursuit of beauty.

But Anton and Louisa took out their mirrors and did the same.

Anton said something in his mouth, “Perhaps we’ll get to see the hidden super powerful being of the Human Race. First impressions are extremely important!”

Louisa on the side nodded. “I understand, Lord Anton!”

East Region’s beings: “…”

After some silence, one of them looked down at his armor. It was cracked due to the battle and covered in blood. The corners of his mouth twitched and he smiled dryly. “Um, I’m busy, excuse me for a moment.”

He took out his s.h.i.+p and flew inside decisively.

Seeing this, the others did the same.


The Golden Spear Race approached Mirium and asked, “Girl, how do I look?”

Mirium: “…”

She was speechless, but she took a genuine look and said, “Ancestor, your cape is broken in one corner.”

The Golden Spear Race’s face changed. “What?!”

He coughed. “Um, everyone, I’m busy too. Excuse me!”

He left and flew into his wars.h.i.+p.

Alicia was speechless for a while, took out a mirror generously, and began checking herself.

Of course, not everyone was embarra.s.sed to polish themselves up in front of everyone.

“Old Gu, I think your tentacles should stay a little hidden. The Human Race looks very similar to the Elf Race. They might feel uncomfortable seeing the tentacle.”

“Like this?”

The being with a few tentacles on his head wriggled and stuck his tentacles to his head becoming bald.

The other one raised his four hands. “Good!”

Then he looked at himself. “What do you think about me?”

Old Gu frowned. “How about you cut off two of your arms? The Human Race only seems to have two arms?”

The Four-Armed Race hesitated. “This… isn’t too good, right?”

At this moment, Lu Ze and the elders flew out.

They all had used red liquid, so Ying Ying’s star barrier did not affect them.

The elders were quite nervous as they were seeing the powerful beings of the East Region. They were the real controllers of the East Region.

There was even the Elf Race here as well.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t think much. Anton was very nice and tried to connect with them at the trade planet.

When they came out and saw everyone tidying their clothes.


What were they doing?

Going on a blind date?

What was that four-armed guy doing?

He’s not trying to cut off his arms, right?

Alicia and the other beings immediately noticed Lu Ze. The rest of them also looked over.

Alicia looked around. After making sure there were no others, she said, “Let’s go over.”

The four elf elders nodded.

Louisa smiled. “Ze and the girls are all here. It seems they have broken through.”

Anton nodded. “The majesty has gone over, let’s go over quickly too.”

The beings from the East Region nodded.

Lu Ze and the girls saw Alicia fly over.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with surprise upon seeing Alicia’s face.

This girl was really enchanting.

He had to admit that this elf was the prettiest woman he had ever seen.

Although the fox demon and the others were all very pretty, this elf was the best-looking woman he had ever encountered.

Lu Ze suddenly felt a cold glance behind him.

He quickly looked elsewhere.

Even Nangong Jing and the others were shocked upon seeing the Elf Queen’s beauty.

At this moment, Lu Ze raised a brow. He noticed things didn’t seem to be too right.

He couldn’t sense the chi of the five elves who flew over. He was a cosmic cloud state now. He should be able to sense a peak cosmic cloud state.

However, he couldn’t sense these five elves at all?

Cosmic realm state?

Lu Ze was a little nervous.

Cosmic realm state elves were here?

The girls and the elders were also nervous.

Ying Ying was still asleep.

Alicia and the other elves had already flown over to Lu Ze.

Her eyes glanced across everyone before stopping on Lu Ze.

She immediately knew that this man was probably the prodigy who showed the domain.

His cultivation level was just at cosmic cloud state, but the power contained in his body was unbelievable.

Such a being was too scary.

Lily couldn’t compare with him at all!

Even the human girls on the side couldn’t compare with him.