Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1109 - East Region Guesses

Chapter 1109 - East Region Guesses

Chapter 1109: East Region Guesses

Outside the Milky Way Galaxy, the six-winged bird called out. Gray mist flowed, but it didn’t move.

Everyone was confused as to why it didn’t move.

At this moment, scenes sent by the bird appeared in Lu Ze’s mind.

Warp dimension, an extremely powerful blood insectoid was sucked of life force.

Countless insectoids at the cosmic realm border were also dead.

At the cosmic cloud state battlefields, countless insectoids died immediately.

In a short instant, the countless insectoids on the Elf Cosmic Realm were all killed.

Lu Ze: “…”

His heart ached.

He underestimated the bird’s power.

He could kill all the insectoids in the cosmic realm in such a short time. This included a few cosmic realm state insectoids. One was even in the warp dimension.

What power was this?

This beast was a cosmic monarch state?

Lu Ze felt bad.

He just used a powerful trump card like that.

This was a huge loss?!

He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

These d.a.m.ned insectoids!

His eyes flashed with coldness. “Go out and kill all the insectoids you see. Kill as many as you can!”

This beast can only exist for an hour.

It was too late to regret it.

He was going to make the insectoids pay in this hour!

The bird chirped and was about to leave.

At this moment, Lu Ze thought of something. “Leave the insectoids in the Demon Realm.”

There was no need to help the demon realm.

The bird chirped again and then left.

Only then did Anton and the others come to their senses.

Anton asked, “Ze, is it leaving to clear out the insectoids in the cosmic realm?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “It is.”

But Lu Ze didn’t say the insectoids in the cosmic realm were all killed.

The eyes of the beings from the East Region flashed with excitement.

The insectoid tide had been a disaster for all the races.

It cost resources and large amounts of death.

Countless planets were destroyed.

Anton looked at Lu Ze genuinely and said, “Ze, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Elf Race and all the races inside the Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Lu Ze smiled. “I’m about to break through, and I don’t want insectoids to disturb me.”

Anton and the others were startled. Louisa opened her eyes wide and was shocked. “You’re about to break through? To the cosmic cloud state?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

Everyone took in a cold breath.

Usually, even a prodigy would take decades to prepare just to break through from the peak cosmic system state to cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze just came back for half a month, and he was going to break through.

“Wait!!” Louisa glanced at the phenomenon in the galaxy. “What’s the situation with the phenomenon inside?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “It’s Jing Jing and Hesha breaking through.”

Mirium twitched her lips with a strange expression. “They’re breaking through?!”

When she thought about how difficult it was for her to break through, her face became lifeless.

The difference was too big.

Lu Ze nodded.

He quickly said, “Um, I’m going back to cultivate, you guys…”

He looked at Anton and the others. “Can you guys enter?”

Anton smiled bitterly. “If we can, we would have rushed forward when the insectoid queen appeared.”

Lu Ze laughed it off. “Um, I don’t have a way to bring you guys inside. Uncle Anton, why don’t you guys wait outside for a while. It should disappear on its own.”

Anton smiled and nodded. “It’s fine, we’ll wait outside.”

Just looking at the phenomena inside helped them a lot. It was a good fortune.

How could they leave?

It’s just being inside would benefit them more.

It was a pity.

“Yes, Mr. Lu Ze, do what you need. We can stay outside.”

“Yes, your breakthrough is more important.”

The powerful beings of the East Region all said. Their att.i.tude was very humble.

Lu Ze smiled apologetically and went inside the star barrier.

The Golden Spear Race looked at Anton. “Lord Anton, do you know what beast that was?”

Anton shook his head. “I don’t know.”

One being from the Crystal Race asked, “That beast is probably a cosmic monarch state. Such a powerful beast is Mr. Lu Ze’s guardian beast? Just what background does he have?”

Anton shuddered thinking about the power of that beast and said, “That beast is probably a cosmic monarch state. As for Ze’s background…”

He didn’t know either.

One peak cosmic cloud state looked at the phenomena and said excitedly, “… Would Mr. Lu Ze be the descendant of a universe organization or sect?”

Everyone felt excited.

“I think that’s most likely! Only the most pinnacle forces in the universe can have such means!”

“I think so too! Having a cosmic monarch state creature as guardian beast is too absurd! Only the most valued disciples would have such treatment.”

And the chi we sensed before was also strong but completely different to this beast.”

Everyone was shocked.

There were at least two super-powerful beings in the Milky Way Galaxy, all guarding Lu Ze.

Anton pressed down the shock in his heart. “Okay, let’s not think about this stuff. Cultivate. This phenomenon is a once in a thousand-year opportunity!”

“Yeah, cultivate!”

Those beings who brought the younger ones watched them start learning with help of the phenomena.

Inside the star barrier, Lu Ze came in and found Elder Nangong and Xu Bingbai still dazed at him.

Lu Ze twitched the corners of his mouth and smiled dryly. “Elders, why are you two here?”

Elder Nangong widened his eyes and looked at Lu Ze. “You kid, what was that thing before?!”

Lu Ze laughed dryly. “It was one of my trump cards. You saw last time at the blade demon territory, right? Last time, I summoned a silver wolf.”

Xu Bingbai said, “This is the same as the last one? Don’t you have a weaker trump card?! Using this to deal with cosmic realm state insectoids is a waste!!”

“A huge loss!”

Lu Ze was speechless seeing them like this.

He didn’t want to either, but he didn’t have a weaker one.

He almost cried.

Whatever, he would find another one in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

At this moment, he seemed to be struck by something.

He thought of something interesting!