Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1112 - Potential Increase Of The Entire Race

Chapter 1112 - Potential Increase Of The Entire Race

Chapter 1112: Potential Increase Of The Entire Race


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After some silence, the female elf said, “In that case, we need to keep a good relations.h.i.+p with him.”

“I agree!”

The four cosmic realm states nodded in agreement.

Alicia nodded and faintly said, “After we return, swear under the Tree of Life. Do not leak what happened today!”

The four nodded.

“Okay, guard one direction each. Make sure no one comes near.”


The four nodded and tore apart s.p.a.ce.

Soon, a green barrier appeared, wrapping the surrounding cosmos. This spanned over a million light-years.

Alicia started learning from the secrets.

A day later, all the stars in Lu Ze’s cells had turned to stardust and formed a whirlpool cloud around his cell core.

As the cell core spun, spirit force was pulled into the cloud. The cloud grew denser. There seemed to be G.o.d arts forming on the cloud matter.

The chi inside Lu Ze had calmed down.

He opened his eyes and released his breath.

Lu Ze felt the power in his body and grinned.

He was finally a cosmic cloud state!

He also used the phenomenon in bringing Poison Ball Divine Art to perfect mastery.

Its offensive power was slightly stronger than the Sand One Divine Art.

The strongest part about it was the unleas.h.i.+ng of Poison G.o.d Art.

Without relative anti-venom measures, ordinary cosmic cloud states wouldn’t be able to handle it. Perhaps, even a peak cosmic cloud state would have some trouble.

Of course, they wouldn’t just get hit by his Poison Ball Divine Art.

This depended on luck.

He looked at the girls. They were still cultivating, so Lu Ze went into cultivation too.

Lin Ling would probably be breaking through soon.

Using the phenomenon, he would be able to digest the high-level G.o.d art orbs.

His combat power would multiply.

Lu Ze entered cultivation again.

Outside the Milky Way Galaxy, Alicia stopped cultivation.

She looked at the phenomenon that disappeared and rejoiced.

It was right to come!

This phenomenon drew a lot of universal secrets.

Even she benefited a lot from this.

However, she wasn’t able to learn from inside the race. Or else, she would benefit far more from this.

Four figures flew over.

Their faces were also excited.

Alicia smiled. “How is it?”


“Hahaha, I feel my combat power has improved by 10%!”

My cultivation level is about to break through.”

One male elf said, “I didn’t expect to owe Lu Ze already.”

Alicia smiled slightly. “We will have the chance to repay this in the future.”

They nodded.

The Human Race and Elf Race would only get closer and closer.

One female elf sighed. “The Human Race is indeed lucky to have such prodigies. After these two phenomena, their race’s potential would increase on many levels!”

Everyone nodded.

Even a pig would become a prodigy under such phenomena.

“From now on, their prodigies’ talent probably won’t be lower than medium-high cosmic cloud state races.”

“A few more of those and their potential would be catching up to our race.”

“He carried the entire race by himself…”

Alicia was a little nervous. She shook her head and stopped thinking about it. She said, “Let’s go over and see.”

They flew to Anton and the others.

Anton and the others just left the cultivation state.

They saw Alicia’s group come over and immediately their smiles froze.

“Your Majesty! Elders!”

Alicia nodded. “Release your mental force defense.”

The East Region’s beings didn’t hesitate.

If they didn’t open their defenses, the Elf Queen could forcefully crush the defense. That way, they might not even be able to live.

The Elf Queen was rather gentle.

A glow flashed in the queen’s eyes. A mental force wave covered everyone.

Their eyes became lost.

Moments later, their eyes cleared up again.

She used her G.o.d art to change their memories a little.

She couldn’t change something too basic, but she changed the phenomenon to be an enhanced one of the first one.

Slightly stronger, but no domain appeared.

Everyone bowed again. “Your Majesty, Elders!”

Alicia nodded.

She looked at the barrier. She asked, “Anton, when does the barrier disappear?”

Anton was taken aback and hesitantly said, “Ze said very soon, but he didn’t exactly say when.”

At this moment, one being from the Crystal Race said, “Mr. Lu Ze has six people in his group. Right now, only Mr. Lu Ze and the other two girls broke through, right?”

Anton’s eyes lit up.

Louisa opened her mouth and said, “Yes! Ze said that it was Jing Jing and Hesha breaking through when he came out! There’s still Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice! It would probably disappear after they break through?”

Alicia and the elders were stunned when they heard Louisa’s words. A bit of shock flashed in their eyes.

Alicia looked at Louisa and said, “You’re saying that the other three are breaking through soon? There will also be a phenomenon?”

Louisa was a little cramped and said, “Ze said it would be soon. There should probably be a phenomenon. The other three aren’t weaker than Jing Jing and Hesha.”

The queen looked at her elders.

What luck did the Human Race have!

They had this many prodigies!

Alice sighed. “Let’s keep waiting then.”

They couldn’t miss the other phenomenon too.

It was worth the wait.

There were quite some peak cosmic cloud states here.

Originally, the peak cosmic cloud state was the end of its potential. But now, perhaps they had the chance to reach the cosmic realm state?

Four days later, an invisible wave appeared again. The light soon covered the entire galaxy.

Anton opened his mouth with some surprises. “It truly came!”

Alicia gasped.. “Keep cultivating then.”