Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1108 - Clear The Elf Cosmic Realm Insectoid Tide

Chapter 1108 - Clear The Elf Cosmic Realm Insectoid Tide

Chapter 1108: Clear The Elf Cosmic Realm Insectoid Tide

After some silence, Anton laughed. “Ze, this beast is…”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “It’s my guard beast.”

The mouths of the crows from the East Region twitched.

Lu Ze looked at the bird and said, “Kill all the insectoids in the Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Hearing this, all of them were taken aback. They rejoiced thereafter.

They witnessed its power. If it was really willing to clear the insectoids, it wouldn’t be too hard.

The bird raised its head and shrieked.

Gray mist surged across all directions.

In the warp dimension, Elf Queen Alicia was still battling Demon King Aorus and the cosmic realm state blood insectoids.



The two sides split off.

Alicia gasped. Her face was a little pale, and blood came out of her mouth.

Aorus and the insectoid were completely fine.

Aorus grinned. “Alicia, you don’t seem to be in a very good state. How about you go back and get some rest?”

Alicia had a lot of trump cards. Aorus didn’t expect to kill her here, but it was definitely a win for him.

As long as the insectoids retreated from the Demon Realm, they would be attacking the Elf Race with full force. The Elf Cosmic Realm would be further exhausted. Meanwhile, his race could enjoy the show.

Alicia gasped. Her eyes were cold, but she said nothing.

As the Elf Queen, since when has she been scorned like this, and this was by her arch rival?

But where did that powerful being go?

Did he truly want her to stop the two of them?

At this moment, a powerful force suddenly came.

She gasped. “That’s the… Milky Way Galaxy?!”

Alicia was in disbelief.


She looked at the blood insectoid. A cosmic realm state insectoid snuck into the Milky Way Galaxy?

Aorus looked at the insectoid in astonishment.

He didn’t expect more to have snuck in.

The blood insectoid’s eyes flashed with cunningness.

“Your Elf Race’s cosmic realm states are all at the border, right. You’re the only one here. There should be no one inside the cosmic realm?”

Alicia’s face went bad. “Insectoid, what are you doing? Do you think that just with one cosmic realm state, you can destroy the Elf Race?”

The insectoid answered, “You don’t need to mind what we’re doing. I just want you to stay here and not to disturb my master.”

Aorus and Alicia were dazed.

Alicia exclaimed, “Master, is that the insectoid queen?!”

Aorus was dumbfounded.

Even the insectoid queen came out of its hive?

Just what was attracting them there in the Milky Way?

The insectoid waived his lower forelimbs. “So what if you know it’s my master? It will probably take some time for you to get there. The master will be leaving as soon as her goal is completed.”

“It would’ve taken some effort to stop you, but you didn’t expect the Demon Race to be on my side!”

He said to Aorus, “Demon, don’t worry. Once the master has left, the insectoids will leave the Demon Realm.”

Aorus nodded.

Although he was extremely curious about what’s in the Milky Way galaxy and wanted to go look, he suppressed his curiosity.

He felt a mysterious chi there. Clearly, it wasn’t ordinary. Even the insectoid queen might not get anything.

Therefore, he might as well not go.

However, that chi didn’t seem to appear.

Alicia’s face was very bad.

Did she guess wrong?

Was that chi just a powerful weapon, not a powerful being?

Or did that powerful being already leave?

At this moment, a terrifying wave rose. The s.p.a.ce lines in the warp dimension froze and became chaotic.

The three of them were stunned, then they looked in the direction of that wave.

“What is that?!

The blood insectoid was very nervous. That terrifying chi appeared next to his master.

Aorus had a look of fear. “Cosmic monarch? Why would there be a cosmic monarch there?”

He suddenly looked at Alicia. “Alicia! Your cosmic realm has a cosmic monarch?!”

Alicia: “???”

She was confused too.

Idiot, if the Elf Race had a cosmic monarch, could the Advanced Demon Race still exist?

But who owned this chi?

It was completely different from the one whom she sensed before and even a little stronger than the chi whom she sensed before.

How could there be that many terrifying powers coming from that small galaxy in such a short time?

Alicia suddenly felt she didn’t even understand her own realm.

At this moment, the insectoid queen’s chi suddenly disappeared.


After the silence, Aorus’ blood-colored eyes were rattled. “The insectoid queen died?”

Alicia didn’t know what to say.

So dominant.

Killing the insectoid queen immediately.

It seems that this was one of the trump cards of the Milky Way Galaxy.

They had a cosmic monarch state?


The blood insectoid was dazed and then wailed furiously. “No! Master!!”

He felt the mental connection break. Clearly, the insectoid queen was truly dead.

His eyes burned with fury.


He charged towards the Milky Way.

At this moment, a gray mist appeared on its body. In an instant, it covered his body, and then his body crumbled. Only a body was left in this warp dimension.

Without its power, the body was slowly squeezed out of the warp dimension.

Alicia: “…”

Aorus: “…”

Their eyes widened, and their hair shot up.

That blood insectoid just died like that.

They felt nothing.

This power is too terrifying, right?

Aorus and Alicia didn’t even dare to move, fearing they would arouse the attention of that unknown being.

The border of the Elf Cosmic Realm had an intense atmosphere.

The cosmic realm state elves were clas.h.i.+ng with the insectoids like crazy.

“d.a.m.ned insectoids! How dare you send your insectoid queen inside our territory?! You’re asking to die!”

One female elf said, “Hold on here! I’ll go back!”

The insectoids’ hideous look flashed in their eyes. “We must not let them stop our master! Stop them!”

The cosmic realm state insectoids risked injuries to unleash the power and stalled everyone.

At this moment, that terrifying chi appeared.

All beings stopped fighting.

They looked at the chi in terror.

“… What… What is that??”

“It’s a cosmic monarch? Our cosmic realm has a cosmic monarch?”

At this moment, the insectoid queen’s chi disappeared.


All the insectoids froze.

After a moment of silence, their eyes flashed with fury. “Master!”

“Master is dead!”

“Get revenge for the master!”

The insectoid colony went crazy.

The elves frowned. They were feeling the pressure.

At this moment, a gray mist appeared from the void and wrapped the insectoids.

In an instant, all insectoids died, leaving withered bodies floating in the air.


The elves were all confused.