Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1110 - Guard Of The Elf Queen

Chapter 1110 - Guard Of The Elf Queen

Chapter 1110: Guard Of The Elf Queen


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze remembered that three lights appeared in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

‘Wasn’t that the case?’

Although he took one light pillar’s treasure, the other two should still be there.

As long as he killed the other two overlords, he would be able to get the treasure in the other two pillars, right?

Lu Ze laughed. “Um, Elders, I’m going back to cultivate.”

Elder Nangong sighed. “The trump card is already used. There’s no point talking about it now. You should hurry back and cultivate.”

Lu Ze was different from them. If he missed out on this phenomenon, it would be a huge loss.

Lu Ze returned to the medium-grade spirit gathering room.

The three girls looked over. Lin Ling looked over and asked, “How is it? Is everything fine?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “It’s fine, I let that beast kill all the nearby insectoids. There should be no more accidents. We even have Ying Ying’s star barrier.”

The girls felt relieved.

Lu Ze turned his head and looked at Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Their chi had stabilized. Their faces were no longer pale.

Lu Ze smiled. “It seems that they’re fine. Let’s continue cultivating.”

The cosmic system states and the four elders in the Milky Way Galaxy were a bit at a loss.

“That terrifying chi suddenly disappeared?”

“What happened? My entire body was trembling before. Now it’s suddenly fine.”

“Same. I don’t know what was going on before. I couldn’t settle down to cultivate at all.”

“Now we’re fine. Let’s cultivate. Such phenomena are rare.”

Everyone who was startled by the chi of the insectoid went back to cultivation.

In the warp dimension, Alicia and Aorus felt the chi of the gray bird disappear, but they were nervous and still didn’t move.

Alicia looked at the body that was almost squeezed out of the warp dimension and then at Aorus. Her crisp green eyes were extremely cold.

Aorus smiled and bowed.

“This is such an unexpected occurrence. What a pity. Since this ugly insectoid is dead, I should be leaving.”

He left without hesitation.

Alicia didn’t chase. She wiped the blood from her mouth and looked at the Milky Way Galaxy.

She flew towards there.

On the border of the Elf Cosmic Realm’s battlefield, cosmic cloud state civilization battlefield, cosmic system state civilization battlefield, all the insectoids suddenly died.

Everyone was stunned.

Only when they were certain that the insectoids had lost their life did they rejoice.

The war was finally over.

No one wasn’t excited.

Anton and the others were cultivating outside the Milky Way.

Suddenly, Alicia appeared.

Everyone looked over.

When they saw Alicia, everyone was shaken. Anton and Louisa quickly kneeled on one knee.

“Your Majesty, why are you here?”

The rest also kneeled on one knee. “Your Majesty!”

Even though they were high-level cosmic cloud states, it was extremely hard to see the queen.

Alicia’s enchanting face was cold. She said with authority, “Get up.”

Thereafter, she looked at the Milky Way Galaxy.

When she saw the barrier, her eyes flashed, but when she saw the phenomena inside, her eyes widened.

Then, her face returned to normal. “This phenomenon is caused by that prodigy called Lu Ze?”

Anton quickly said, “Your Majesty, no. There are the two girls next to Lu Ze breaking through.”

Alicia’s body stiffened a little.

She nodded.

Alicia fell silent.

The cultivators of the East Region were nervous.

They didn’t dare to cultivate with the Elf Queen here.

Alicia slowly said, “What happened before? I sensed an extremely strong power.”

Everyone looked at each other. Anton recounted what happened before.

Hearing Anton describes that gray bird, Alicia’s eyes narrowed.

She was certain that it was a cosmic monarch state beast.

‘Who was this Lu Ze?’

After a while, Alicia said, “Alright, you guys cultivate. This level of a phenomenon is rare even in the entire universe. It’s a fortune.”

“From now on, I shall guard here.”

Everyone was stunned.

Alicia was the Elf Queen!

Even she wanted to guard here!

For that human prodigy?!

Alicia didn’t explain and just looked at everyone.

They immediately went to cultivate.

Alicia also went further away and looked at the phenomena to learn the secrets inside.

A few hours later, the phenomena fluctuated and slowly disappeared.

In the spirit gathering room, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha opened their eyes at the same time.

They looked at each other and then closed their eyes in contempt.

With the disappearance of the phenomena, Lu Ze’s learning of divine art lowered.

Despite this, his Super Rapid Regeneration had reached perfect mastery.

With this, he wouldn’t die as long as he had one breath left.

He just needed to focus on the Poison Ball Divine Art now.

However, Lu Ze stopped learning divine art since the phenomena disappeared.

He used a golden dew and red liquid to work on the cultivation level.

It was time to break through.

The phenomenon disappeared, and it affected the onlookers outside the most.

They broke away from the cultivation state.

Alicia’s lips grinned, into an almost indiscernible smile.

Anton and the others were also excited. “This is amazing. This is what G.o.d art is like!”

“Perhaps this divine art… can be learned in another way!”

Everyone rejoiced.

Someone sighed. “This is too short.”

The entire phenomenon lasted a day, and they had made some progress.

“If only it can last a year.”

At this moment, Alicia flew over.

Everyone saluted seriously.

Alicia nodded faintly and asked, “Anton, when does the star barrier disappear? Did Lu Ze tell you?”

Anton thought of what Lu Ze had said before. He widened his eyes with a bit of excitement and said, “Your majesty, Lu Ze is probably about to break through too soon.”

Alicia: “???”