Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1115 - Alliance With The Elf Race

Chapter 1115 - Alliance With The Elf Race

Chapter 1115: Alliance With The Elf Race

At this moment, Anton and the other elves flew over.

Anton looked at the queen and quickly introduced her to Lu Ze. “Ze, this is the queen of our Elf Race.”

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

Elf Queen?!

The controller of the Elf Cosmic Realm was actually here?!

The elders quickly said, “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

They were very grateful to the Elf Queen.

The 12 of them only became a cosmic system state because of the Elf Race.

Although their essence was used up, they didn’t regret it.

If it wasn’t for the Elf Race, they wouldn’t even have the right to become a cosmic system state 2000 years ago.

The Human Race at that time was too weak. If they didn’t become cosmic system states, the future of the Human Race was definitely dark.

They didn’t have the right to see the Elf Queen at the time, but this didn’t stop them from being grateful.

Alicia looked at the elders and smiled. “I remember two thousand years ago, there were some humans who exchanged for cultivation level at the Elf Mother Tree. It was you guys, right?”

She didn’t know this originally. She only found out after she looked into the Human Race.

This thing wasn’t too rare.

All races under the Elf Race’s protection could use their essence to exchange for cultivation level after being approved by the Elf Race.

The essence of a prodigy was a rather good supplement to the tree of life.

This was an exchange but also a gift.

After all, with the power of the Elf Race, they could capture the prodigies of other races and forcefully take out their essence.

But the Elf Race was kind in nature, and so the prodigies could decide themselves.

This was why the races in the cosmic realm respected the Elf Race more than fear.

Even if they left the cosmic realm and became a cosmic realm state, they wouldn’t do anything bad to the Elf Race.

Most of the powerful races have been gifted or helped by the Elf Race.

Elder Nangong nodded. “It was us. We’re still very grateful to the Elf Race.”

Alicia waved her hand. “The Human Race has what it has now due to your own hard work. And, your race has such powerful prodigies.”

She smiled faintly at Lu Ze. “You must be Lu Ze, right? Your talent is indeed amazing. None of the prodigies in our race can be compared with you.”

Lu Ze smiled embarra.s.sedly when he heard the compliments. “You over compliment me, Your Majesty.”

The Elf Queen said properly, “No, I’m not. With your talent, as long as you don’t die, you will definitely become the pinnacle of the universe!”

To be considered at the very pinnacle of the entire universe, one had to be at least a cosmic monarch!

With Lu Ze’s and the girls’ talent, Alicia felt that even becoming a cosmic lord was possible.

That was the strongest under the emperor!

The emperor beings were too ethereal and distant. Even she didn’t know too much about them.

After a pause, Alicia smiled and said, “What a pity, you already have a powerful being teaching you. Otherwise, you can come study at the Elf Divine Land”

The other East Region’s beings showed faces of envy upon hearing this.

They hadn’t even been there, much less gone to study there.

Study at the Elf Divine Land?

There was too much good stuff there, right?

This was a huge loss!

They had no powerful being to teach them.

Ying Ying was a fake teacher.

However, they couldn’t say this.

Lu Ze smiled. “That is indeed a pity, but we are grateful for your goodwill, Your Majesty.”

Alicia nodded. “Of course, I hope the Elf Race can become allies with the Human Race.

“Become allies?!”

The four elders were surprised.

The Elf Race wanted to become allies with the Human Race?

They were a cosmic realm state civilization!

The Human Race didn’t have anything to show other than Lu Ze and the girls. If they really became allies, the Elf Race would probably need to help them for a long time.

The East Region’s beings weren’t surprised.

They saw the phenomenon and the beings behind Lu Ze.

Alicia nodded. “Yes, how about it? The Human Race prodigies can choose to study at our Elf Race. We will treat the human prodigies the same way as our own prodigies. In terms of resources, the Human Race can manage the entire cosmic realm with the Elf Race.

This shocked not just the humans but also the East Region’s beings.

This was sharing the Elf Cosmic Realm with the Human Race.

The Human Race climbed to the skies in one step.

Although Lu Ze and the girls were extremely talented, it wasn’t certain if they would grow to that level.

This level of investment is too much, right?

Anton and Louisa looked at their queen in shock. Only the four elders remained calm.

This price was completely worth it.

Elder Nangong gritted his teeth. “The Human Race is willing to ally with the Elf Race from now on!”

This huge benefit was hot for the hands, but if they didn’t take it, they would regret it to death.

With Lu Ze, they might even surpa.s.s the Elf Race.

Alicia breathed easy and smiled. “It’s hard to come by, so why don’t you take us around the Milky Way Galaxy?”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled awkwardly. “Your Majesty, this star barrier might take some more time to disappear.”

Alicia: “???”

East Region: “???”

They just formed an alliance, and yet, they couldn’t even enter their home.

After some silence, Alicia smiled. “In that case, I’ll come visit after the star barrier is gone.”

Elder Nangong and the other humans felt relieved.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for understanding.”

Alicia turned to Lu Ze and the girls. “Although you already have someone to teach, since we’re allies, you’re welcome to study at our divine land.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

“Okay, thank you, Your Majesty, we will probably soon be coming to disturb you.”

“You’re welcome at any time.” Alicia smiled. “The insectoid disaster just ended. There are still many things to deal with, we’ll be leaving first.”

After the elves left, the East Region’s beings came up.

“Congratulations, everyone!”

“We came in a rush and weren’t able to prepare anything. We’ll be visiting soon.”