Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1113 - Face Of The Human Race

Chapter 1113 - Face Of The Human Race

Chapter 1113: Face Of The Human Race


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

A day later, the phenomenon disappeared, but the star barrier remained.

Alicia and the rest were prepared. More phenomena were appearing.

They loved to wait.

Two weeks later, another wave surged.

Alicia and the rest started cultivating again.

Soon, the s.p.a.ce rustled and the phenomenon grew bigger.

The two phenomena piled on top of each other.

Another day later, it disappeared.

Lu Ze and the girls all opened their eyes.

Nangong Jing took out a bottle of wine and guzzled it. “The cultivation period is finally over. I’m almost about to break through to level-2 cosmic cloud state.”

Qiuyue Hesha on the side smiled and said, “Me too.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes.

Their cultivation speed was fast, but he wasn’t far from level-2 cosmic cloud state either.

He had been cultivating in a medium-grade spirit gathering room with golden dew and cosmic cloud state red liquid.

In just two weeks, the cosmic clouds were about to fill up his cells.

With a bright smile on Alice’s face, she patted her hands and said, “Okay, we’ve all broken through. Let’s go out and have a good meal to celebrate!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Sure! Sure!”

Nangong Jing quietly took a sip of wine then grinned. “Let’s go out then.”

They came out and saw that the elders were already waiting out here.”

Xu Bingbai studied Lu Ze and the girls from top to bottom. “You’ve all broken through?”

Lu Ze nodded.

“Okay, let’s spar!” Xu Bingbai said excitedly.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched and laughed. “Elder Xu, let’s not fight.”

He felt Elder Xu was no match for him at all now.

Elder Xu glared. “Kid, you’re looking down on me! Come and spar!”

The other elders seemed to enjoy the show and didn’t stop them.

Lu Ze laughed it off. “Okay then.”

They went to the warp dimension.

Xu Bingbai stood up with a tense face.

Lu Ze said seriously. “Elder Xu, I’m ready! Come!”

Xu Bingbai roared. His muscles popped out, and he disappeared from the spot, then appeared behind Lu Ze. His huge fist struck towards Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze didn’t feel much.

This power wasn’t good enough.

Elder Xu was a level-3 cosmic cloud state now.

His combat power was about level-4.

But this was only slightly stronger than Lu Ze before he broke through.

Even if he didn’t use divine art, Elder Xu would be no match for him.

If he used divine art, he didn’t even know how strong he was right now.

Lu Ze didn’t show it. He controlled his power and fought on par with Xu Bingbai.

After a minute, the two clashed. Xu Bingbai gasped. “I’m not fighting anymore! You’re a monster!”

He was already trying beyond his best, and yet, Lu Ze was only fighting calmly and with ease.

Elder Nangong laughed. “You insisted on fighting Ze. You’re asking for it.”

Xu Bingbai suddenly was furious. “Nangong! If you’re good, then why don’t you try!”

Elder Nangong rolled his eyes. “I have some self-consciousness.”

Ze’s combat power at the peak cosmic system state had already reached level-3 cosmic cloud state. He could imagine how terrifying he was now.

He was very proud.

Lu Ze was a prodigy of the Human Race and his grandson-in-law.

Elder Lin smiled. “Okay, stop arguing. It’s a great thing that Ze and the others reached the cosmic cloud state. We should celebrate.”

Augustus nodded. “The star barrier hasn’t disappeared. It should be fine. Notify and let the entire race celebrate.”

The Human Race got another six cosmic cloud states. This was something worth celebrating.

Lu Ze thought of something and said, “By the way, how is Ying Ying?”

Elder Nangong smiled and said. “She’s sleeping in my shack. Xiao Xi is there too.”

Lu Ze glanced at Nangong Jing. “Let’s go over and see.”

They went into the shack and saw Ying Ying lying on the bed surrounded by starlight.

Lue Xi was sitting there with her eyes tightly shut.

Lu Ze and the girls were surprised.

Lue Xi’s chi had reached the body refinement perfect stage?

There was even a little fire circulating her.

This was Fire G.o.d Art.

Elder Nangong smiled happily. “Due to your phenomenon, this little girl is progressing fast.”

Lu Ze didn’t even have such good conditions.

Lue Xi seemed to have sensed something and stopped cultivation. She opened her eyes and jumped off the bed into Qiuyue Hesha’s arms.

“Sister Hesha! Elder Nangong taught me cultivation! I’m a martial artist now!”

Qiuyue Hesha rubbed her head. “Mhm, you need to study well with Grandpa.”


“I want to become someone strong like you and protect the Milky Way Galaxy!”

The group went to Ying Ying.

Lu Ze fed some spirit liquid to her.

The starlight lit up even more.

Lu Li smiled. “It seems she’ll be waking up much faster than before.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Our phenomenon is growing stronger, and the spirit liquid is getting better.”

Lu Ze suddenly thought of something. “By the way, Uncle Anton and the others are still outside.”

The elders sported strange expressions. “Who is outside?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “When I went out, there were numerous peak cosmic cloud states from the East Region. The director of the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department is also outside. They’re probably here to discuss collaborations but weren’t able to come in due to the star barrier.”

The elders looked at each other.

Oh s.h.i.+t. They let that many peak cosmic cloud states wait outside for so long?!

Was the face of the Human Race this big now?

They felt this was unreal.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll go out and have a look.”

Elder Nangong and the others came to their senses. “We’ll go out as well!”