Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1111 - World Domain Prototype

Chapter 1111 - World Domain Prototype

Chapter 1111: World Domain Prototype


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Was it that easy to break through to the cosmic cloud state now?

She spent nearly 20 years breaking through to the cosmic cloud state!

Thinking about this, she felt complicated.

She said, “You’re saying there will be more phenomena soon?”

Anton nodded. “According to Ze, there will be another one these few days.”

Alicia raised a brow. “Let’s keep waiting then.”

A day later.

In the Spirit Gathering Room.

Lu Ze was sitting on the cus.h.i.+on. The endless spirit force in his cells was turning into liquid and fusing into his cell core and stars.

They were all glowing like a cosmic system.

At this moment, an invisible wave spread.

The stars all crumbled and turned into vibrant stardust.

This stardust spread across all his cells like a whirlpool.

The center of the whirlpool was his cell core.

Endless spirit force surged in. The stardusts became vibrant like cosmic clouds.

The instant he began to break through, the void ruptured.

Boundless light surged from the void.

The phenomenon almost instantly covered the galaxy. There seemed to be oceans, gra.s.s, giant trees, endless deserts, a terrifying sea of fires, and a twisted void…

All sorts of strange scenes appeared.

It was like a complete world.

Seeing this, everyone gasped.

“This phenomenon is so terrifying! More terrifying than the ones before!”

“This is the Monarch of the New Dawn breaking through, isn’t it?”

“Oh my, I saw a world in this phenomenon?!”

Soon, they were immersed in the knowledge of the phenomenon and instinctively began cultivation.

The elders also went into cultivation.

Outside the galaxy, Alicia and the rest also saw this.

They gasped. “This phenomenon is a bit too terrifying?!”

“It seems to contain an entire world?!”

“This is truly Mr. Lu Ze breaking through!”

“… Just how much G.o.d art did he learn? His mastery of every one of them doesn’t seem to be low?”

“He had learned all elemental G.o.d arts. There are also other G.o.d arts…”

“What a monster!”

Alicia was dumbfounded upon seeing this.

This was the prototype of a world domain?!

When a G.o.d art was strong to an extent, it would turn into a domain. Inside the domain, your combat power will be multiplied. You can also suppress enemies of the same level.

This was something extremely rare even among cosmic realm states.

Only the very top prodigies can learn a domain in the cosmic realm state.

She even just learned the prototype of the world domain.

Hers was worse than Lu Ze!

But Lu Ze?

He was just breaking through to the cosmic cloud state.

This wasn’t just one type of G.o.d art domain.

It was like an entire world?!

How was this possible?!

She felt she was dreaming.

She didn’t understand why there was a cosmic monarch state in the Milky Way Galaxy before.

Now that she thought about it, with Lu Ze’s talent, even the Cosmic Lord or even the Universal Emperor would be rus.h.i.+ng over.

The universe would be crazy over him.

If one could take such a disciple, his future would be boundless, right?

Alicia’s heart suddenly shuddered.

If all the top powerful beings in the universe flocked to her little Elf Cosmic Realm, just one casual move, and it would be annihilated.

She must not let anyone know!

She looked at the East Region’s beings, and a sliver of killing intent flashed.

Eventually, the killing intent dissipated.

She flew to them. “I will wipe your memories about this phenomenon away after it’s over.”

The beings from the East Region looked at Alicia in confusion.

But when they saw her cold intentions, they shuddered.

Anton had never seen such a serious side to their emperor.

They didn’t dare to ask why. They had no right to reject the queen’s orders.

Moreover, the Elf Race was the ruler of the Elf Cosmic Realm and also the protector of all the races there.

These races were very grateful, and they wouldn’t refuse.

Looking at the queen, she could annihilate them, but she chose to just wipe their memories away.

This was a mercy.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Alicia nodded and spread her mental force out.

After confirming there were no living beings within a million light-years, she felt a.s.sured.

This was too terrifying.

If she wasn’t careful, the Elf Race could be annihilated.

Her eyes flashed. Since only their race knew about Lu Ze’s terrifying potential, then she had to grasp this chance!

She looked into the distance.

A wormhole appeared and four figures flew out.

They were elves.

Two males and two females.

They were all cosmic realm states.

“Your Majesty!”

Alicia nodded. “The border has been dealt with?”

Why did Aorus run faster than a rabbit?

It was because all the insectoids were dead, and the cosmic realm state elves were freed.

If he was surrounded, things wouldn’t be good.

One woman said, “We’ve settled the border.”

“Your Majesty, why did you come to such a distant place? What happened before?”

Alicia pointed at the Milky Way Galaxy. “Have a look.”

They turned around in confusion.

When they saw that phenomenon, they were stunned.

“This… this is?!”

‘A domain?’

What bulls.h.i.+t domain was this?

Did it show the world?

Alicia nodded. “The prodigy inside is just breaking through to the cosmic cloud state.”

The four gasped.

One of them spoke excitedly. “Your Majesty, what do we do?”

Alicia spoke lightly.. “The recent insectoids, it was done by the guardian beast of this prodigy.”